Monthly Archives: May 2013

Urban Collection 2: Empire Ave. Cardigan

The Urban Collection Vol 2 still has a couple more patterns left to release, and I’m happy to announce the third sweater of the set is now available. Presenting the Empire Ave. Cardigan! (Ravelry link) Named for one of the streetcar stops en route to the Purple Purl in Toronto, this is a light spring-to-fall […]

Green space

You know how sometimes, when it’s winter (that is, if you’re a person who lives in a place which experiences winter), and the winter starts to get grey and cloudy and snowy and goes on for a long time, you then realize that you can’t in any way fathom knitting something that resembles the colour […]

It’s a little gross, but it works

If you knit a lot of large projects – or projects involving more than one skein of yarn, you have encountered the step of switching from one skein of yarn to another mid-project. This is called a ‘join’ or a ‘tie-on’ in knitting lingo, and there are a lot of different ways to do it. […]

The thing about handknit socks

On an earlier post about sock knitting, someone asked in the comments something to the effect of ‘how do you keep your handknit socks staying nice looking after you start wearing them?’ The answer, of course, is that you can’t. Unless you’re only knitting socks with the hardiest sheepswool knitted at a very firm gauge […]

Progress is progress

Knitter friends, I’m really not sure how it got to be Friday already. Between catching up on sleep and energy after a busy family weekend with a few late nights, and then slowly succumbing to the May-annual allergy stint that always leaves me wondering if the allergy pills are better or worse than the actual […]