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Knitter friends, I’m really not sure how it got to be Friday already. Between catching up on sleep and energy after a busy family weekend with a few late nights, and then slowly succumbing to the May-annual allergy stint that always leaves me wondering if the allergy pills are better or worse than the actual allergies themselves, I feel like the last week has passed in a haze. I’m so terribly behind on the things I wanted to have done by Friday, and yet I’m torn between putting in a huge effort or just saying to hell with it all and reading a book on the sofa while shovelling potato chips into my mouth. (As one does).


Probably I’ll end up doing a combination of both, but I am at least happy to report that the Multiple Sock Knitting Projects plan has been doing pretty well in action. I haven’t actually finished a pair of anything yet, but I’m discovering that this works nicely to alleviate some potential boredom. If I don’t feel like knitting on one sock project at a given moment, I can just switch to another one.

I must say this is also making me rediscover some parts of my yarn stash that have lain largely by the wayside for the last little while. I went through a big phase of sock knitting and sock yarn purchasing a few years ago, but lately my actual sock productivity has dropped off. I have a whole whack of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock that I gathered up back when I was knitting myself at least a week’s worth of Jaywalkers with it, but then promptly stopped knitting Jaywalkers and so the Lorna’s Laces stash sat idle. (I would still probably put Shepherd Sock in my top 10 yarns list, even though I have only ever used it for this exact pattern. What can I say, knitter idiosyncracy is just how I roll.)


It is a real privilege to have access to so many different sock yarns these days, and I’d like to get myself back to rediscovering the ones that are waiting for me in my own shelves. Sock yarn is so easy to pick up a skein or two at a time, and after a while it starts to add up. Here’s hoping more sock knitting results from the needles this summer! I think I’m going to enjoy it.

Once again, have a great weekend, dear knitters! Whether you are knitting socks or other things.


Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock (on 60 sts instead of 64)
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock mediumweight, ‘enchanted forest’

Pattern: Jaywalker (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, ‘valentine’




  1. I love Blue Moon- fantastic post!

  2. Q – LOVE the Lorna’s Lace yarn! Sumptuous color.

  3. I think it’s less important when these get done than it is to know how gorgeous they’re going to be once their finished! These colors are beautiful ad vibrant! And, I hear you on the allergy front. It’s a catch-22 when it comes to medicating to alleviate symptoms. I do have a lot of success with Zyrtec, though.

  4. As one does, indeed, Glenna. I too have the early season allergy thing going on – but hey! I look at it as a good reason to eat potato chips.

  5. Linda · ·

    Reading a book on the sofa (sans the shoveling) sounds like a good idea for the allergy sufferer. Taking a break from a need to produce isn’t such a bad idea either! Still, you entice me to try some sock knitting. Your photographs are beautiful. Are these sharper or is that my imagination? They don’t look “photo-shopped” but maybe the instructor stopped yakking and you’re on the computer now learning a tip or two in that class?
    Whatever you do, keep writing because your posts are always delightful to read!
    Note to self: Give sock knitting another try on Lorna’s Lace.
    Note to you: Try acupuncture instead of allergy pills. Clearer head; more energy.

  6. I too have yielded to the siren song of sock yarn more than I probably should, but socks are SO AWESOME.

  7. A sock-knitting binge sounds kind of cathartic when I think about how many patterns I have queued.

  8. I happen to be finishing up your Jackson Creek Cardigan this weekend. I’m so looking forward to having this cardigan to wear while there is still a little nip in the air! It’s been a real pleasure knitting this! I’ll probably get to work on some sock knitting of my own while I look around for my next project. Sock knitting is a great go to for filling in project holes.

  9. I’m the one in the corner, excited to finish the first sock and casting on the second sock immediately. 😉

  10. Lovely–I’m fond of LLand STR myself. Have been off socks lately, but I feel another bout coming on…

  11. Shelly · ·

    I totally agree with you. I usually try to have at least three different socks on the go. I get bored with one and then switch, or one is at a tricky bit making it less portable, or I need something mindless, or need some particularly yummy yarn to work with for tactile pleasure. I never really have much second sock syndrome because of this! Looking forward to seeing your finished projects — eventually 🙂

  12. Awesome post Glenna, now I want to cast on socks 🙂

  13. It’s interesting that you’ve made so many pairs of Jaywalkers out of Shepherd Sock. I used that yarn for my only pair of Jaywalkers and feel that it was a bad choice as it lacks the elasticity that the pattern needs. I always have to struggle with getting the socks over my ankle although the fit perfectly once on.

  14. beautiful socks! I have allergies too and it stinks. I try to take the allergy pill at night so I’m not to sleepy during the day.

  15. Hi Emma

    Interesting! I find the Jaywalker pattern itself tends to lack elasticity, since the pattern is on the bias and doesn’t stretch horizontally very well, unlike a normal sock. While I would normally work a sock on 64-68 sts, for Jaywalkers I go to the 84 sts size! 😉


  16. Thanks, Tina! Happy to help 😉


  17. I love love love the purple jaywalkers!

  18. I love, love sock yarn but have yet to make a pair of socks with it. I confess, I’m scared of DPNs!! The more of your in-progress pictures I see, the more I’m rethinking this phobia….

  19. I understand you so much, I feel like this often, and the allergy is coming here too! the socks look beautiful, and your stitching is sooo regular. You remember to me that I have to finish my socks by next week end,
    even if I am actually distracted from sewing than knitting.

  20. they are so vibrant! I am working on a pair of socks – I loved the yarn when I bought it,a nd I like the one finished sock, but am finding the second one boring. I’ll get through it, but your ide of two pairs on teh needles at once might be a good one for me on this occasion – breaking my rule of one project at a time.

    Message to Annie – try using 2 circulars instead – I find it much easier to manage.

  21. Gorgeous colors on your knitting! I´ve started following your blog 😉
    Have a great Sunday, x Martine (Norway)

  22. Jody Wyles · ·

    I think your sock projects are a great idea, I may have to try it (once I finish a blanket and a baby cardigan)

  23. I went through a similar phase of collecting sock yarn. Now I’ve stopped amassing it myself, folk have started giving it to me.

    I’m not complaining!

  24. I’ve made two pairs of “A Nice Ribbed Sock.” It’s a wonderful pattern. I’m about brave enough to try “Jaywalkers” now.

  25. Now I don’t feel so guilty about considering casting on a 3rd sock project, when I have 2 on the needles already :p

  26. anastasia · ·

    Why, that’s a lovely project bag in the top picture 😉

  27. Yes indeed, that is your handiwork, madame! 😉


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