Bonne vacances

So, because I managed to luck out in the vacation department this June, I’ve spent the last few days in Paris. My “auntie”-friend Patricia was going and a couple of months ago said “hey why don’t you come with me, it’ll be fun!” and I suppose taking people up on plans like that is generally a solid life choice.

I have gotten startlingly little knitting done, aside from a bit of occasional sock knitting on planes and trains (we’ll see what happens for the flight back, I’ve never done this on a departure outside North America before). I even made careful note of a few yarn shops to look at, but the sightseeing sort of took over and so I have mostly just been a Tourist At Large. It’s all good, though, because a break is a break, and even though 4 days in Paris is probably not enough days, my legs and feet are ready to do some sitting around again, which is a good time to be heading back again and spending several hours on a plane.

But, the Knitter Network Extraordinaire comes though, and on our last night we met up with local knitter Ellen, and we had a nice dinner and pretty much exactly the kind of chatter you might expect from knitterly dinners anywhere else. We even took blurry photographic evidence.


Thanks, Paris, it was great, let’s do it again sometime.








Catch you back on the Canadian side of things!





  1. it’s a beautiful city! Glad you had fun!

  2. I love Paris! Glad you had fun.. Love the pics, including the ‘blurry’ one.. 😉

  3. Lucky Glenna! Knitting must take a second place to Paris!

  4. Wow, Glenna! Glad you’re getting a break from all the Toronto drama – which is managing to somehow continue in your absence. I absolutely love the pictures. And you even took one of the Thinker!

  5. I love the shop’s name. It all looks beautiful.

  6. Heather · ·

    Head’s up: you can’t bring knitting needles on the plane from Europe, although if they’re wooden, they may not notice them. I’ve had knitting needles confiscated at security. They have no sympathy for knitters.

  7. Sue penasack · ·

    I always direct people to Shakespeare and Co. So glad to see you went!! It’s such a fun spot!

  8. Saw locks of love on the Brooklyn Bridge and read that it originated in Paris!

  9. My wife and I just spent four days in Paris for our anniversary on the 16th. It looks like you visited many of the same places we did including Giverny, Shakespeare and Company, Musee Rodin, and Notre Dame (Giverny may be the most beautiful place we have ever been)! We added a lock to the bridge the evening of our anniversary. Have fun!

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    I know I would. Sounds like a good idea!

  11. How wonderful! Gorgeous photos!!

  12. Catherine · ·

    When I was in Paris I stumbled across this most gorgeous of shops – definitely worth putting on the knitting tourist list for ‘next time’.

  13. looks like you had a fab time 🙂 Lovely pics

  14. Amazing, glad you had such a fabulous time! Some of those shots are damn near Nat Geographic quality.

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