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In the almost-week since I’ve been back from my trip I’ve been diligently trying to work away at the active projects on my needles before starting anything new. For the first time in a very, very long time, I have no known design deadlines on my plate, and it is a very freeing thing to just be able to knit on whatever I feel like and be a regular knitter-at-large for a bit. I know other design projects will come into the mix soon enough, so I’m attempting some self-restraint and not immediately casting on three new sweaters and two shawls, strong though the temptation may be.

For one, I’ve still got the current pair of Jaywalkers on the needles, and thanks to a fair amount of plane knitting time last Saturday am now well into the second one. (It turns out nobody in airports on either end of the trip blinked an eye at my knitting needles. Just don’t try to bring shampoo or lotion or anything really suspicious like that, though, phew.) I like these and will be happy to tuck them away for winter and am happily eyeing my sock yarn stash for the next pair.


Before Paris I also started a new pair of Charlotte St. Mitts for myself, since I wanted another pair of them for my accessory basket ever since I finished the first one, and it turns out I had some wool/cashmere blend fingering weight yarn all stashed up. Yea verily, I finished up the cuff of the second one yesterday, and now just a few woven ends and a wash-and-block are all that stands between me and a finished project. I still have another full skein of yarn and may even do the full set and work up a matching cowl to go with.


Still, new projects are calling my name and I think something else will get onto the needles this weekend. I’ve been eyeing my stash more and more lately and look forward to spending some time with it! After all, there’s not much point in collecting sweater quantities of yarn if you don’t cast one on every so often.

What’s new (or soon to be) on your needles this weekend? I hope you’ve got a nice refreshing adult beverage to go with it. Happy knitting!


Pattern: Jaywalker, by Grumperina
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in ‘skyway’

Pattern: Charlotte St. Mitts
Yarn: A Verb For Keeping Warm Annapurna, in ‘magic bean’



  1. Stephanie · ·

    I love the color! And hope to cast on mittens once I get the hang of socks. I have my third sock class this weekend and hope to get this one finished next week. Everybody’s right: socks are fun!

  2. Your socks and mitts are looking great. I’m trying to finish a pair of Podster gloves.

  3. I’ve got a potholder in progress, which is very exciting for me because I invariably put off the simplest, quickest projects the longest!

  4. anastasia · ·

    I am so close to being done the knitting on my Lady Eleanor but I will cast on a new sweater tonight & look through my ravelry queue or library for something small-ish to knit. I should also look for my sock in progress. It seems to have walked off somewhere even though it’s only a cuff

  5. Laura s. · ·

    Nothing to go on the needles, but 2 finished projects to block. Finished– I love the sound of that!

  6. I just started a Boneyard Shawl, as a travel project and Magic Loop socks using a basic sock recipe from the Yarn Harlot. I want to cast on “Socks on a Plane” as a first toe up sock, and a first sock on two circulars but can’t choose which yarn to use. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. I’m trying to finish up my Regatta Tee from the most recent issue of Interweave Knits. Now if I can just stop getting distracted…

  8. Since I discovered that it is Totally Allowed to bring sewing needles and pins as carry-on, I have been horrified at the number of wee pointy things security does not bat an eye at. But, you know. Shampoo and lotion could be slippy if they spilled. That’s where the real danger lies.

  9. My hands are giving me trouble at the moment, but I’m hoping to finish up a couple of super sekkrit baby projects and start a promised project or two for my nephews.

  10. I’m closing in on the end of the three colour stripe section of my Colour Affection shawl I’m working on for the KAL at Needles in the Hay! Probably won’t get done this weekend, but hopefully much closer to finished!

  11. A friend was recently robbed of her knitting in Istanbul. They literally ripped the WIP and needles off her hands. She was much too tired to protest and didn’t want to risk being offloaded from the flight. So she spent the rest of the journey to Denmark twiddling her thumbs.

  12. I keep seeing these thinks that means I need to make a pair of my own. AND yes I have been traveling a bit and you are right they don’t blink at the needles…but “what is that creamy substance Ms lady?” uhm “Lotion???” hahahahahaaaa

  13. I have got to get me some Lorna’s Laces. Your jaywalkers always come out so pretty, I’m just nervous that due to their lack of stretch, they won’t fit my weirdly large calves.

  14. It is a real joy to cast on and quickly finish little projects. There is no time to loose the enthusiasm and it is just all new love. Your projects are just lovely. I too have just cleared the decks and need to do some knitting reflection before casting on anything new I reckon.

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