Back from the Bay Area

I’m back now in Ontario after a nice few days in the San Francisco Area, staying with knitter friend Liz in the East Bay, and jaunting into the city for a few touristy days. I am lucky enough to have visited San Francisco a few times before (as well as several of the lovely yarn shops there), and this time I mostly just wanted to have a few diverting days with a mix of sight seeing and leisure, which it turns out is pretty easy to do. I joined the crowds of tourists and walked around during the day (I am pretty sure at least 56% of all tourists in the entire world are on the Golden Gate bridge at a given time. The other 44% are on Alcatraz), and relaxed in the evenings. We did a weekend day trip to Napa – where I am pretty sure it is always blindingly sunny, no one can convince me otherwise – and did a bit of shopping, and it was overall a nice reset. I finished one pair of socks and got progress on a couple of other projects.

Now I have the jet lag to overcome of course, but at least I get to do that while perusing photos and catching up on knitting. Speaking of photos – I’m pleased to share several of my favourites with you.

Happy knitting until next time!













  1. you make spooky Alcatraz look beautiful!

  2. Great photos of “my” backyard. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  3. Incredible pictures, Glenna. Loved the text too.

  4. wonderful pictures!

  5. I like that pop of red from the boat in the otherwise gray first picture. And the seagull! Welcome home. I only just caught up with my blog reading, so you left and returned on the same day, in my mind.

  6. Love the photos! Great shots of some SF landmarks 😉

  7. Love the Pics and your eye in taking them.


  8. Great photos! I hope you wore sunscreen on the way out to Alcatraz — my DH and I missed that because it was so cold on the Bay, and were wondering why we itched later. Ouch! San Francisco is just a beautiful city; I’d love to visit it again.

  9. You captured my favorite place in the city (City Hall) so well! I hope you enjoyed your stay 🙂

  10. I envy you to be able to give yourself some “off” time. I do not work but it is wonderful to get away from the stuff that nags at you at home. The photos were terrific. They reminded me of my trip to SF many moons ago

  11. Wow! You can really see your photography classes paid off! Those pictures are awesome! (Of course all profs to your natural eye and talent for cropping just right) Glad you had a great time. Can’t wait to see what the next projects are!

  12. Love your pix! I lived in the Bay Area for over 30 years; believe me, it isn’t always sunny in Napa (especially between October and May). I live in Virginia now, near my daughter and grandchildren — ironically enough, in the Virginia wine country and it looks a lot like Napa! Glad you enjoyed “The City”.

  13. I am so jealous! I visited the bay area a few months ago and I loved it. I am utterly charmed by their weather, since knitwear is possible for most of the year due to their summers being frequently damp and cold.

  14. Now I’m all homesick and teary eyed! The last time I was in City Hall was for Black & White Ball 2003, and the San Francisco Symphony played at the top of the stairs. *sniff sniff*

  15. Wow, those are some amazing photos!

  16. Great pictures.

  17. Your photos are spectacular!

  18. LauraSue · ·

    Oh I almost got to go to SF once. I was all ready to go to AVFKW and Lacis. Unfortunately the trip fell through. Sigh. Maybe some day.

  19. lesvoixintriquees · ·

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  20. Leslie F · ·

    Loved your pictures, and they brought back some memories of earlier visits.

    If you visit the Bay area in December, it rains. A lot. We visited several years ago between Christmas and New Year’s. It. rained. every. single. day.

    But, the rest of the year, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  21. Such great photo’s! My Husband and I are planning another trip to the States next year, and Alcatraz is on our list.

  22. Absolutely gorgeous pics.
    Happy knitting.
    Cheers, Anita.

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