Monthly Archives: June 2013

Bonne vacances

So, because I managed to luck out in the vacation department this June, I’ve spent the last few days in Paris. My “auntie”-friend Patricia was going and a couple of months ago said “hey why don’t you come with me, it’ll be fun!” and I suppose taking people up on plans like that is generally […]

No such thing as too many socks

In an effort to stave off complete sock boredom, a little less than two months ago I cast on two pairs of socks at the same time. My thinking was that even if I didn’t get them knitted any faster than usual, at least I’d have a spare pair of socks to turn to if […]

Back from the Bay Area

I’m back now in Ontario after a nice few days in the San Francisco Area, staying with knitter friend Liz in the East Bay, and jaunting into the city for a few touristy days. I am lucky enough to have visited San Francisco a few times before (as well as several of the lovely yarn […]

When row gauge matters

So, you know what’s really fun to talk about? Gauge.¬†Gauge, gauge,¬†gauge. Super awesome, right? Well, okay, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it is the opposite of fun, let’s be honest, but it’s the reference point that defines so much of what we do in knitting. There are knitters who always get gauge, knitters who never get […]

Urban Collection Vol 2: Caroline Ave Shawl (final collection pattern)

Knitters, I promised you one final pattern in the Urban Collection, Vol 2, and here it is! Presenting the Caroline Ave. Shawl, named (like the Empire Ave cardigan) for one of the Queen streetcar stops en route to the Purple Purl yarn shop in Toronto. The pattern is available here on Ravelry, and soon the […]