Monthly Archives: March 2013

New Design: Jackson Creek Cardigan

Dear knitters, it’s been about a month since I introduced you to the first Urban Collection, Volume 2 patterns, which means it’s about time to add more to the mix! I’ve got a new cardigan pattern to show off to you today (never fear, it will shortly be followed by some accessory-sized companions as well). […]

Other kinds of work in progress

For the last year and a half or so I’ve been expanding my digital photography skills through courses at the local college, and it’s been a useful exercise to say the least. My photography has certainly improved and it’s been good to get out and be forced to practice new techniques in order to complete […]

The cure for March

Last Friday some Toronto knitter friends took a day off and came and picked me up and we drove off in search of yarn and wineries. As you might imagine, it was a very long, hard day. (Note: it was not actually a very hard day.) It occurred to me that it was almost exactly […]

I was told there would be spring

You know, I really thought I was okay with the fact that winter seems to not want to leave us yet. Last year winter was so mild, after all, and isn’t the Canadian cultural consciousness shaped by our shared experience of a long cold winter? And by knitter standards, isn’t it sort of a good […]

The truths no one sees

I’ve been having the sort of week (well, 10 days, really), where I’ve got several different projects on the go and have been trying to make steady progress on them all at the same time. What that usually means, of course, is that you do make progress but in small and gradually incremental amounts, and […]