A Yarn Giveaway

About a week ago, our autumn took a sharp turn at the traffic lights from Gentle Late Summer Breeze to Holy Crap Where Is My Winter Coat. And although I’ve been really looking forward to the arrival of Sweater Season, I forgot that that also tends to coincide with Hat, Mitt, Cowl, and Scarf Season, and promptly went digging around for all of those things I put away many months ago.

This is good timing, since a little while ago the fine folks over at Mountain Colors yarns sent me a couple of skeins of their new Bozeman yarn, which is a thick-and-thin bulky yarn that is pretty well perfect for quick warm accessories, or even a big huge blanket if you were of a mind to dive in to such a project.


It’s 100% wool, thick-and-thin, in all of the beautiful Mountain Colors colours, and quick enough to knit that it really is quite embarrassing that I haven’t knitted more on this yet. I must have, uh, been finishing up a couple of Rhinebeck sweaters or something, heh. Because there’s some nice variation in colour and texture already, I decided to keep things super simple and just do a long garter stitch ‘scarf’ over about 25 sts, that I’ll then sew up the ends on and make into a big warm cowl once I’ve got it as long as it wants to be.


Luckily for you folks, they sent me a 2nd skein to give away to a knitter – and that knitter could be you!

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post between now and Thursday noon (EST), telling me what your favourite fall knitting project is right now. Thursday afternoon I’ll pick a winner and make sure the skein of yarn comes your way.

Good luck, and happy knitting this evening!




  1. Once September popped up on the calendar, all I’ve wanted to knit was sweaters. Now deep into October, I’m trying to pull myself away from said sweaters in order to get started on Christmas knitting. I might be in denial that Christmas is actually going to occur again this year. Didn’t we just get finished with all that Christmas knitting??

  2. Beautiful color. Could I be so lucky to win? A scarf would make a wonderful fall project.

  3. Lori Boland · ·

    My favorite fall knitting project right now is the Gaptastic cowl—It is super easy and looks great. Will be warm too.
    Thanks. Love your colors.

  4. Usually it’s socks, but right now hats are holding my attention!

  5. Christine Luland · ·

    I’m currently obsessively knitting a Vodka Lemonade using some gorgeous red yarn I got from Sliver Moon Farms at Rhinebeck last weekend. Or at least I would be knitting if I hadn’t been taken out by the stomach bug from hell this morning.

    BTW, it was great saying hi to you at the Festival! (I was the one with the Podsters in my bag)

  6. What beautiful rich colors and 100% wool! I’m 100% in love with this yarn

  7. mittens!

  8. scarf right now, maybe gloves or mittens next

  9. this yarn was clearly meant to be a cowl! my favorite fall knitting project is currently viajante (perfect tv knitting).


  10. Lori meyer · ·

    Making a cabled cowl. It was supposed to be a gift but the further I get on it the more I’m afraid I won’t be able to part with it!

  11. Socks are my favorite! A girl’s toes can get frostbite in New England if she isn’t careful. Abd there’s really nothing cozier than hand knit socks.

  12. My favourite fall knitting project right now is socks. Oh and cowls. And mitts. I have a few on the go!! πŸ™‚

  13. pat kutzbach · ·

    A cowl is great right now

  14. Sarah Wethered · ·

    I love knitting socks or shawls, but a warm scarf would be great

  15. Hats and wrist warmers and a shawl πŸ™‚

  16. Right now I am making a mohair self striping shawl – totally amazing colors. Love love love color!

  17. mooskers5 · ·


  18. dawn wallace · ·

    My fall knitting is sweaters, hats and booties for a baby due the end of December — he will have lots of sweater wearing time as he lives in northern Canada.

  19. We have a few home repairs in progress to prepare for winter, and I am awaiting an appt with a specialist to evaluate a mysterious two-tone spot between my shoulder blades. With so much chaos in my world, I need the comfort of knitting without thinkng. I am burning through my spare skeins making stacks of squares to be donated to charity. Looks like that spare skein of Mountain Colors would make a bee-yoo-tee-ful square! Hint, hint. πŸ™‚

  20. Right now I’m on a mitt knitting binge.

  21. This fall I am dreaming about mittens! There is a serious lack of knit mittens in my life. That skein is just so interesting to look at…thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I am knitting a scarf. The yarn is variegated and beautiful and will be a compliment against the cold of winter.

  23. Noreen Roberts · ·

    Quick knits always appreciated this time of year

  24. I’m working on a top, but have a hat project in my bag I’m eager to get to.

  25. My favorite project is knitting a cabled cowl for myself right now! πŸ™‚

  26. gina zahra · ·

    I am working an infinity cowl that is very aptly named since that’s how long I’ve been working on it πŸ™‚

  27. Haven’t used the gorgeous Mountain Colors in ages and would love to win that skein to enjoy their color artistry again!

  28. Favourite is my current sock project. Just the husband’s Christmas socks, but my four year old daughter chooser the yarn and it’s lime green, Caribbean blues and bright yellow in stripes. Makes me smile every time I pick it up, it’s duo her. And my husband will wear them for exactly the same reason!

  29. I would LOVE to win that gorgeous yarn!!!!!

  30. Fingerless mitts are my favorite. I do love Mountain Colors also, they are so vibrant and rich.

  31. Fingerless mitts are what I’m knitting these days for gifts — and wearing them, too.

  32. OOps, forgot to tell you I love knitting scarves for winter, and the Mobius cowl is one of my all time favorites to knit.

  33. Finishing socks from a wonderful gift of madeleine tosh. Crocheting little lambies-with-scarves for ornament/gifts and about to swatch for a fair-isle-esque tiny motif to decorate three hats that will also be gifts.

    I I were to win the yarn in question, I would definitely make a cowl for someone–that’s gorgeous yarn and would make a beautiful adornment!

  34. My favorite fall project right now are fingerless gloves and warm socks. (I learned to use dpns this year, can you tell?)

  35. I love the colors of the Mountain Colors yarn you are using! I am knitting cowls and scarves for Christmas gifts; considering some fingerless gloves,

  36. working on cowls for gifts and a shawl for myself

  37. Definitely cowl knitting time!!!! That yarn is lovely!!!!

  38. I just finished a cozy baby blanket, but my favourite fall knitting is socks πŸ™‚

  39. I always feel the urge to have all the sweaters all at once!

  40. Thanks for this nice giveaway.
    Right now, I’m knittng “mon petit gilet rayΓ©”, a free pattern on Ravelry.

  41. A quick bulky scarf would be a wonderful fall project! I’m just finishing up a shawlette now.

  42. As a fairly new knitter (just over a year since my lessons), I think I’m about ready to try that fabulous Jurisfiction sweater. I’ve done lots and lots of scarves, a blanket and even some dishcloths so it’s time to move on.

  43. I’m a slow knitter so I’ve been doing a couple of instant gratification headbands to keep ears warm. They’re a fun fall knit but now I’m onto some more substantial gift-knitting. I’m so sloooowwww!

  44. Beautiful colors. I’m busy knitting hats for the grandkids.

  45. Right now I am knitting Newfoundland mittens (you know the ones with the honeycomb design) for the girls on my Christmas list and toques for the boys. Hope they like them!

  46. Lots and lots of hats!

  47. I have several presents on the go. My favourite one is a pair of bmp (knitty) socks for my brother.

  48. I live in Florida so we don’t have much of a winter to make nice warm winter clothing. Instead of the sweaters i’ve been making shawlettes to wear as scarves. I’m totally obsessed with the Trillian pattern right now!

  49. I love bulky quick knits for cowls, and am working on a cowl and fingerless gloves for my doggy sitter.

  50. Fantastic Yarn! Would love to do a hat with this yarn next. Right now finishing a baby blanket. Love your blog.

  51. Scarves and mitts for gifts and someone else’s Rhinebeck sweater that I started 2 years ago and frogged then restarted last year and refrogged. But before I get to any of that I have to finish a top down yoke baby sweater for a shower next week – 1 Β½ sleeves to go.

  52. Debbie Richardson · ·

    Scarves, scarves and more scarves.

  53. This time of year I like to knit mitts and hats

  54. Right now I’m knitting stripey socks, in nice autumn colours.

  55. Sam Varty · ·

    Currently knitting sweaters for my boys for Christmas. 1 1/2 down!

  56. christina · ·

    Sock knitting is my favorite fall knitting project!

  57. Knitting a scarf too at the moment – which may also end up as a cowl given how practical it is and doesn’t fall off your neck in a breeze…..

  58. Beautiful jewel tones!

  59. Ann courtney · ·

    Currently knitting Mountain Storm, a sweater by Heidi Kirrmaier. Io could be talked into putting it aside to make a cowl from this yummy yarn, however!

  60. A cowl & sleeveless mitts set in Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock on Summer Harvest – a beautiful bright yellowy-orangy semisolid that reminds me both of summer sun and autumn leaves!

  61. So far this fall, I’ve gone insane for fingerless mitts. I’ve knit 2 pairs for myself, one for my oldest daughter and my partner wants a pair now!

  62. I’m loving knitting a Ginkgo crescent shawl for a friend

  63. These colours would go very well with my wardrobe πŸ˜‰
    My favourite fall projects are cowls and hats.

  64. These colours are wonderful! I have always wanted to make a matching set of mittens and a hat – and I’m thinking that this fall it will happen πŸ™‚

  65. Definitely shawls! I also need to sneak in a pair of “replacement” mittens that never came home from school one day! πŸ™‚

  66. I like to knit hats right now. If I had more time I would be knitting a new sweater for me, but the hats are a nice appetizer.

  67. I’m knitting a bunch of hats – even though it is Spring in Australia. I would love to knit a chunky cowl to have ready for next year.

  68. I love making sweaters year round for other people but by Fall I’m ready for one just for me..I’m knitting a pattern called BRICK right now

  69. I’ve started my Christmas knits. Right now I’m working on a cute little shrug.

  70. Right now my favorite fall knitting project is a big squishy cowl!

  71. I usually knit cowls/scarves in fall, but this year fall is for sweaters. Or at least swatching for one. I mean as well as knitting fingerless mitts and everything else.

  72. Marie Roche · ·

    I love knitting cardigans, I guess I should say they are my favorite fall things to knit and maybe hats as well.

  73. Ashley Cochrane · ·

    My favourite is bulky scarfs for family and friends.

  74. Right now my favourite fall project is the Honey Cowl, I’m using a soft squishy sock yarn – I can’t wait to wear it.

  75. I’m in Christmas knitting mode already. My favorite projects are cabled scarves and hat/mitt sets, because they’re gifts for my favorite people, and they really look more impressive than they deserve to.

  76. Okay. I have succumbed to the madness that is linen stitch. I just finished my first and second linen stitch cowls and I’ve already cast on for two more (ostensibly these will be for someone else, but really, who am I kidding?) I’m loving this particular obsession and don’t expect it to end anytime soon. Instead of fighting the madness I’ve decided to just enjoy the ride.

  77. Hkymom1962 · ·

    Oh my! So pretty! I’ve dived into making 13 cup cozies for my daughter’s hockey team – along with mittens, mittens, and more mittens to survive our already chilly Minnesota winters. I also enjoy infinity cowls for my daughter – to match her outfits – even though those are on the back burner while I dive into holiday gift giving mode.

  78. I discovered Mountain Colors while on a cruise to Alaska. I feel in love with the colors and made myself a beautiful sweater, which I just finished. I never made myself such a beautiful sweater. The sweater looks like a Missoni sweater that costs thousands.. I am definitely a fan!!!

  79. Hmm. I’ve had my eye on a pair of wristwarmers! This yarn would be divine! You always have the most tantalizing giveaways!!

  80. Stephanie · ·

    Christmas socks is the name of the game currently! I’m also working on a hat with flaps (by request) for our son. I’m hoping to start my first sweater soon as I plan to stop working full time!

  81. Stephanie H. · ·

    Fingerless mitts are finding themselves on my needles lately. I live in East Texas where the weather can change on a dime so some nice fingerless mitts are a must when there is a nip in the air.

  82. Hats that I can squeeeeeeeeeze in between studying body parts for anatomy and physiology.

  83. A cabled sweater – my own design. Can’t wait to wear it.

  84. currently making an icelandic sweater as a christmas present for a friend. hope it will turn out nice. πŸ™‚

  85. My favorite fall knitting is EVERYTHING! The colder temps just make me want to cast on everything in sight. Right now I’m working on a couple of sweaters for me and a pair of socks for my son, but I’ve got a color work scarf I’m itching to get started on, too.
    I adore Mountain Colors. I’ve made many a simple hat out of those beautifully dyed skeins!

  86. As a fairly new knitter, this will be my first fall knitting, so I don’t have a favourite fall project yet. Would love to knit a bulky, chunky, warm cowl, but have yet to find the right pattern and yarn. This giveaway would solve half of my problem πŸ™‚

  87. Lisa Garrett · ·

    Cowls are the favorite accessory to knit at my house lately. I would love that yarn to make another cowl for my daughter!

  88. Ravelry Handle: Volleymomma · ·

    Right now my favourite fall project is repeatedly knitting the pattern “Fenced In,” which is a toque by Tracy Kay that has a single stitch cable that looks like a chain link fence.
    I’ve done a navy blue one, intended for my husband but with which my elder daughter absconded, a teal tweed one for me, and a puple pink and blue left-over sock yarn held as three strands (one ball variegated incorporated from both ends of the ball, and solid pinky-purple ball) from my younger daughter’s Ruby hoodie by Hollie Yeoh .

  89. The Drop Stitch Cowl (as posted on “A Friend to Knit With’) has me knitting with size 15 needles at the moment and making some very nice cowls. Which would look lovely with the bulky yarn you are giving away!

  90. I am knitting a triangle shawl right now. I love fall knitting.

  91. My favourite fall project that I am working on right now are the Skew socks. (If I have to pick one; I want to say all of ’em, even the one I’m frustrated with.)

  92. Amy Mason · ·

    I have been on a fingerless mitt kick lately. But this yarn would make a lovely cowl!

  93. I’d love to be knitting fingerless mitts right now, but I am frantically knitting two blankets for two nephews that will be coming very soon :). (Two of my sisters are pregnant)

  94. I see a pointy baby hat! Nothing like a little elf!

  95. It should be mitts, but my favorite project right now is, everything but the mitts. hee.

  96. I’ve knit Barry the hat twice with some yarn leftovers and I love it! My newish short haircut means that hats are very important.

  97. It’s hat cowl and glove knitting weather.

  98. I’m in the middle of my daughter’s yearly sweater. fun cables and hand dyed yarn – made by us! Fun, but I’d love a skein to make a new hat. Sometimes you need a break for a short project!

  99. Phyllis Hughes · ·

    Toe up socks! I haven’t been able to knit in a while because of caring for my youngest grandson. But now he is almost three and I’ve decided it is save to get my knitting out again. YES!

  100. I am loving the Gathered Scarf from Ravelry that I am working on. Simple (since I am a new knitter) but interesting so I don’t get bored. πŸ™‚

  101. My favorite fall project right now is boot toppers! They are so fast and easy, with endless creative possibilities. And they make wearing boots more fun than they already are.

  102. My hands are busy knitting alpaca fingerless gloves for family and friends – seven pairs so far. It seems that each pair given, results in requests from others to be included in the gifting. A lovely warm ripple effect!

  103. I have two Easy Lace Shawls in progress, almost finished, and a Quaking Aspen Shawl about half done. That gorgeous yarn would make a fantastic cowl. I wish . . . I wish . . .

  104. Love those colors! That cowl is going to be lovely and so cozy.

  105. Oops, distracted by the pretty yarn. I just bound off a shawl and have another on the needles and the first clue for a mystery KAL coming Friday. This is the Fall of shawls and wraps for me.

  106. I’m addicted to colourwork mittens. They’re my current favorite project for sure. This morning, it was definitely cold enough to wear the pair I just finished for myself!

  107. Hats and scarfs!! I can not have enough of them πŸ™‚

  108. Mary Marshall · ·

    Fingerless mitts and a fair isle hat are my current projects…

  109. Cassandra · ·

    a crazy fair isle reindeer backpack

  110. I’m knitting a shawl for my mom for Christmas and I’m loving it! Not really a “warm” knit, but it’ll definitely be a nice layer!

  111. The Antler hat. After seeing how cute it turned out for my baby, going to make a matching one for my husband!

  112. My favourite fall knitting right now are a pair of mittens, I just completed the first one and low and behold I am super proud of the thumb for the first time! I think I got the technique down pat and I am looking forward to showing them off!

  113. Wendy Hadley · ·

    I’m working my way through a Tom Baker scarf with the pattern that was posted by Vermont Public Television last year.

  114. I’m knitting a really, really complicated lace sweater right now. For my easy knitting, I’m making socks for my kids. Lot of socks!

  115. Since September I’ve been in knit-all-things mode. I’ve got hats, socks, and a sweater on the needles. Would love to win this beautiful yarn!

  116. That looks like very interesting yarn to work with, I would love to win a skein.

    Thanks for the fab blog & the awesome give a way!

  117. Serena O. · ·

    It looks like lovely yarn.
    Well, it snowed on Sunday. For me, with the first snow fall, I always feel a strong urge to knit mittens. I’m resisting that urge right now so that I can finish my socktoberfest socks, (Just a toe left, so there may be mittens started by the end of the day. We’ll see.)

  118. I love knitting anything with bulky soft yarn! A nice scarf to keep the winter chill out or a nice pair of gloves.

  119. Beautiful yarn. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  120. I’m halfway through a pair of gorgeous colorwork socks for my mother. (The ones on the cover of Around the World in Knitted Socks, but green instead of red.) The yarn I chose is super soft and lovely, and watching the bird pattern develop is addictive.

    Her birthday was yesterday, and she was delighted with her one sock. I told her she’ll get the other one for Christmas. Socks are a lot of work, right?

  121. Rebecca Barnes · ·

    I’m just finishing up a scarf and getting ready to start Sprig, which I’m very excited about!

  122. Krystal rockburn · ·

    Hands down, I love mittens!!!!! It’s the first accessory I grab in the fall!

    Rav: krys5797

  123. I would Love some yarn! I am currently working on a hoodie for my two month pld niece. That would make a lovely hat to match..

  124. I’m swatching for Woolywormhead’s soon to start mystery KAL, and designing a 3-colored slip stitch shawl in purple, green and orange that is very autumnal.

  125. My favorite project right now is a bearded beanie! I can’t get the size right on the beard part just yet, almost there though! My next project is a nice warm cowl.

  126. Right now I’m knitting a baby Shane blanket with some gorgeous yarn from Tania fibre arts. My fave autumn project for sure!

  127. Just finished knitting the little one’s Halloween costume, now onto Christmas knitting.

  128. My favourite project at the moment are socks. I cant wait to have a stockpile of them for the winter. And then I have some scarves and mittens to make for xmas presents.

  129. hats, hats, and more hats! (Anenome, Techno, and Westchester to name drop a few)

  130. I am currently finishing up (I’m 75%+ done) a wooly afghan in mitered squares. This time of year I don’t mind having something warm sit in my lap!

    Next up is a few quick accessories (cowls, hats, mitts) for the holidays, then I get to get back to knitting for me (a warm sweater!).

  131. I just finished a headband, cowl and fingerless mitt set. It’s based on the Serralada cowl, and I improvised the headband and mitts to match the texture. Fingerless mitts are so perfect for fall, and that in-between weather. Here’s the link to my rav project page: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/heatherbird

  132. Ann Heide · ·

    Wooly socks for my 13 month old grandson.

  133. That yarn is so pretty! I’m loving my current project, socks, and looking forward to a shrug or vest next.

  134. Jane Kettlewell · ·

    I finished earflap hats that also cover the neck for my 23 month old twin grandsons. I have the second pair of their mittens on my needles. I also have a diagonal scarf for myself on some needles. The yarn looks beautiful and would be used for a Christmas present.

  135. I’ve been knitting sweaters for myself (two cardigans and a sweater dress) and scarves for my Etsy clients. But I find myself really longing to knit some mittens, or at least fingerless mitts… maybe I’ll knit everybody mitts for Christmas!

  136. I’ve been working on knitted and felted bags lately. Also made sweaters for two of my grands!

  137. Naima Flint · ·

    My fall projects have been all things warm. I just finished my first cowl and I am working on a pair of handwarmers. I’m diving all into my knitting now, preparing for my next project-my first sweater!

  138. My favorite fall knit right now has to be my Demeter’s Shawlette. I bought some yarn from a local spinner and dyer, it has BFL, Cotswold and Silk in it and are of the most beautiful shades. I am loving it and almost to the end. I have 3-4 more rows of beading to do and it will be finished! I am so excited to get it done.

  139. Claudia K · ·

    This time of year, I’m making tons of cowls. Cowls for me, cowls for gifts for everyone (male and female) that I know. I can learn lots of new patterns and make warm, cozy cowls to keep everyone’s head, ears and necks nice and warm as the air gets colder (and colder)

  140. My favorite fall knitting project right now is my very first sweater that I’m knitting the first sleeve for now! This will be my first fall/winter that I will let myself do some selfish knitting to keep my own butt warm. Finally!

  141. My favorite fall knitting project is making cowls.

  142. Pretty! And it looks so very soft.

  143. I spend hours dreaming of finally making myself a pair of gloves and matching hat, but this fall I have been most excited about knitting tiny hats, booties, and softies for my new nephew.

  144. I’m designing a cowl, in very pale yarn, and the Mountain Colors pop of color would be a welcome change! (I love the yarn I’m working with, but I’ve been knitting with it for days…)

  145. In good old New Zealand it is late spring…. Still knitting merino socks for Xmas gifts thoug. I love knitting socks for people who love wearing them!

  146. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m still so thrilled that it is now sweater weather, so I’ve been working on a few sweaters in row for now.

  147. Kitten With A Whiplash · ·

    Right now I’m working on a shawl neck sweater – scarf and sweater in one! Thanks for the giveaway, that yarn is beautiful.

  148. What beautiful yarn! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

    I have several projects on the needles (don’t we all?) but my favorite right now is a shawl for my mom using yarns she’s chosen. Colorful! Today is my birthday and for #56 I want to make myself a cowl using a scrumptious pattern I found. I just need that perfect yarn… πŸ˜‰

  149. September starts the Yule gift finish line. I look through the box/drawer I’ve been storing things in all year and see what I have left to knit before Christmas. This year it’s men’s socks. I’m on pair 6 of 7 right now and will be finished shortly with my Christmas list and this yarn would be perfect to make myself something for the cold weather we’ve been getting hit with! Thanks for the chance to win some!

  150. I have been knitting hats!

  151. Hats and mitts, hats and mitts. Everywhere I turn I am working on hats and mitts!

  152. Marilyn Cameron Hall · ·

    My current fall favourite are Arden fingerless mitts . I am planning to make a pair for each of my daughters and nieces.

  153. Hmmm, as for knitting for others my all time favs are hats, but when it comes to knitting for myself, cardis wins.

  154. I’m about to start knitting myself a hat, which I’ve never done before! Quite excited about a new challenge.

  155. Throw my name into the virtual hat, please. Sorry I didn’t run into you, figuratively speaking of course, at Rhinebeck, but wasn’t it a gorgeous day or two? Thanks for sharing!

  156. Lorraine Haemel · ·

    Hey Glenna. My favourite project right now are striped scarves inspired by your blog. I just finished one in Ravenclaw colours and about to make one in university of Ottawa colours

  157. I’ve been knitting teddy bears out of my beginning to learn spinning handspun yarn. It’s fun to have a use for that lumpy bumpy yarn and the teddy’s are turning out so cute.

  158. I’m knitting a cowl right now– it’s my first one and it has to be one of the things I’ve knitted fastest in my life, because I want so badly to wear it. Ideally? Things like that– little distractions, scarves and hats, out of wool bulky enough not to take an age to whip up. When winter gets here, *then* I’ll buckle down on my blanket…

  159. Scarves… Loads of them. I like giving them to friends and they like receiving them too! I don’t know if it’s just me or girls never get enough scarves! Strangely I can get enough of clothes, pants and shoes, but not scarves. Anyone having the same problem here?

  160. It has been all baby hats around here. I’m caught up on currently pregnant friends and now stockpiling for future babies.

  161. I’m knitting non-felted slippers for Christmas gifts. (free pattern on Ravelry)

  162. The Burberry cowl. I’m on my third one!

  163. We’re stuck on the “holy crap it’s winter already?!?” phase here too.

  164. Mittens for the neighbor kids!

  165. My favourite fall project is socks! I love knitting socks because they are a nice distraction from having to finish the sleeves on my sweater project!

  166. I have been knitting a lot of socks lately since it turned cold but I also have a cowl planned. I forgot how cold my neck can get in a stiff wind!

  167. I’m getting better and better at hats!

  168. Alexandria · ·

    Working on a vest for dad πŸ™‚

  169. Hand warmy things and socks, definitely!

  170. I’m about half way through my second Encompass. The chunky yarn just flies!

  171. I have been knitting lots and lots of hats!
    Rav ID: fabiknits

  172. Right now I’m knitting a sweater and starting a new pair of gloves. It is getting ready for winter in MN.

  173. RatiganKnits · ·

    I’m knitting Babe in the Woods for my hairdresser baby girl, she’ll be one next week. I’m using Malabrigo Rios, it’s so pretty I just can’t put it down. I just finished knitting Rustling Leaves beret for my MIL, in yarn I dyed myself, fall browns – she” love it. After the holidays it’s the Rhinebeck Sweater for me.

  174. I’m currently finishing up a Christmas stocking for my first grandbaby who is arriving in December, but after that, I’m starting in on my usual Fall/Winter knitting(slippers, scarves, hats) which will start with a pair of cottage socks for me – since last Fall, my whole family got a pair except moi! That yarn is so beautiful, I could squeeze in a cowl if I won.

  175. Right now, I’m a sucker for fingerless gloves. In fact, that’s what most people will be getting for Christmas.

    rav id: oforney

  176. Colleen Wheat · ·

    I am working on my first knitted sweater and a scarf for my daughter!

  177. I’m knitting cowl and hat for this fall πŸ˜‰ thanks for this chance to win πŸ™‚

  178. This year its the Saroyan scarf/shawlette. I’m on my 7th out of 10 that I am making for Christmas gifts this year. The pattern has been memorized and is small enough to take anywhere. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful yarn.

  179. All I want to make right now are socks, socks, socks!

  180. I’m currently working on a large cowl and socks. My new obsession though is fingerless gloves.

  181. I am working on finger less gloves with a little fox knitted on them, so cute!

  182. I’m working on a Bonsai shawl for my mom’s birthday and a green, bulky weight Lumme with a zipper for better coat-ness. I’m excited for sweater weather too!

  183. Right now, I’m obsessed with hats!

  184. For some reason, I’ve become addicted to cowls…something I never made or wore until now! Go figure.

  185. A couple of shawls on the go and then SWEATERS!

  186. I’ve been making a bunch of cowls. My new favorite one is Leaving on the Edge – great, chunky, easy cowl with nifty leaf edging.

  187. End of October – of course I am working on all of the Christmas presents. A cardigan in progress, just finished a fair isle hat, a pair of socks that came off the needles this morning, a cowl just cast on…and a whole list of things to go. I keep a pair of socks on the needles in my purse for my out and about knitting, I work on the cardigan at home in the evenings and I usually have other small gifts cast on too…the cowl, or a hat, wrist warmers, whatever is next on the list. Adore the yarn!

  188. I can’t wait to get into fall knitting! Just working on a wedding shawl, and 2 baby blankets right now that are time imperative! Then I have some Christmas presents to take care of – and then… I have several shawls and cowls I’d like to knit…someday! Luckily,

  189. I’m working on a shawl to be given to my Mom as a Christmas gift πŸ™‚

  190. I’m usually a sock sort of girl, but I just cast on my first Niebling lace pattern and am SMITTEN!

  191. Oh yes, it’s sweater weather right now. Working on finishing the sleeves of Autumn Whispers. Finished 3 scarves for the TO Humane society bazaar a couple of weeks ago, so another scarf for myself would be just the ticket.

  192. I’m currently working on a cardigan for a friend in a lovely blue and green colorway and a lacy sweater for myself.

  193. Socks, socks, and more socks! Xmas approaching after all.
    Gorgeous colour for your cowl btw, a perfect match for your clever garter stitch cowl.

  194. It’s all about Christmas socks right now.

  195. Just getting into knitting; I’m thinking I’ll start with a hat.

  196. Mittens, a hat, mittens, another hat and oh yes more mittens, maybe socks, a pair and a spare! of socks

  197. I’m firmly in Christmas knitting mode, and my favorite piece is a “vegan frog dissection” which is a knit frog with little knit innards (going to my scientist sister).

    While I’m enjoying that, and the socks for mom, and the hood for my brother…. All I want to do right now is knit on a simple Noro infinity cowl with a bit of texture that I made the mistake of casting on.

    This is a lovely skein of yarn – I bet the cowl you’re knitting will be beautiful!

  198. Right now I’m knitting two grandkid hats, just about to start a pair of nice, thick mittens, and continue to work on legwarmers that may or may not be ready to be holiday gifts. It’s a great time of year to knit!

  199. Lolarennt · ·

    I’m all about the scarves and cowls lately. You have to post a pic of your completed cowl once it’s finished! Looks great.

  200. My favorite fall knitting projects have been cowls (so easy and fast and fun and beautiful) and my Vitamin D sweater, which I finished on Saturday and have worn ever since:)

  201. What beautiful yarn – I love Mountain Colors!

    My current favorite fall project is the little wool baby hat I’m working on for my sister’s first baby. After that, it may well be the shawl I plan to make for my Nana for her birthday this winter.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  202. I’m always a sock knitter, and usually a monogamous one, but currently I have one sock and a scarf on the needles. The socks will eventually be a stash bust (if I ever finish!) and the scarf is also a stash bust and a birthday present for my Grams, whose birthday is 24 December. Poor lady. I did wise up this year and start my holiday knitting in the summer to get a jump on it. Of course, after completing two cowls, I promptly gave up on attempting to get all my gifts knit.

  203. I love making cowls this time of year. They are fast. I just finally figured out how to do the kitchener stitch successfully. It has given a whole new polished look to my cowls.

  204. I would like to knit a sweater for me, I’m looking through patterns and maybe deciding about making Burma. This beautiful yarn of yours would be just perfect!
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway!
    asteride on Ravelry

  205. Katarzyna · ·

    Now I,m making hats fo my kids. Ans cardigan for myself.
    Colours of that yarn are beautiful an I really see coal made of it.

  206. lindymoon · ·

    I am making an infinity cowl for my sister for Christmas but have set that aside to make a hat for me. This is the hat I supposed to make last winter after Christmas but it got warm enough I didn’t need it so promptly forgot about until now.

  207. So pretty colours!
    Right now my favorite projects are the socks I am knitting for my daughter πŸ™‚

  208. At the moment it is a pair of socks in green, they are going to be a christmas present πŸ™‚

  209. In addition to Christmas presents – I am making bed socks. Making one pair as a gift right now, but then I will be making myself and my husband a pair each!!

  210. Dari Trout · ·

    I am into knitting shawls! Lace, garter, whatever! I have done about 5 so far, and have plans for at least that many more! Guess I know what everyone will be getting for Christmas!

  211. Kelly Milligan · ·

    Trying to squeek in before noon! Thank you!

  212. Your scarf is going to be delightful when finished!

    My current fav on the needles is a pair of fiddlehead mittens! I’ve had the kit for a few years and have finally been motivated to get them knit up! (KAL at LYS) They are an oatmeal background with the design in plum!

  213. Hats! I went on a little yarn roadtrip this past weekend while my hubby-to-be was away, and I may have gone a little overboard. So I’ve decided to make just about everyone I know a hat for Christmas so that I can bring my stash back to a more manageable size.

  214. Sonia Leite · ·

    I’m into knitting scarfs right! You can never, NEVER has enough colorful scarfs!!!!

  215. I’m loving knitting sweaters this fall β€” one so far for the kiddo, in handspun, and the first one ever for DH. Maybe I’ll actually get up the courage to make one for myself!

  216. I love, love Mountain Colors! Their yarns are just lovely to work with! My falll project is socks!

  217. Right now I am working on a brioche stitch scarf/cowl in a creamy white natural wool. I am absolutely in love with it and I don’t want it to end! Recently I had someone commission me for a pair of wool gloves, and I am excited to get started on those. Also, I am aaaalmost done with a big blanket that I started 7 years ago (!), and I want to get it done so that I can start a new blanket!

    It was a treat simply to see that skein and your wip, and to knit with it myself would be a dream! Thanks for all your posts!

  218. Right now I’m working on a gray sweater for myself. I’m trying to finish it before the skies get too dark and dreary!

  219. I’m all about the fingerless gloves this time of year. They are the accessory I get the most use out of, and they knit up quickly (which is a good thing, as I keep misplacing mine!). I also knit up three different sizes of Calorimetry for a friend and her daughters out of a bulky thick and thin handspun–they were amazingly quick!

  220. I’ve been a dish-cloth knitting fiend the past week and a half. While it isn’t “fall” so much, it is preparing for the holiday gift giving and has been just the easy type of project I needed to get through the ordeals of my dad’s surgery.

  221. I am knitting my first ever lace shawl right now, and I love it! It seems like the perfect fall accessory– it’s very transitional-weather friendly!

  222. My first ever sock is on the needles. Loving it!

  223. I love to knit hats when the weather starts to change-they’re quick and there are so many different styles to choose from!

  224. Amanda S. · ·

    My favorite knitting project this fall has got to be the socks I am making for my dad. The pattern is Stepping Stones from “The Knitters book of socks” by Clara Parkes. I love love love all of the sock patterns in that book. These socks are made using worsted weight yarn so they knit up nice and thick.

  225. I’m knitting a sweater for my husband, hedgehog mittens for my granddaughter, goldfish mittens for my grandson, and a pair of socks for my doctor! Great fun – and many thanks for the opportunity to win gorgeous yarn!

  226. Heather S · ·

    A dark ruby color beanie!

  227. I lost my favorite cowl scarf last year, and since it was the second one I’ve lost I haven’t had the heart to make another. This lovely yarn would motivate me! Cowls are great winter knitting projects – simple and mindless, good for cozy evenings in front of the teevee.

  228. My favorite project right now is
    a Missoni-inspired blanket I
    started a couple of years ago. We
    are talking zigzag stripes… and right
    now I think there are about twenty-seven kabillion ends to weave in but who’s complaining? It’s already doing its job and it has been really fun. Well, except for maybe the fact that I had to rip back a five-inch yarn ball’s worth of yarn because there was an extra increase done five times every other row. And it wss, uh, noticeable. Fortunately I am a process knitter at heart…#sigh#

  229. Well it’s not autumn here, it’s spring, but that’s not stopping me getting stuck into a merino cardigan!

  230. Call me crazy, I’m knitting table runners for all 20+ tables for my wedding next September.

  231. Bulky cowls for fall

  232. Right now, it’s all about the sweaters!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Vanessa (venny on Ravelry)

  233. Making Knitting Daily’s beautiful Rainbow Cowl out of some leftover Universal Yarns Poems from a brioche sweater I made hubby last year. It’s in turquoises, yellows, greys and blacks; another in those wonderful shades would be awesome!

  234. I was on a sock kick, and then a washcloth kick, and I’m about to start a sweater kick! But I need to finish the socks for Christmas! A cowl would be a lovely distraction! angelfire212 on Ravelry

  235. I have so many cozy pieces planned for my loved ones that I don’t know where to begin. I’ve been good at planning, but now need to decide which should be first. I’ve had trouble with a hat, I’m on my third start-over!

  236. At the moment, I’m knitting hats. On the needles: Drizzle by MSkiKnits and Lace-Edged Woman’s Hat by Julie Hentz.

  237. My favorite colors!

  238. Cozy knits for my children are on my mind, mittens or a nice warm sweater. When fall weather creeps up I start to think about what they would need…
    I would love to win that gorgeous yarn!

  239. Chemo hats. I started early this year, and am hoping to make 45 by the end of January.

  240. That is so pretty! Right now I am finishing up a Pi shawl, and a beaded buttoned scarf cowl thing I invented, but then it is on to the Christmas knitting. Haven’t selected it all yet, but one lucky niece will get some legwarmers. Others may get boot cuffs, still not sure.

  241. My favorite fall knitting project at the moment is a pair of fingerless gloves in a lovely shade of yellow. Sadly I only have acrylic yarn to work with but that’s okay, machine washable is always a good quality to have in a yarn.

  242. Roseanne Sabol · ·

    Such luscious colors! Right now, all I want to knit is scarves and cowls. That would be so pretty sitting around my neck! πŸ™‚

  243. Mittens, shawls and cowls – I’ve got WIPs for each….. And I’m thinking that skein would make a really nice chunky cowl!

  244. My favorite fall knitting project is a shetland lace shawl on which I’m working.

  245. Fall knitting???=Christmas knitting πŸ˜‰

  246. We did sort of skip over fall, didn’t we? I’m pretty sure the thermostat reading something negative when I left the house the other day!
    I’m loving working on cozy pairs of socks right now!

  247. Socks….trying my first pair.

  248. Suzanne Schulte · ·

    owl mittens by spilly jane for my daughter. except I’m going to have to start over – seems my gauge (I did swatch, really!) is a might bit different while doing color work… or maybe the Christmas stocking for my grand-doggie. He is an only child… or it could be the fingerless mitts with the adorable cable in size 000 for the 7 month old baby girl…

  249. Shelly Cheeseman · ·

    I am working on Couronne from the Twist Collective. I finished the yoke and I’m ready to divide for the sleeves. I was actually in Bozeman, Montana twice this summer — on a road trip with recently retired husband to visit a friend in Wyoming and my mom in Vancouver!

  250. Susan Matson · ·

    My projects are knitting a top down sweater, try to knitt socks ( I have tried numerous times and fail every time) and knitting some cute/scary monsters for my grandchildren. I really enjoy your blog.
    Thanks for your pictures and posts.


  251. Sandy Baird · ·

    The Twisted Rib Neckwarmer in ToshMerino Light

  252. My favourite project for the colder weather is a skirt of aran weight yarn which will be thick and warm. I always have at least one pair of socks on the needles, and have made 2 hats and a cowl since August. This Mountain Colour skein looks like it needs to be a scarf or cowl and I would love to try it!

  253. Blond_Engineer · ·

    Right now, I’m feeling a desperate need to finish the fingerless gloves I’ve got on the needles.

  254. Ann'e Marie · ·

    I like knitting mittens in the fall, at the moment i am trying to knit a pair in every color.

  255. Marie β™₯ · ·

    After waking up to snow already 3 mornings this week it has to be sweaters. That yarn would be great for a cowl though and I think it might even go with my current sweater project.

  256. knitting a baby blankie as a gift, making crochet snowflakes as christmas gift package decorations, weaving a holiday wreath with crochet flowers, and knitting a scarf for a birthday gift
    whew! that yarn is gorgeous, and will be used for another baby gift

  257. Right now I’m finishing up some socks for a Christmas present and have the yarn and needles ready to start a sweater for our new puppy. I’m really worried about her this summer. She’s a rescue from a southern state. We’re not sure of her heritage. And her fur just seems really thin for our winters.

  258. I just bought some new yarn for some great mittens for Me!!! I I haven’t made mittens for me in such a long time. And in a wonderful toffee colour – not a colour I would normally buy. I can’t wait to start.

  259. Gap-Tastic and Rams and Yowes for the sitting and seriously fun..

  260. My favorite project is my Brickless by Martina Behm in Wollmeise pure in Suzanne WD color way. Easy and interesting. A great knit I know I’ll love to wear.

    It helps that I live in NE Florida where winter is usually mild.

  261. Early start Christmas gifts anyone?

  262. Must knit all the fingerless gloves!

  263. That yarn is lovely. I’m binging on knitting hats and cowls right now, altho I think I might be moving onto some mittens in the near future.

  264. This fall, I’m finishing “Catkin” by Kate Davies. My favorite project is frequently the one closest to being finished.

  265. It’s cowl season

  266. Mittens, mittens, and more mittens….this week in honeycomb patterns

  267. Chelsea W · ·

    My favorite knitting project seems to be one I haven’t started yet! I keep neglecting my WIPs and looking for something inspiring. Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  268. I’m making the Lonely Tree Shawl. It’s turning out amazing!!!! I plan on being finished soon, but I initially started so I would have something to show off at US Thanksgiving!

  269. Meg McCarthy · ·

    Cowls, cowls and more cowls!

  270. BiaContinental · ·

    Hats and scarves are my favorite for this time of the year – as I am busily trying to go through my Christmas gift list! On the needles now I have a pair of baby socks in Malabrigo sock, and YOUR steeltown slouch beret using zara in this beautifully rich blue! Fun stuff!!!

  271. Hats and mittens are always favorites for my fall knitting…..this yarn would make GORGEOUS hats!!

  272. SUCH a gorgeous colorway…pick me, pick me! I’m starting Christmas presents, and my favorite so far is a pair of Iron Man mitts for my nephew!

  273. oh great! looks beautiful!
    My favorite project now is a mixture of a scarf and a hat πŸ™‚

  274. anne branca · ·

    Gramham crackers! I am knitting an Icelandic cardigan with Alafosslopi yarn. I intend to finish asap as it is getting cooler.
    The yarn giveaway is great fun and I would make a lovely scarf to wrap around my neck.

  275. My favorite project right now is boot cuffs! They are really quick and SUCH a great gift!

  276. Connie K. · ·

    Right now my favorite is the swatch I’m knitting for my new sweater – it’s the Severus Pullover from The Unofficial Harry potter Knits magazine.

  277. I am so ready to make a gorgeous cowl …. and those colors would be perfect!

  278. Lately I have been working on a rather large stuffed octopus and after that I have many cowls and owls to started on.

  279. Socks and mittens are my fave fall projects but I am also working on a gorgeous shawl.

  280. Marilyn Petruska · ·

    This seems like a spam reply???? Marilyn

    Marilyn Petruska mpetrueng@aol.com

  281. You are right, Marilyn! I have deleted it.

  282. I usually love shawls, but I am in need of mittens.

  283. I just googled the top knitting blots of 2013,and yours popped up on the list! I’m new here! Congratulations on such a beautiful blog! I love mountian Colorado yarn and the bluky in your giveaway is goregous! I am a fan of having bluky yarn on hand tor those lat minute gifts! Good luck to all and thank you!

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