Knitting saves

I’ve started my next and possibly last round of photography courses this week, and mostly in support of completing the courses required to submit for a ‘certificate’ from the photography program at the school. (I like having pieces of paper like that, plus I’ve taken enough courses by now that I’m most of the way there, so I’d like to close out the last few requirements). One of these is a course in Photoshop, about which I have heard universally mixed reviews from other people in the courses. So, I lowered my expectations accordingly, and made sure knitting was in my handbag.

Oh, knitting friends. We hit the 2 hour mark (out of 3) before even turning on the computers. It was a test of my patience, and the actual practical stuff we did (finally) learn in the end was new and useful, but man. I now have a new benchmark for what I consider a slow pace of classroom learning.


I thought briefly that maybe it was just me, that maybe I was being overly impatient. At one point I looked around and the nice retired lady sitting behind me met my eye and nodded at my knitting with a very envious expression. “You’re really smart,” she said, “I wish I was a knitter.” (Perhaps, then, it is really not just me.)

I think we shall be classroom friends. And also, I think I shall, if nothing else, achieve some sock knitting progress along with a few tidbits of Photoshop knowledge! And it’s a good thing, too, since my travelling pair of ribbed socks has been sorrily neglected since I started them two months ago. Thank goodness for knitting.

Have you had any knitting projects come to your rescue this week? What kind of “carry with you” is your favourite lately?

Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock
Yarn: Sweet Georgia Yarns Cashluxe Fine


  1. Knitting comes to my rescue almost every day, I’m a college student that is “above average” and I actually read the text, leaving me twiddling my thumbs most days. My favorite project to carry around currently is a shawl called Monica.

  2. Hey Glenda…thank heavens for your sock. Just finished a pair and now I am making a sweater vest…not too fancy, so it is a good piece to work on when I am traveling or watching TV. I so enjoy your posts and look forward to each and every one.

  3. Frank And Patsy · ·

    Where can I purchase knitting cases like yours?

  4. awesome yarn for your sock!

  5. Peggy Wallace · ·

    I can empathize with your situation. I too took a computer course one time where we did turn on the machine but then the instructor talked for 2 hours and singled you out if you “played” with the computer. Wasn’t that why I took the course? Unfortunately I didn’t have my knitting with me 😦

  6. Chrystene · ·

    Socks! Always socks. For being 20 years old, I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time in doctor’s offices lately. Socks have been my salvation. For me, knitting does not just alleviate boredom, but it helps calm my nerves. Which trust me, there are bunches of nerves for me in doctor’s offices. Right now I am working on a toe up modified version of Hermoine’s Everyday Socks; they will be with me tomorrow for the car trip and then the wait in the doctor’s office. Your blog is one of the reasons I am so passionate about knitting and, therefore, one of the reasons that I have such a good outlet for nerves and boredom at this time in my life when I need it most. So thank you. Your blog is wonderful.

  7. Yes, thank heavens for conference calls. I can knit, my Podster gloves, & previously, my Weekend Socks, all Glenna C. patterns, in the privacy of my work station…..

  8. I hear ya. Socks rock for occasions like being trapped in a classroom while bored. I carry plenty of sock knitting with me. But right now? I just spun up some gorgeous merino and silk roving that I purchased at Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle. I got to go there and show off my prettiest handknit sweaters, whilst getting stopped every five minutes to hear compliments about it! So I will make this pretty skein I just spun into something special, like a hat for myself, or… we’ll see…

  9. Linda Hillin · ·

    Funny you should mention this. Yesterday I was in my doctor’s office knitting on a pair of socks when I dropped a couple of stitches. I was carefully working to pick them up and restore them in perfect condition when I heard the nurse call my name. Immediately I crammed it all back in my knitting bag and answered her call. When I got home I had a real mess to fix. I’m thinking maybe socks on DPN may not be the best for me, that perhaps I should carry a shawl or scarf on circular needles.

  10. LauraSue · ·

    What kind of dpns are you using to knit those socks? I love aluminum dpns for socks. I promised my husband a sweater and he picked one out. It’s really pretty, but it’s a large-ish drop-shouldered affair knit in fingering weight yarn. It takes forever, but fortunately, doesn’t take much thought or concentration, so it can travel.

  11. I wish that I had known how to knit back when I was taking courses. It would have come it handy.

  12. I work on hexipuffs! I started a beekeeper’s quilt recently, so I usually have hexi-knitting with me…turns out I don’t have as much free time as I thought I did, though. =/ The puffs are coming along, slowly but surely. 🙂

  13. Kathryn · ·

    I carry around socks (dpns), scarves (circs) or even a sweater (for long trips). Usually, it’s socks.

  14. Claudia · ·

    Socks are the carry around project. Jury Duty…not the courtroom, just the waiting, waiting, waiting time. Doctors’ waiting rooms and long car trips.

  15. The photo loaded of the socks and I gasped at how beautiful the colours were and had to scroll down immediately to confirm my suspicions! I love the depth of colours in Sweet Georgia yarn!

  16. I work in market research and depending on the survey I take in my crochet. I’m basically crocheting squares for orphans in South Africa. Occasionally I swap to making sweaters. But after a grim day in the salt mines of market research at least I can feel some kid might be slightly warmer from my efforts!

  17. Hexipuffs! The bee keepers quilt keeps me super busy. I always get funny looks when I take out my knitting, but frankly I don’t care. Knitting keeps me calm and from going crazy in our multi-tasking, can’t-sit-stil, world.

    I have never gotten into socks, but that color makes me reconsider. Beautiful! I love your blog btw, I read it daily.

  18. · ·

    Oh I didnt realise you had collected it -I was probably cashing up.I am doing a knitting ‘knitathon in August in conjunction with Age UK -would you and any friends join in? Its all fun a bit of competition and all for charity.It will be held in the 2 markets in Derby and the theme has yet to be decided -but I quite like your mobile phone covers idea.Let me know if you have any others.Last year we just had the ladies knitting squares and it was perhaps a bit boring.We are about to meet and discuss so any ideas you have please let me know.Last year we did it a bit last minute and only had 6 or 7 teams but raised over a thousand pounds with knitters being sponsored.My kind regards John

  19. since i started a prayer shawl ministry group at my church i have a shawl or baby blanket on my needles and in my travel knit bag that is ‘attached to body’ every time i walk out the door!!! if i happen to forget it, i feel ‘undressed’ for the day!! lol
    ^)^ linda

  20. Having massive yarn envy! That looks so amazing!

  21. hats in the round get me through MANY meeitngs and conference calls.

  22. I’m a bit jealous of your photography courses, but a bit less now that I know your Photoshop teacher doesn’t sound like much of a teacher! I generally keep an unfinished sock in my purse for long waits and meetings.

  23. Poor you. I have taught both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. No time to knit anything on my courses – PCs on and its go, go, go – who wants to talk about a computer software package? Get your money back and find another tutor – it should be fun!

  24. I have been recovering from surgery for a month now. My nerves are crackers when I have three day weekends you can only imagine how I feel now. I go back to work on Monday the 15 th. in my bag to doc visits in my 4 wks. My husband has been in and out to lately, I’ve carried 2 felted slipper projects,the first upon waking after surgery at 3 am I started to knit on a cowl,then I just crocheted a tapestry crochet bag on a bell shape for my doctor. My hands have been very busy and my bag very full.ill miss knitting and such but will be glad to go back to work. I love your knitting bag as well.

  25. YEAH knitting saves. I just completed week-long core orientation for my new job. It was eight hours of sitting in the same room every day, discussing things I already knew from my last job! I would’ve got insane if I didn’t have my sock knitting with me.

    I love your Sweet Georgia yarn, by the way. Those colors are so luscious!

  26. I always have knitting in my bag. At the moment, it’s socks. I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms, and today I am taking Mum to the ophthalmologist to have a small procedure done. My knitting will save me today, as we have waited in this surgery for up to four hours sometimes, as he is sometimes running late :\

  27. As a student I pulled many, many all nighters and late nights. Knitting allowed me to stay awake AND pay attention to the lectures; much appreciated by the professors having had classmates all around me with their heads on their desks. Yay for knitting!

  28. Stephanie · ·

    I haven’t made socks yet. Hoping that to be my next project after the scarf and hat I’m working on. Knitting while watching TV rocks!

  29. Not being much of a sock knitter, I usually carry a ball of cotton yarn in my bag at all times and make the basic Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth, or my circular version of a mesh grocery bag. Especially since what I was “really” working on was a cabled thing, something I can’t work on while doing something else, I’ve made 1 1/2 grocery bags and 4 dishcloths of varying size this last month. My kitchen is happy!

  30. Socks are my lifesaver when I need to sit in meetings where people are wittering on and of course, any places like the doctor’s or dentist’s. I get so fidgety and impatient otherwise.

  31. I love the good old sock in the handbag 🙂

  32. I have an ongoing Ballband dishcloth project in the pocket of my car door for waiting room, train crossing, and drawbridge knitting (there’s a river through the center of the city and I have to cross it to and from work). It saves me from insanity and I have an endless supply of “nice” cloths for quick gifts and big cleaning projects.

  33. i so love the color of your new sock!
    i’ve been steadily cruising away on leaves for the afghan pattern from My Grandmother Knits. they travel very well and i have the pattern memorized (until i put it down for too long, but easy to figure it out). plus it’s using up a lot of my koigu stash, which is ooooolllllllddddddd and needs to be something amazing and show-offy.

  34. Knitting comes to my rescue all the time. When I had to take a 14-day-break (14 days!!!) because of a rotator cuff injury, boy, that was incredibly hard! 😦 Knitting is an unspoken always-there wonderful gift. To soothe, to calm, to meditate with, to occupy, to make peace with the world and yourself.
    Thank God for knitting! 🙂

    My favorites to take along are definitely socks and shawls. 🙂

  35. Oh! And not to forget, another great thing to take along are little colorful yarn-balls of leftovers to make patchwork pieces (granny squares) out of. 🙂

  36. I carry around my Lucy scarf, which I’m knitting from handspun dyed in Kool-Aid. The lace pattern is super simple. It got me through an embarrassingly awful concert in February, although I confess I made an error before the intermission and spent the last half of the concert re-knitting the bit I worked on in the first half, ending up at exactly the spot I was in when I started. Still, it kept me occupied and distracted from the performance, which was pretty dreadful. Knitting saves!

  37. Susan713 · ·

    In my daily commute, I cross a large bridge that can be raised to allow cargo ships to pass. This morning I got caught by a bridge lift and enjoyed 20 minutes of sock knitting. Bet I was one of the few commuters who enjoyed those minutes.

  38. Project that matches project bag – overachiever! 🙂

  39. Well my purse project as I like to call it is my helix scarf. I have made it my purse project mainly because I don’t work on it so when I am out and bored I have to work on it. The reason I don’t work on it much is because it is a lace weight yarn on like size 1 or 2’s I can’t remember. I love it and I really can’t wait to wear it, but to work on it takes forever and I feel like I never make any progress on it even if I work on it for an hour.

    I envy the fact that you can knit in class. I have only found one professor who was okay with it in my 4 years of undergrad and now that I am in grad school it is completely out of the question.

  40. Yesterday I got stuck in traffic for half an hour, thankfully I had my sock with me and was able to do something other than get frustrated and glare at other drivers!

  41. I recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Photography and I can tell you that Photoshop is a blast to take! If you want to be a good photographer, its a must to know the easy ins and outs of editing photographs. Aka the black and whites! NEVER shoot a photo with the black and white setting on your camera!

    I used to bring some yarn with me to school to. And I still do that now while getting a degree in Business!

  42. Oooh man I don’t know if I would have made it throught the lesson. even WITH a knitting lifeline…

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