Monthly Archives: August 2013

On a Tuesday

So It turns out that when you knit a Pi Shawl and then post photos about it on the internet, not only do you get the finished shawl but you also get lots of interest and curiosity. Many of you had more questions about how to do the Pi Shawl or similar projects, so here […]

Worth it

About a week ago, I gave my finished Pi Shawl a little cold-water bath in the sink and laid it out for blocking. In the process, it looked something like this: That’s a relatively mediocre iPod Touch photo, but you get the gist. Essentially, it took all the blocking pins I had and covered most […]

A photo finish if ever there was one

Last week, the day after my previous blog post, I took myself up for a day trip to hang with some knitter friends in Peterborough (because they and Peterborough are both delightful, and I need to visit there more often than I do), and I still had the Pi Shawl to content with along the […]

And now for some back-and-forth

I’m still working away at the Pi Shawl – it’s the only thing I’ve been knitting on for the last week in fact, and knitter friends, I’d really thought I was going to be finished it by now. I’m doing a stint of cat-minding for fellow knitter friend Lisa here in Toronto, and boy howdy […]

Classic Color – A new collection

Note: Hi there! If you’re knitting away on one of these patterns and have encountered a question or concern, please feel free to contact me directly via email me directly at crazy.knitting.lady[at]gmail[dot]com, and I will be happy to be of assistance as best I can, as soon as I can. Thank you and happy knitting! […]

Around and around

August around these parts can be a bit of everything when you’re a knitter. It’s close enough to fall that you’re well within your rights to begin casting on sweaters, since finishing them around the time the weather turns cool is actually now a possibility. At the same time, we’ve got at least a month […]