Monthly Archives: April 2013

It had to be done

So, remember that time last week when I said that even though I was bored with the socks that had been on my needles since February, I was totally going to push through and finish them before starting any new pairs of socks? Yeah. I was full of it. It’s a weekend of family festivity […]

For the Sock Curious

It just goes to show a person that what you’d think would be a sort of boring post about winding up sock yarn would turn into something that leads to a bunch of questions. Internet hive mind, you just keep on keeping things interesting! I had several questions last time about yarn winders and sock […]

When a young knitter’s fancy turns to…more knitting

Lately I’ve been getting more of an impulse to knit socks. I’m chalking this up to spring, and the impulse to knit New Things That Are Also Portable. Also, I think it might have something to do with the fact that the floor space I use to practice yoga also faces my yarn stash shelf, […]

“Do I have to swatch?”

If you’re a knitter who knits sweaters or shawls, or other items intended to fit either a large portion of your body, or to be worn over a portion of your body in a very fitted manner (sweaters apply here, also knee socks or long gloves), this means you’ve encountered the directive to pay attention […]

Knitting saves

I’ve started my next and possibly last round of photography courses this week, and mostly in support of completing the courses required to submit for a ‘certificate’ from the photography program at the school. (I like having pieces of paper like that, plus I’ve taken enough courses by now that I’m most of the way […]

The system works

The other day last week I was putting away some little ends of fingering weight yarn from a finished project. I have two bins in my stash shelf that are those cube-shaped drawers that fit right into the cube-shaped shelves from that Swedish store that many of us seem to get our stash shelves from. […]

New Designs: Charlotte St. Mitts and Cowl

All anyone can talk about around here is the weather. I include myself in that ‘anyone’, because man, Mother Nature got us good this weekend. We had a couple of sunny days of +10C, just in time for Easter, and we all thought, “ahhh, how nice, spring might actually be on its way now.” We […]