From arts camp in the woods

Dear knitters

This week I’m away teaching for my summer week-long stint at the Haliburton School of The Arts summer workshops, or what I affectionately think of as arts camp in the woods. I’ve got a cozy group of knitters (some familiar faces in the mix too from previous years), and it’s been a good week so far.

Yesterday was my birthday, and one fab knitter in the group brought a cake. (Thanks, Sue! You pass.)


And there’s been good project progress so far, and some relaxing knitting time in the evenings (maybe with a glass of wine or two), so all in all not too shabby.





Tonight I’m planning to make some more time on my Pi Shawl, in Malabrigo sock. I hear tell there’s a knitalong in August. at the Handknit Yarn Studio in Hamilton, and I want to be all prepped and ready.


Hope you’re having a great time wherever you’re knitting this week! Catch you again in a few days.




  1. oooooooo! knitting camp! Sounds like heaven 🙂

  2. Knitting in the Woods….best thing in the world.

  3. That all sounds like so much fun! There’s nothing better than knitting with friends. All those projects look beautiful, too.

  4. In the last photo on this post, you have your yarn in a lovely little sack with a zipper, where did you get it? I could really use something like that! I love that it has a zipper to securely keep everything together.

  5. Lara Aldaz · ·

    Happy birthday! I love your blogg, thank you for do it.

  6. What a pretty cake, and all that knitting looks fab. Happy belated birthday!

  7. Happy belated Birthday! We share out birthdays! It sounds like you had a great one. I hope the rest of camp is great!

  8. I want to go to knitting camp! 😛

  9. Lookin’ good!

  10. A knitting camp! My idea of heaven! x

  11. Glenna, thanks for a fabulous week of knitting in the wild. Can’t wait to finish my second shawl. I’ve left with some great ideas for using some of he special yarns in my stash.

  12. Knitting camp in the woods… sound perfect!

  13. Crystal · ·

    I also want to know about the adorable zippered bag.

    (p.s., your manicure is adorable, too!)

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