The Rhinebeck sweater

I’m looking forward (as are many other knitters across the continent and beyond, no doubt) to my annual trip to Rhinebeck next weekend, and it’s a toss up whether the knitting time and yarn time are a bigger draw over getting to spend time with knitter friends I usually only see in the internet, or vice versa. As I’ve been knitting away on sweaters the last few months I’ve had Rhinebeck in the back of my mind as the goal wearing time for them as well, since a lot of knitters generally make Rhinebeck the knitting deadline for a finished project they want to wear. My Locke St. cardigan is definitely going to be coming with me, as it is now finished (I really am going to get photos of it, I swear), but after I finished that one I started right away on a Burrard cardigan as a second one.


This one has been my train knitting for the last month or so, and I’m really loving how it’s turning out so far. I’m actually onto the second of the fronts which means that all that remains after that is the finishing and the collar. It’s non-negligible, but I sort of realized that the part of my brain that is happy that Rhinebeck is now just a week and a half away is not the same part of my brain that would normally point out that a week and a half is really not a fully expansive amount of time, and this will be cutting things a bit finely especially if I plan to get any other knitting done during the same time (which I do).


I think it’ll be good, though. The nice thing about being Canadian in all of this is that Rhinebeck weekend is preceded by our Thanksgiving weekend, which includes a holiday Monday, which of course means more knitting time. (Do holidays mean something else? I would find that hard to believe.) Although I do need to track down buttons, I’ve got enough yarn, that I am sure of (it’s Madelinetosh DK, in ‘oxblood’), and I’ve been in lots tighter Rhinebeck knitting spots before.

I do have one little snafu to go back and correct – Madelinetosh yarn is beautiful but also prone to dye lot inconsistency, and when I switched skeins at the top of a sleeve cap I neglected to alternate rows for a bit to ease the transition, and well, now I have a dark splotch at the top of the sleeve. (I remembered to alternate rows when I switched skeins on the body, though, so it was a decent cautionary moment.) It’s a small fix, but one I’ll have to go back to all the same.


Then all that will be left is to hope the weather cooperates and brings some sweater-appropriate temperatures! Fingers crossed all around.

Happy knitting this Wednesday!







  1. Sigh. If only I could knit as well as you do, Glenna! Love your work. Enjoy your time at Reinbeck.

  2. caityrosey · ·

    I really enjoy this tradition of elaborately cabled sweaters knitted to wear to Rhinebeck. Where did the tradition start?

  3. Your Rhinebeck sweater is beautiful! I’m sure that you’ll get it finished in time! I still haven’t made it to Rhinebeck. I’m officially going to put it on my calendar for next year. I always sulk when I see how much fun I’m missing out on.

  4. I can personally attest to the gorgeousness of this sweater in person! Makes me want to knit it immediately.

  5. Next year I’ll be there….!!!!

  6. Gorgeous sweater…enjoy your trip to Rhinebeck. This year, I only go in spirit.

  7. Wow, such amazing work and detail!


  8. AMAZING work of art! Have a great time.

  9. Love that color. It makes the pattern really pop. Good luck!

  10. That looks gorgeous! This is the second Burard that makes me want to knit one. Great colour/yarn choice for this!

  11. So that does the trick? (Only alternating rows for a short while? Don’t
    have to do it forever? I didn’t know that but, it makes sense. Thanks for that tip!)

    I’ve never been to Rhinebeck but I sure read about it alot. What makes this event more special than others of its kind? Would you (and maybe others you can get responses from) talk about this in future posts? I’m curious.

    Also curious about your new job (share if you’re willing!). Glad it’s not taking you completely from your knitting or your blog as it’s such a pleasure to read.

  12. Love those knotted looking cables! You do lovely work 🙂

  13. I love that cardigan, it has some interesting cabling and I love the color you chose!

  14. The more pictures I see of Burrard, the more I want to knit one. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  15. This is such a gorgeous sweater! I was wondering if you might have any tips for blocking cabled sweaters? I would like to knit this, and have some lovely Garnet Tanis Fiber Arts earmarked for it, but despite having knit several sweaters, I struggle with blocking them. How do you stretch out the cables to their full potential without distorting the rest of the sweater?

  16. Oh, how I love that Burrard design. I need to size it down a bit (smallest size has too much ease for me), but then I want to make one!

  17. I knit that sweater as a commissioned job for a friend. It was such a fun knit that I’ll make myself one soon. Her’s was out of her sheeps’ wool so it was extra special for her.

  18. Rhinebeck… day I shall get there.

  19. I’ll try to keep an eye out for you. I hope to be wearing my handspun Zora–that is, if I decide to drive myself. I’m still offering a bed at the Beekman Arms to anyone who will drive me to Rhinebeck from Kingston.

  20. Georgeous fall sweater!

  21. What beautiful pattern and yarn. This will be gorgeous when done.

  22. That Burrard is beautifully knit and what a luscious colour!

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