A photo finish if ever there was one

Last week, the day after my previous blog post, I took myself up for a day trip to hang with some knitter friends in Peterborough (because they and Peterborough are both delightful, and I need to visit there more often than I do), and I still had the Pi Shawl to content with along the way. On the bus ride up I knitted away on the border, now well into the 2nd half of it, and kept checking the yarn quantity that was left. The more I kept knitting, the more I decided that I should really make peace with the likelihood that I was not going to make it. The little ball of yarn just kept getting littler, and I realized that if I did need to go and get a 4th skein of yarn, it was going to be for something ridiculous like 5 yards of that skein. So, I reasoned with myself, I could just use the rest and make a pair of fingerless mitts to match the shawl.

And then, lo and behold – I finished the shawl.


It was by a nose – just 2g of yarn remaining from that 3rd ball, but I did it. Over post-lunch beers I picked up stitches from the original border cast-on and MacGuyvered a three-needle bind-off (because generally you do that with live stitches on both sides, but I figured it was a nice clean finish for the joined border ends), and then it was DONE.


My relief, let me show you it.


I still need to block the sucker (it’s a bit of an undertaking), but that’ll happen soon enough. Hurray for completed shawls!


Pattern: Pi Shawl (July shawl), directions in Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, in ‘ivy’



  1. suzetteg2013 · ·

    it looks awesome and yay for having enough yarn to finish it..good for you šŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful!!

  3. Gorgeous! I love it.

  4. Amazing, and so great you had enough yarn!

  5. wow – that is just plain gorgeous! I am so glad that you had enough yarn to finish it.

  6. Very beautiful shawl, and congrats on the yarnage issue xo

    What is next on the needles?

  7. Stunning! Hooray for having just enough yarn to complete such a beautiful project.

  8. perfectcircle77 · ·


  9. Yay! I wasn’t nearly as lucky on my current wip. I had to order a third skein and I will probably use most of it up.

  10. Michelle · ·

    I love the colour! Way to go!

  11. I know knitting isn’t a competition, but my first thought was,”I’ve finished a shawl with even less yarn!” I had so little left at the end of a border that I had to zigzag the needle through the wrong side stitches and then thread it to weave in the final tiny bit of tail. (I am not actually proud of this. It was nerve-wracking the entire way and made me question whether I had a shred of sense.)

    But seriously, I’m so glad to see that everything worked out in the end. I look forward to seeing the blocked shawl and your next project!

  12. Beautiful! Do you know how much yardage you actually used?

  13. jeanette · ·

    It is beautiful! I’m eager to see it modeled by someone.

  14. that looks amazing

  15. Gorgeous!!! I think the color is helping to entice me!

  16. Glenna,
    Please show us some photos of the whole blocking
    process. I’ve got a finished shawl I need to block and I’d
    like tips! (I don’t have any blocking boards but I do have an old
    sewing fold-up cutting board cardboard thingy with lines on it … if I put some plastic over it to keep it dry, I suppose that would work?

    Would also like to know what you learned from this
    “Pi” shawl pattern.

    I think it’s funny that you said that when you got on the bus …
    “and I still had the Pi Shawl to content with along the way.” Was the
    “content” intentional? (I know you meant “contend” and it amused me
    that “content” slipped in (maybe unintentionally or maybe it was a pun) but isn’t it a fact?
    You were “contenting” yourself with your knitting on a bus trip.
    Knitting does that for us, doesn’t it.
    – Linda A

  17. Whoa, Glenna, that was close! Well done. Will be fun to see that blocked. I’ve never blocked a round shawl; that means no wires, all pins, right?

    Out of curiosity, what is that stitch marker doing near the center of the shawl?

    And Linda A, I block on an old cardboard cutting board all the time. I squeeze out most of the water in my knit by wrapping it in a towel and walking on it, so it’s just a bit damp and I don’t do anything to protect the cardboard. More here: http://pdxknitterati.com/2013/07/18/blocking-lace-tutorial-magic/

  18. It’s beautiful!

  19. Lovely! And the yarn is gorgeous too. A friend of mine just finished a Pi shawl and expressed the same sort of relief šŸ˜‰

  20. Gorgeous!

  21. Leslie Butler · ·

    Absolutely beautiful! Congrats on finishing.

  22. FANTASTIC!!!
    I love a real ‘nail biter’. Knitting….never a dull moment. šŸ™‚
    It’s beautiful.

  23. Phew! It turned out beautifully.

  24. That shawl looks so fun! I really like the colour.

  25. Just beautiful. Love the yarn. Such a beautiful color. Congrats!

  26. Pat(ricia) · ·

    Gorgeous! The color is beautiful seems so suited to the pattern šŸ™‚

  27. I’ve done that pattern and ended up blocking on our bed! It just kept growing. Looks beautiful though, congratulations šŸ™‚

  28. Congrats on your finish……Green must be the “in” color this week (along with my favorite)….Everywhere I go I’m seeing something in beautiful greens.

  29. WHOA! It looks amazing! Please take pictures of it blocked so we can see it in its full glory!

  30. Summer McFadyen · ·

    Gorgeous, and soooo many yards! I’m inspired to knit this for myself, now I just need to get my hands on this pattern!

    -Summer, http://www.yayayarns.com

  31. Absolutely beautiful, I love the the colour of the ivy yarn that you used, gorgeous!!

  32. It’s beautiful! I would have been having heart palpitations, being that close to running out of yarn.

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