Another year of knitting tourism

Rhinebeck weekend has come and gone for another year, and once again it was a great time and went by all too quickly! I will allow that I am very glad to have my own bed to sleep in again, but it is a real bummer that my usual schedule does not come with a rented house full of friendly knitters, and daily ginormous cheese plates. (And I really do mean ginormous). Although let’s face it, probably it’s better for my waistline about that last part.






It was a good time, though, and I even managed to snap a few photos. There were several knitters out there wearing knits from patterns of mine, and that was a very exciting thing to see out in the wild!

I saw a few fabulous Chatelaine and Jurisfiction cardis that I regretfully did not get photos of myself (sometimes the brain can only act so quickly on fair day!) There were also a few gorgeous Royales out there:



This intrepid knitter and I both had our completed Burrard cardigans (and she even added cables to the sleeves of hers, like a genius):


And this lovely Peterborough knitter whose name I have also totally forgotten, wore her lovely Locke St. cardigan:


There was also a lot of fair food (mmm, cheese-covered fries…), standing in lines (I think I saw all of the fair pass me by while standing in the epically long Miss Babs line), and sit-on-the-couch-and-drink-wine-with-friends time, which is of course the best part.

And of course there was shopping! I’ll be sure to be back next post to report on the goods. There’s always so much to look at and so many hard decisions to make.

I hope your Tuesday has some great knitting in it! Until next time,




  1. Oooooo! I have never knit myself a cardigan, but looking at those Burrards does set my fingers to itching!

  2. I love these sweaters!! I would love to knit one for myself but want top down???

  3. Beautiful sweaters!

  4. Your Burrard’s look excellent….

  5. It was a completely awesome weekend – I admire everyone who completed a sweater. I knit so slowly, I need to start now for 2020

  6. Looks like a wonderful time! One year, I’ll make it up there. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  7. Sure would like to go some day! Would really love to have all the yarn the lady was holding!! Just my colors. And of course, I absolutely adore the sweaters and cardis!

  8. Great to see you there, and I got a very nice photo for my blog. Sad to say, I didn’t have the stamina (or determination) to stick it out in the Miss Babs line. Maybe next year…

  9. RatiganKnits · ·

    It was a beautiful day. My friend MaryAnn and I said chatted with you in the line for Miss Babs. Peterborough is a neighboring town for us. Glad you had a nice day.

  10. Yay! I loved every bit of it, up to and including standing in the Miss Babs line with you. And, blog readers, I’d like to state for the record that almost all the yarn I was hugging belonged to Glenna. šŸ™‚

  11. I can’t imagine there are many things more fun that seeing your designs walking around! Rhinebeck is on my bucket list. I don’t know why I haven’t made it there yet. I’m always incredibly jealous when I read about others’ trips there.

  12. Laura from beautiful West Michigan · ·

    Did not get to Rhinebeck, but reveled in Miss Babs yarn at the Michigan Fiber Fest in Allegan two years ago. Loved, loved, loved it!! Definitely worth standing in line for!

  13. I’m so THERE next year – if for nothing else than the parade of knitwear!

  14. Some of the pictures in this blog post are absolutely wonderful, and how great you saw people wearing things made from your patterns. I definitely need to get myself there next year!

  15. Laura Walters · ·

    I can’t ever make it to Rhinebeck because SAFF is the following weekend and I’m getting the fleece show ready. However, the one good thing is that there is no line at Miss Babs and she is right across the aisle from me.

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