It’s always sweater season

If a person (well, a knitter) were to, say, cast on a bulky cabled cardigan in the middle of winter, you probably would not think this was at all strange. If said knitter were to let that sweater-in-progress sit idle for a couple of months and then pick it up again at the beginning of July when the outside temperatures are starting to reach unspeakable levels…well maybe that might get a few looks, I suppose.


But you know, last week that’s just what I did. I remembered my Uji cardigan that I started back at the end of February but had to set aside while I finished All The Other Things. I reasoned that since I was already half done with it I could make some decent progress on it even if I only picked it up for an hour or so at a time. It turns out I had done the back and one full sleeve and had started the second one, and now after a bit of air-conditioned-cold-basement knitting I’m past the sleeves and onto one of the fronts. (Knit Picks Cadena, in cranberry – pattern from Twist Collective).

It’s a bit nonsensical to be knitting a sweater like this in the dead heat of summer, to be honest, but as fellow knitter friend Jessie pointed out to me, if you don’t knit these things in the summer, they won’t be ready for you to wear in October. And you know, that’s logic I can understand.


This was also part of a plan last week to hold myself off from immediately casting on four new projects all at the same time, which is a dangerous impulse when I’m so fresh from finishing a bunch of deadlines. To help that along I also knitted up a few swatches – these are future sweaters that I’d like to work on for the fall (or during the fall, depending on timing I suppose), and I love all of them and have been looking at them with great affection the last few days. They are, since I know folks will ask, top to bottom: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes sport, Harrisville Highland worsted, and Berocco Ultra Alpaca (both purples). Pre-sweaters, if you will.

Turns out sweater knitting is always the right answer.

Hope you’re having a good Friday and that your weekend is filled with some knitting time!




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  2. I’m currently working on a wool clapotis, and it’s making a good blanket. Too bad I don’t need a blanket on my lap right now…

  3. I’m finishing up a child’s size sweater for Afghans for Afghans, and I’m itching to start a nice wooly one for fall for myself. You’ve inspired me to think about Uli, though the possibilities are endless!

  4. I say knit a sweater whenever the mood strikes!!

  5. I agree that all the weather is sweater weather (and there’s a song of the same name that I’m in love with right now too). I’m currently working on a new sweater design and it’s over 100F here on a daily basis, I just can’t help myself! Your Uli is coming along quickly and you’ll be done before you know it! (and we want pictures, of course)

  6. I totally agree with your friend! If I start a sweater in July, it will surely be ready before the fall! On the flip side, I only sew during the summer because I’m only brave enough to attempt simple dresses and tank tops that I can’t wear during the winter!

    Your swatches and Uli look absolutely gorgeous! Happy knitting!

  7. I love the stitch pattern on the Uli. What is it?

  8. I think knitting a sweater in July makes perfect sense! No sense shivering in January to make a sweater that will be ready in July and then have to do shelf time until October, lol!

  9. I’m in the midst of some gift knitting, but I’m going to try hard to work on a sweater once those projects are finished!

  10. It’s no different than the retail clothing seasons, when you can buy a new bathing suit in January, and school clothes are for sale in July. Go for it. Be glad you have a cold basement.

  11. I agree with Jesse. I just finished a big, heavy sweater and when the weather turns cold it will be there ready for me to wear. No stress.

  12. caityrosey · ·

    I’m a little bit in awe that you’re able to discipline your impulses enough to plan your knitting this far in advance. I never know what I’ll want to be knitting in a few months.

  13. I’ve been participating in several mystery KALs over the past few weeks (all shawls). Before that, I was knitting lots of socks and cowls. I think it’s time to switch to sweaters (your photo is very inspiring).

    Now the question is, will I be a good girl and finish one of my sweaters in progress or give in to temptation and start another…

  14. The sweater is gorgeous–where can I find the pattern?

  15. Katinka · ·

    I knit sweaters year-round! It gets hot where I’m at, but I’m most often in the A.C. or knitting at night, so it’s not a problem. šŸ™‚

  16. That’s funny–I just picked up a new-old sweater too! Only worsted-weight, but it gets a lot hotter here in AZ…

  17. The heat wave has finally arrived in the UK – and I’ve just started a mohair jumper. It’s the way it goes!

  18. I need to knit that cardigan but it is so far above my skill level but I need to knit it and knowing that you are going to have one soon is making me need to do it more, Glenna, please get me tipsy enough to feel confident about this cardigan, please.

  19. Barb R. · ·

    I have 3..yes I said THREE sweaters in the works as of March of this year. One of them I have been designing myself, one is a drop shoulder cardigan and the last is a circular swing coat/sweater. I don’t want to be cold again this winter. That is all the motivation I need!!!

  20. Knitting a sweater during the middle of summer sounds normal to me! Isnt that what a/c is for?? BTW I LOVE the color of that yarn!! Gorgeous!!

  21. “Turns out sweater knitting is always the right answer.”

    Amen to that!

  22. Thanks to my mother’s habits, if I’m in the mood to be cozy, I turn on the a/c and bundle up. Sweaters are always perfect. I almost always freeze in air conditioning anyway so I always want warm things.

  23. You really captured that red beautifully. What a gorgeous red it is!
    I love the stitch patterns also.

  24. Mrs aDDamo · ·

    The red one is so beautiful, love sweater but it takes long time to knit šŸ˜›

  25. Lovely sweater. I absolutely agree. I could happily knit the warm woolies in summer so they’re ready for winter but I just can’t seem to get the same resolve for with knitting summer things in winter ahead for summer. Knitting short sleeves makes me feel cold!

  26. I just cast on a garter stitch bedspread following your friend’s logic: if I want a nice, warm blanket this winter, it needs knitting this summer – and as a student, summer is the only time I’ll feasibly be able to finish a big project like that!

  27. Nice sweater, I really like the color and pattern. A bit too hot for this one at the moment though. However, with my knitting skills I’ll probably finish my sweater around december.

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