Monthly Archives: July 2013

From arts camp in the woods

Dear knitters This week I’m away teaching for my summer week-long stint at the Haliburton School of The Arts summer workshops, or what I affectionately think of as arts camp in the woods. I’ve got a cozy group of knitters (some familiar faces in the mix too from previous years), and it’s been a good […]

Knitters in the city

This past Saturday marked the return of what has become an annual event, the TTC Knitalong in Toronto! We gather in various teams in different places throughout the city, everyone gets a chance to shop at a selection of yarn shops (which we are lucky to have many of in Toronto), and along the way […]

It’s always sweater season

If a person (well, a knitter) were to, say, cast on a bulky cabled cardigan in the middle of winter, you probably would not think this was at all strange. If said knitter were to let that sweater-in-progress sit idle for a couple of months and then pick it up again at the beginning of […]

Digging deep

So, here’s the thing. Now that I’ve suddenly revived my affection for the Jaywalker sock pattern, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stop any time soon. I mean, I’m still going to knit other things besides Jaywalkers, of course, but it turns out that finishing one pair means that I just have […]

Fall planning

Even though we’ve just arrived at the month of July, (though, really? wasn’t it still June just a minute ago?) and the temperatures outside are not at all fall-like, folks are already at work planning for a few months down the line. Let’s face it, there’s always something going on behind the scenes! If you’re […]

Finish before starting

In the almost-week since I’ve been back from my trip I’ve been diligently trying to work away at the active projects on my needles before starting anything new. For the first time in a very, very long time, I have no known design deadlines on my plate, and it is a very freeing thing to […]

New Pattern: Surfacing

I’ve got a new knitting pattern to show off to you this week, although it’s actually been out and about for a week already, since it was one of the last tasks I completed before heading off on my Paris jaunt last week. This is a little luxurious accessory-sized shawl called Surfacing, and is available […]