But for a few buttons

Except for wanting a few buttons, folks, this Uji cardigan is a wrap. I gotta say, I welcome the chilly fall weekends if that means I’ll finally get to wear it!

I’ll get some modelled shots of it on a person (me, preferably) once some button shopping gets on the docket, but for now – pretty darned pleased.




Admittedly, I’m also pretty pleased at the prospect of getting to start new sweaters now that there’s a gap in my project pile. Finishing a project I started 7 months ago means I get to start three new ones, right? Let’s go with yes.

Sweater season! Let’s get this party started.


Pattern: Uji, by Ann-Marie Jackson
Yarn: Knit Picks Cadena, in cranberry




  1. the sweater looks great! And you definitly get to start 3 new ones! One can’t let a case of finishitis get in the way of startitis šŸ™‚ So much fun starting new projects.
    Is that your yarn stash we see in the background? Very impressive if it is šŸ™‚

  2. Just beautiful!

  3. Oh man, does that look cozy! And yes, you can cast on many more. šŸ™‚ I’ve been on a kick finishing up old WIPs, myself.

  4. Pat(ricia) · ·

    Simply beautiful …. love the detailing of the pattern and the colour. Just awesome and looks wonderfully cozy šŸ™‚

  5. Spectacular!!!


  6. After avoiding sweater knitting for most of my adult knitting life, I am now about to finish my first circle coat and yes…it’s getting cool enough to wear this project. It is my very first foray into clothes knitting and as I look at this all over cable cardigan I wonder “can I really do that”. For the first time in my knitting life I answer….”maybe I might try” instead of “NOT ON YOUR LIFE”
    Thanks for the inspiration. It may be a while before I get the funds for the yarn as we have to move…again, but, I will not forget.

    Barb R.
    Shelton CT, USA

  7. That’s just beautiful! Love the color!

  8. It’s gorgeous! I am eager to try knitting a sweater myself. I just finished my first lace knitting project this weekend – a beginner lace shawl pattern. If I can do lace, I ought to be able to handle a sweater. It won’t be as elaborate a pattern as yours; I’ll be doing something simple.

    Get those other projects going. I’m always eager to see them and to read your blog.

  9. I love all the textures!

  10. Beautiful! I still have not ventured to make an adult size sweater. One of these days!

  11. That is beautiful.

  12. The pattern and the color of your sweater are beautiful! It looks so warm and cozy. By all means, start away! It takes me three months to knit aair of socks so I’m not quite ready for a large project like a sweater. Soon, maybe.

  13. Wonderful sweater. Not only a lovely color, but beautifully knit and finished!

  14. slippedstitches · ·

    It;s really stunning. The knitting looks wonderful. The finishing is supremely well done.

  15. Very pretty! I love the honeycomb effect.

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  17. Gorgeous, and I love the texture. You picked a perfect color, too. No new sweaters for me at the moment, all Christmas knitting (well, except for the Holden shawl that sits under my desk at work for a stolen moment here and there :-)!)

  18. Glenna, the cardigan is lovely. What a wonderful fall sweater. Let’s hope the weather people are kidding when they say that it will reach 30c tomorrow!

  19. That’s gorgeous! Just looking at it makes me crave fall weather.

  20. It’s beautiful, Glenna. Just in time for the 38 degree weather forecast for this week. šŸ˜‰

  21. Beautiful. I also love that the photo-op took place (I’m pretty sure I’m right on this one) in your own home! Meaning: what looks like a yarn store in the background is actually only part of your stash. Love it!
    And yes, go ahead and cast on 3 (or 6). šŸ™‚

  22. Gorgeous! I’ve been working on a sweater with the same honeycomb cables on the front and I’ve been losing steam… This has me inspired to knit up the rest so I can wear it! Lovely design and I’m sure it will be much loved this autumn.

  23. Yes of course you should cast on more…Can I give you my size and color choice??

  24. Gorgeous jacket looks very cosy, love the colour

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