No such thing as too many socks


In an effort to stave off complete sock boredom, a little less than two months ago I cast on two pairs of socks at the same time. My thinking was that even if I didn’t get them knitted any faster than usual, at least I’d have a spare pair of socks to turn to if I got bored with the other one. It turned out pretty well since, a little less than two months later, I now have two completed pairs of socks. This summer I’d like to replenish the sock drawer a little more substantially, since a few of my current pairs have been well enough worn that they just don’t do the trick any more. And since I don’t tend to wear wool socks in the summer, I can stack up a few new pairs in the next few months and have them all ready and waiting for me in September and October.


These are my Nice Ribbed Sock pattern in Socks That Rock Mediumweight ‘enchanted forest’, and the Jaywalker sock pattern in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock ‘valentine’. I match these two yarns together pretty frequently with these same patterns, and the Jaywalkers in particular are some of my favourites to wear (they have a nice dressy and sleek fit to them), but I haven’t added a new pair of them to the sock drawer in quite some time. I plan to rectify that this year!


These two patterns are also a good example of how different kinds of knitted fabric behave – not just in terms of gauge, but in stitch patterning. For the ribbed socks, Socks That Rock mediumweight is a little heavier than a typical fingering weight, really more like a sport weight yarn, so I use a 2.75mm needle and 60 sts. For 2.5mm needles and typical fingering weight sock yarn, I’d usually cast on 64 or 68. However, for the Jaywalkers, I use 2.5mm needles and 84 sts. That’s not a typo – in fact, the pattern instructions come with 4 different sizes for a leg circumference between 8 and 10.5 inches around, and even the smallest size starts with 76 sts. That lovely sleek chevron-like pattern that is so versatile also causes a lot of biasing in alternate directions all the way around the leg, so you need more stitches to cover the same ground.

(I mention this because often when i bring up the Jaywalker sock pattern, someone mentions that they had problems with fit – if that’s the case, it more than likely means you’ve got to choose a larger size. Just a friendly knitter tip from me to you.)


Anyway, my socks are delightful and I am enjoying stuffing them into my sock drawer and choosing the next sock yarn victims from my stash. I’m lucky enough to be heading off on another trip next week, and socks will definitely be coming with me! Probably something else, too, but I haven’t decided what that is, yet.


These are some more Jaywalkers in a new-ish colourway of Lorna’s Laces sock called ‘The Skyway.’ The darker colours (a little dressier looking) are often a bit more challenging to knit with for me since bright colours can be more fun and shiny looking, so I try to remind myself to get the darker shades in there too. Chances are they’re likely to get worn more often. So, when I started these the other day I spent enough time with them all at once that I could get a decent way into the leg before doing anything else. With any luck they’ll be cast off before I know it.

Happy knitting this weekend, socks or otherwise!


  1. Lovely green!

  2. I’m knitting my very first pair of Jaywalkers right now, and I really had to work hard to resist casting on one of the smaller sizes. It just seems wrong to cast on 92 stitches for a sock, but they seem to be fitting well so far.

  3. The jaywalker socks look quite interesting. Most likely one of my next socks will be knitted with this pattern. Kindest bjmonitas

  4. That is a lovely stitch marker in the last picture. Just out of curiosity, where did you get it? And have you ever tried to make your own stitch markers?

  5. Lots o’ Socks! YAY!

  6. Jeanette · ·

    I started knitting socks for the first time last Fall and so far have knit each grandchild a pair for their birthdays as well as some for my daughter and daughter-in-law. The first few pairs were straight stocking stitch and then I tried the Nice Ribbed Sock pattern and love it. Now it is time to try the Jaywalkers pattern. Maybe that one will be for me.

  7. Fabulous work! That enchanted forest colour way is divine 🙂

  8. Oh, you are so right, one can never have too many socks. I just love the green pair and the new Skyway greeny blue ones too!!!

  9. I agree, one can never have too many socks! Love them both! I’m one of the few who have never done Jaywalkers, but I have cankles so I usually just stick with 3×1 rib. However with your tip of adding stitches, I may try them!

  10. Such a speedy sock knitter!

  11. There’s so much to love here. Great yarns and great patterns! I’m glad to see medium weight socks – I’ve been looking.

  12. Oh the green socks are gorgeous! Plain ribbed socks like those are the best. Jaywalkers, ugh, mine were never finished. I suppose now is as good time as any to make them again.

  13. I need to try the Nice Ribbed Sock, my husband finally agreed to let me knit him socks 🙂

  14. EIGHTY! FOUR! Eeeeeek! I think that would do me in. The sock would stretch on… and on… interminably… so many stitches. @_@

    I tried to knit the Cirque socks a few months ago and ran into the same issue where the circumference was 80-something stitches around. They just took so long to knit that I frogged them. I couldn’t stand it.

    Maybe I’m too antsy. 😛 But your Jaywalkers certainly look very pretty!

  15. I love the ‘enchanted forest’ colourway .. beautiful socks 🙂

  16. I’m a new sock knitter, so haven’t actually worn a pair out yet. To tell the truth, I’m a bit afraid to wear them because I don’t want to wear them out! All that lovely sock yarn going in the garbage because of a worn out heel…do you ever unravel and re- use?

  17. Love those socks! My sock drawer is crying out for more!

  18. I agree, you can NEVER have too many socks! I love the colors of these two new ones.

  19. Genia Potter · ·

    Glenna, another “classic” sock pattern is Regina Satta’s Jeck (on Ravelry). Bet you’d like them. Almost as much a “go-to” pattern as your Nice Ribbed Socks. Simple, interesting, works well for both men and women.

  20. I can’t wait to start knitting socks, I’m a beginner and every time you blog about socks I wish I was a faster knitter so I can get through my current project and start a pair of socks as quick as I can 🙂 Also I love your stitch marker! Where did you get that from?? so pretty 🙂

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  22. No, there can’t never be enough socks! I love yours! The patterns are really nice for the yarns!

  23. Both Lorna’s Laces and STR have such great colorways. I adore the Jaywalker pattern. I’ve made it 3 times. It’s just perfect for yarn w/ some variegation.

  24. Yes!!! Two pairs of socks at the same time! One of those deceptively simple ideas that make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before. Basically, I need to focus on keeping two sets of DPNs going at the same time. The socks themselves don’t have to be worked consecutively.

    What would you think of one “challenging” sock and one more straight forward like the Nice Ribbed Sock?

  25. I’ve never knit a pair of Jaywalkers, but every time I see you with a new pair I covet them..

  26. I think that would be a great plan, Kelley! In fact I was pondering that myself, whether I need one of the socks to be more complex. Oddly enough I am really digging the Jaywalkers again, though, more so than I thought I would! Maybe by the time I get my next pair of sock pairs done, I’ll be looking around for a more challenging sock to take up one of the sock spots 😉


  27. Yay, handknit socks! I should really knit myself some Jaywalkers sometime — so pretty.

  28. Love socks. They seem to be my project of 2013! Yours are fab and the tip on the jaywalkers is great.

  29. Is there much of a difference between the Socks That Rock lightweight and mediumweight in terms of gauge? I have a skein of mediumweight that I have been wanting to knit with, and want to do a simple ribbed pattern. Yours looks perfect.

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  31. Do you have a suggestion for sock patterns for a first time sock knitter?

  32. Hi, Glenna. Just wanted to say thanks for the sock inspiration. I’ve been knitting for years, but for some reason could not understand all the sock love until just recently. I’ve tried knitting them multiple times before, even took a few classes, but could not get my head around the structure of the knit or my fingers around those ridiculously little needles. Lots of frogging was involved.

    A few weeks ago, I was reading your sock posts at the same time that my daughter started pleading for hand knit socks. (Yes, really.) Well, as you know, it doesn’t take much for a knitter to give in to any reason to start a new project, so I printed out your simple ribbed pattern, grabbed a skein of sock yarn, and yes, gave in to the 2.75 mm needles. Suddenly, it all made sense! Your pattern even reminded me of a cuff-down sock “recipe” that I still had from one of my sock classes and now I totally get it. My daughter is now on cloud nine with her knitted socks in her boots and I am on to my second pair for a friend’s birthday. I am officially hooked! I can now see many hand knit socks in my future.

    Merci beaucoup!

  33. They are both fab sock patterns! I have socks as a present on the needle at the moment- loving doing socks at the moment!

  34. Hillary · ·

    I just finished my first So Simple Silk Garden sock and I am in LOVE with it!! I can’t wait to cast on the next one! I’m excited to try the Jaywalker pattern eventually too, although size 1 needles seem a tad intimidating!

  35. Genia Potter · ·

    Aren’t the the SSSG socks wonderful? I just finished a pair in Fleece Artist Trail Sock “Ruby Red.” I was planning on giving them as a gift, but I can’t bear to part with them.

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  37. LauraSue · ·

    Uncle, Uncle! LOL! You’ve mentioned the Jaywalkers enough times that I do believe I’m finally going to have to knit a pair. Because of the bias-ing I’ll bet they fit very, very well. A couple of years ago I started a little personal sock club. I decided to match my existing sock yarns with patterns I liked (which is about all of them) from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks. The yarn and the first page of the pattern were placed into paper bags. Whenever I get to the toe on my current pair of socks I open one up and am surprised and delighted anew. It’s been a fun way to pick the next pair of socks because I always have at least one pair going and often two.

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