I was told there would be spring

You know, I really thought I was okay with the fact that winter seems to not want to leave us yet. Last year winter was so mild, after all, and isn’t the Canadian cultural consciousness shaped by our shared experience of a long cold winter? And by knitter standards, isn’t it sort of a good thing to have a long winter, since we get to wear our handknits for that much more of the year?

Then it occurred to me that for the last week or two I’ve had to just about physically restrain myself from starting three new projects (despite having no shortage of things to work on), or haunting the WEBS website for wool I’d like to knit more sweaters with (despite the fact that any sweaters I would start now would not likely be done in time to wear in the current season – or the fact that I also have no shortage of sweater quantities of yarn in my stash). I realized then that maybe, just maybe, this is what spring fever looks like when you’re a knitter. It’s right up there with spring cleaning or longingly reading swimsuit catalogues and buying tickets to sunny climes – that clawing need for something different, whether it’s the immediate surroundings or the knitting project in hand.


Rather than give in to those longings, I decided to put on my resolve face and head back to my current projects with new determination. The most satisfying route to new projects is through finishing old ones, and finish something I shall. I started these podster mitts back in February and dangit, at least one advantage of the apparently never-ending winter is that if I finish them this week, I really do stand a chance of getting to wear them this season. (Plus, I lost one of my current gloves when I was in DC back in February, and the ones I’ve been using since then just don’t feel quite as awesome as my well-loved ones. New gloves it is.)

I did at least manage to get a second mitt started, and both are at the same point of needing the thumb and the flip-over mitten top. At this stage of the game, with all the ends from each finger and all the waste yarn holding the thumb stitches and the marked-out mitten top stitches, each sort of looks like a tangled mess.


But I want to finish something, and I want these mitts, so I shall persevere. I am resolved!

What are you most looking forward to finishing right now? Is it something you’ll be able to wear soon? I hope so! Until next time, knitter friends.

Pattern: Chilly Podster mittens
Yarn: Berocco Ultra Alpaca, in beetroot




  1. Hkymom1962 · ·

    What pattern are you using? I’m longing for some flip-top fingerless gloves for use in the never-ending harsh Minnesota winter.

  2. I love the purple! I’m working on a pair of felted bunny slippers for my niece Rosie. They’re an Easter present.

  3. They’re looking good! I’m currently working on felted slippers for my boys and not enjoying them. The needles are too big for my preferred knitting style, but they need them so I’ll get them done and then make a pair of socks for youngest.

  4. Amy Moore · ·

    I started the fingerless mitten pattern that you have posted under FREE last spring. I’m only half way through the first one- I put it aside for more mindless knitting projects. I decided to focus on getting these done- and I am going to keep them for myself!

  5. Currently looking forward to Spring, finishing my two projects and then starting a sweater vest for moi, even though I know it won’t be worn until the fall. I feel good about starting to knit for next Christmas…I know, I know, but when you want to knit for the whole family…when do you start? In September with 7 grand children? So, it also gives moi an excuse to hunt for more yarn! Enjoy your projects. Susan

  6. Evidently, you need to move to Newfoundland where you can wear a sweater any time of the year.

  7. Jeanette · ·

    I am working on socks for Grandkids’ birthdays. On the last pair of 4. Then I want to start on fingerless gloves for the Girls in our family. The first of anything I make is always for me so I can work out any bugs in sizing, etc. 🙂 Next it will be mitts for Christmas gifts. Hopefully Spring weather will arrive shortly!

  8. Glenna,
    I’ve been wondering … your young heart seems to love purple, so what will you wear when you grow old?
    If, today, orange is the new red, what will purple become?

    Hang in there with the Canadian snow. We lost our recent 70-degree weather and have grey skies and rain in the forecast (poor Californian’s that we are!). It won’t be for long so I’ve been looking at cotton, sleeveless tops to knit (maybe I should consider a purple shrug to cover old arms or just add some beads to the top and say ‘deal with it’!).

    I love your writing and your blog.
    You’re probably familiar with the “purple” poem but, if not, here it is:

    When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
    With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
    And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
    And satin sandals, and say we’ve no money for butter.
    I shall sit down on the pavement when I’m tired
    And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
    And run my stick along the public railings
    And make up for the sobriety of my youth.
    I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
    And pick flowers in other people’s gardens
    And learn to spit.

    You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
    And eat three pounds of sausages at a go
    Or only bread and pickle for a week
    And hoard pens and pencils and beermats and things in boxes.

    But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
    And pay our rent and not swear in the street
    And set a good example for the children.
    We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.

    But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
    So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
    When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.
    Jenny Joseph

  9. Heidi Smith · ·

    I should I repeat I should get started on my husbands requested gloves. I was having a hard time not getting holes between the fingers where they attach to the glove so I have redone them at least twice. They are currently sitting to the side in my craft room. I have lost my knitting motivation it seems. I am ready for winter to be over. I am thinking of some sewing projects maybe, to take a break.

  10. Jacquie krauskopf · ·

    I tried gloves last year and the fingers wound up looking like something fit for an alien. I too hope to try again!

  11. The gloves look great! Keep wearing purple, it will never grow old. What I’m most looking forward to finishing is the third of three sweaters for a friend’s children. Then I can focus on my purple gloves!

  12. Today I finished (sans blocking) a Barn Raising Quilt that I started from leftover sock yarns back in 2009. My blanket has 49 squares, was assembled with a 3 needle bind off, and has garter stitch around the edges. I had been meaning to finish it for years, but finally put that last push through starting in January. It feels like a huge accomplishment.

    I am looking forward to knitting something on larger needles (this was entirely on 2.25 mm). I have my eye on a few cowls (for a quick pick-me-up) and a few wooly sweaters even though spring seems to have hit my part of California and summer projects seem more logical.

    But first, I have another unfinished project and this one has a looming deadline: my U.S. income taxes. Yecch! The best part is once done, I can forget about it for close to a year. This is a project I can hardly wait to get off my desk.

  13. I’m finishing, several things with only one true cast on in the past month! In NM there really are very few windows of opportunity to wear knit wear… But I have northern dwellers in my family. I’m looking forward to finishing my vest “effekt vest” in ravelry (Celinas-Mor) which has been on needles for many moons. Hang in there! In another month you’ll have another wardrobe in mind! LOVE that purple!

    Julia “Knitting is Cheaper than Therapy!”

  14. Oh goodness…I would be happy to finish anything! I went on a starting spree last year and have two sweaters, a vest, and a lace shawl in progress. The shawl has seen some heavy knitting action lately, so fingers crossed I finish it soon!

  15. It’s cold and rainy here again, which just gives me a better chance to finish my Honey cardigan. But I’m not working on it; I have all these new ideas after a workshop with Sivia Harding. Oh, dear. It’s major swatch time here!

  16. We’re ending off summer here with high temps still around so working with yarn is not easy…..but finish my three wips I shall (she said determinedly)! This evening I shall complete a charity children’s sweater then I’ll continue with the cable sweater commission I started last week whilst crocheting intermittently a blanket which I’ve started for our bed!!! Hey Ho! Never a dull moment! xxx ♥

  17. Genia Potter · ·

    Just a second sock. I don’t have second sock syndrome usually, but I have fallen out of love with the color of these and it’s like wading through molasses to work on it.
    I need to pick myself up by the scruff of my neck and get the pair done! Then I can put them in the afghans for Afghans box and get them out of my sight.
    Then, oh then, I have 6 or 7 new projects to start! I love starts…

  18. I love the purple. I am just finishing a feather and fan scarf using angora wool (first time I have used it) plus I have a dozens & dozens of crochet squares to stitch together to make a blanket. And there are other WIPs that will have to be sorted out….. eventually. It is also still winter here in the UK despite the date so perhaps I will have a ‘spring clean’ of WIPs when the weather changes.

  19. I have 2 WIPs right now – a hat (I always have a hat on the needles for mobile knitting) and leg warmers for my niece. I have a rule about no new cast ons until I finish the last project, but sometimes it is REALLY a hard rule to stick to. I have the rule because of my propensity for starting but not finishing things, and it works for me. It gets me through endless rounds of ribbing on these leg warmers to think about the luscious yarn I got to make myself a cowl. The rule does not prohibit me form buying yarn, lol!

  20. I just finished the Bosc scarf, but I’m pretty far away on all my other WIPs. I’m not sure anything else will be done soon.

  21. trudging along on a plain black st st stole for my mother, who i will be seeing in a couple of weeks and who is not feeling well. hopefully she will like it. i’m also dying to finish the Laar sweater i started last summer that still needs the sleeves. right in time for summer again! 🙂

  22. Caitlyn · ·

    Yesterday I finished a Hurricane Hat (Andrea Goutier of Love, Hestia) in Eco Duo that I had started Sunday afternoon. I cast on for it, despite having a shawlette nearly finished and a sweater soon to be frogged, precisely because I hadn’t finished a project since October 2012. Oy! Normally I’m a monogamous knitter, but sometimes you need that getting-something-done boost! I feel refreshed now, and I’m prepared to tackle the shawl.

    (P.S. I really appreciate that you’ve started posting the pattern, yarn, and colorway of your projects at the end of your posts. Makes searching/cross-referencing a breeze!)

  23. I love flip-tops! (But I am usually too lazy to do individual fingers…) Yours are looking good!

  24. It’s a beautiful color!

  25. I hesitate to tell you this, because then that means there’s less for me… but maybe this will break your resolve: Misti Alpaca is on closeout at WEBS! Skeins of sock yarn for $13! Laceweight for $12! Oh, be still my heart.

  26. I think part of the sweater craziness this time of year is also the desire just to be WARM. I know my ability to tolerate cold is waning by the day, though that might also be because it’s been incredibly windy the last few days and I’m tired of feeling like the skin is being flayed off my face. Not to mention the whole rigamarole of getting dressed every time you step out the door, ugh.

    I might need to cast on a sweater just so I can think warm thoughts, though there’s no hope I’ll get it done in time to wear it. 😀

  27. I woke up to the coldest day of the year so far. It’s not at all what I was hoping for. I admire your resolve not to start numerous new sweater projects. It’s all I’m wanting to do at the moment. I think it’s because I’m really cold though, and my knee-jerk reaction to cold involves wool

  28. What a beautiful purple! I don’t usually think of purple as a “warm” color but that looks lush and comfy (with the temp at 30 degrees and windy, I guess comfy = warm). My only project on the needles, (not counting my UFOs) is a pair of (ahem-boring- cough, cough) socks for my husband and so I planning what to cast on next. Watershed ? a lacy shawlette? I can’t think warm when it’s so cold.

  29. I just my own chilly podsters a couple weeks ago, in a weekend of knitting monogamy, due to the fact I could not find a single pair of hand knit or store bought gloves in a huge cold snap. Now I’m working to finish a Sweater Dress I fully expect to put away for six months until it is yet again cold enough to wear.

  30. Mar in Jacksonville, Florida, USA · ·

    I too am constantly reigning myself in to stay on course w/unfinished projects AND trying to stay away from new spring/summer yarns. I won’t live long enougn to use my stash. I have made progress on UFOs, but still a ways to go. Is this addictive behavior common to all knitters?

  31. I am looking forward to buying one more ball of yarn to finish a tank top sweater i started last year. I still need to knit the back and the two cabled arm straps. now…if only it was easier to find this yarn with a specific dye lot. shoot.

  32. Swallowtail in a possum/silk/merino yarn. I love that you can finish a shawl in pretty much any season and still wear it immediately!

  33. I can totally relate right now. I am trying to finish a pair of socks for my husband in GRAY yarn and sleeves for a new sweater that is DARK BLUE. I have run out of steam, bogged down by dark rainy days. I am longing to knit something in a BRIGHT color. But if you can persevere, so can I. We’re in this together.

  34. I’m suffering from the same affliction. My podsters are one of my favorite knits ever. I’ve worn them every day this winter.

  35. I really love the colour of those mitts ! Right now I’m into a cardigan, will be suitable for spring, but due to the weather I don’t seem to be exactly in an ‘urge’ to finish it… Actually tempted to go for more socks…

  36. We thought it was spring here Wednesday with temps hovering around 75 . I dug holes for 25 replacement shrubs. Today it’s 40 and raining and the forecast tomorrow is the same. Not so sure those 20 shrubs will find themselves in the ground by Palm Sunday now. I am a Southerner. 40 degrees F and raining is considered NOT spring and NOT good planting weather. But I can’t knit instead this weekend, because I hurt my hand digging holes through roots and around irrigation lines. Dang it. I am working on a felted purse for a co-worker whose birthday is Easter. Might not make that, either. Darn you, digging. Darn you.

  37. Here in southwest Virginia we’re expecting a snowstorm this weekend. It’s the winter that refuses to end. I would be crazy IF I were not a knitter. But because I am a knitter, there’s a bright spot for me in the endless winter. Because I’m milking the winter season for all it’s worth, to finish socks mostly, that are in gray and brown colors and I might turn out one more hat too. This is how a knitter gets through the winter that refuses to end!

  38. Meredith MC · ·

    I’m knitting gemini from Knitty and it is a gorgeous spring top. I only have the sleeves to finish and I’ll be able to wear it. Now I just need some spring to go with it!

  39. LauraSue · ·

    Like you, I’ve decided to cope with continuing cold and snow by redoubling my efforts to finish the Paperboy Cardigan. Unfortunately, my efforts were too doubled as I was 24 rows into the left front center decreases before I realized I had started them 5″ too soon. Rip. Rip. Rip.

  40. Stephanie · ·

    I also love the purple! And am not yet ready to start on gloves, fingers make me nervous! I’ve been knitting for a couple of months and am working on a scarf with a leaf pattern to it. Hope to take a few lessons when summer comes around.

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