That time it took me 2 months to get FO photos

So, one of the things I’ve been learning as a relatively new 9-to-5 Toronto commuter (other than a new appreciation for knitting time as an in-transit coping mechanism for, well, commuting), is that it’s a lot darned harder to get Finished Object photos of something when daytime (read: daylight) hours get sucked up by that pesky ‘work’ thing, and call me crazy but I like having daylight in my knitting photos.

Thankfully, I have a fellow knitter as a co-worker, so we finally squeezed in a moment on coffee break last week to get me some photos of the Locke St. cardigan I finished back in the middle of September. Sweater photos! With me in them and everything!


I’ve been wearing this sweater at least once a week since the fall chill arrived and couldn’t be more pleased with it. I did it in Tanis Fiber Arts DK in ‘sprout’, one of the newer colour-ways from Spring 2013. I’m loving the cables and the shawl collar and would actually not rule out doing another one of these for myself in another colour, some time in the future. (So many knits, so little time).



I published this pattern almost 2 years ago, and took the time to update the pattern while I was knitting my own sample of it. The pattern notes now include an additional size on the smaller range, and now includes bust sizes 33(35, 38, 41, 44, 48, 51, 55) ins bust, when worn closed. I’ve also updated the schematic to include a bit more detail, and modified the shoulders to be a bit narrower, based on knitter feedback. Overall, though, it’s still the same cabley-goodness cardigan it’s always been, and works pretty well for my 9-to-5 wardrobe, I must say!


You can find the Locke St. cardigan Ravelry store as usual, and also on Patternfish.

In conclusion, finished handknits are fabulous, as are photographs of them. What finished knits are you itching to get photographs of for your Ravelry project pages?

Happy knitting this Wednesday!




  1. looks very nice and the colour really suits you!

  2. Beautiful pattern and it fits you wonderfully.

  3. BiaContinental · ·

    Looks great!! Would love to hear more about fitting knitting in with the work thing! I also have two kids , a nine year old and infant and find it hard to literally find time to knit! So I revert to reading blogs about knitting like yours!!! 🙂 Would love to hear your thoughts or other knitters about this!

  4. Oh it’s wonderful. The colour is beautiful and the pattern gorgeous, but what I liked most of all is the shaping. It moulds like a glove and looks perfect. Very skillful! Be proud…

  5. Robin Johnson · ·

    This is so timely. I took a picture of an FO this morning while getting ready for work – because it’s pitch dark when I get home. Still need to take pictures of a pair of socks, shawl, and washcloth. And I have a shawl I’ve been wearing a year without taking a proper photo of it.

  6. I love the detail. The pattern is lovely and the FO looks great on you!

  7. That’s beautiful. I need to get brave and move up from socks to garments. I wonder if this is something I could tackle.

  8. Christine · ·

    I really need to get over my fear of button holes, because that is gorgeous and I want to knit one.

  9. Marilyn Velvin · ·

    What a fantastic fit. I need to investigate how to shape a cardigan like this. The colour is great on you too.

  10. I totally hear you about the 9-5 thing. My blog has been suffering for it, too. Beautiful sweater, though!

  11. beautiful sweater, and it looks great on you – good job! Tell your co-worker – great photos, too. 🙂

  12. Beautiful! I’ve been practicing law for 30 years, and I still consider it to be an interruption in my knitting life.

  13. Carol Oldfield · ·

    It’s stunning. Love the fit, patterning and colour – particularly the subtle colour changes – so much more alive than a solid colour.

  14. Love the colour and the pattern! Added to my queue.

  15. Gorgeous!!! One of these days I will get brave enough to knit a sweater for myself. Your sweaters are the ones that inspire me. Didn’t remember hearing you started a new job…best wishes!
    I just need to remember to take photos before I give the item away!! Much of my knitting is for gifts.

  16. OMG I can’t wait until my knitting is on this level. WOW! This is amazingly well done.

    I’m a new knitter that took off knitting socks but am “scared” to knit a sweater? Commitment-phobe? 🙂

  17. That is a gorgeous cardi! I might have to squeeze that one into the queue somewhere!

  18. That looks absolutely fabulous on you!! I want one.

  19. Cheryl Franks · ·

    Looks very pretty on you. Did it take you long to knit it ?

  20. It is absolutely gorgeous but I am a bit afraid of all the pattern work. I love the way it fits you and I finished two sweaters in madalintosh dk and they are both two short. I am so disturbed about them that I will probably rip them out at some point in the future, not now since I am too upset about them. It does look like the model but my shape needs more length. I guess I should have added the inches, but I thought it looked good on her so it will probably look good on me. Who knows what I was thinking since I was still grieving the loss of my husband. I love the length on your sweater and green is one of my favourite colours. Sorry to ramble.
    How would you gauge the difficulty of making this sweater? I have been knitting for well over your age. Trust me. Any tips on not losing the pattern other than markers.

  21. Love this in Sprout! You wear it so well and the cables really pop. So much lovely graphic goodness. Glad you were finally able to document it in photos, definitely worth the wait.

  22. That is a gorgeous sweater!!! And it looks fabulous on you! You did a great job!

  23. Beautiful! Worth the wait!

  24. You design and knit the most beautiful sweaters. This one is going in my cue.

  25. Beautiful design and color for you, and beautiful in general!

  26. This is a very beautiful shawl! I am in love!! 🙂

  27. Sweater rather!!! Oops!!!! Lol 😀

  28. Stunning – and a perfect fit – congratulations.

  29. Beautiful, fits great too!

  30. Wow what a lovely combination of pattern and yarn colour. It looks great and definitely on my queue to knit.

  31. It’s beautiful, and well worth the wait!!

  32. It’s lovely!!

  33. The sweater looks great against that red brick background, very nicely chosen!

    It’s so hard to be a blogger in winter. Pictures taken with indoor lighting are just not the same.

  34. Wow, what a beautiful sweater. It fits you like a glove. Well done!

  35. Oh! Love those cables!

  36. Beautiful, as usual. I like that you are wearing your sweaters to work. FYI, even for those of us without 9-5 jobs, this time of year is challenging. It seems as though most of the time, it’s so grey outside that decent photos are almost impossible. I also have the problem that for my model/daughter it’s end of semester time and she’s too busy/grumpy to cooperate. Let’s hope for bright, snowy holidays!

  37. jengolightly · ·

    I would love to publish one of my designs. I’ve been saying this two years now. It’s like stage fright. Your cardigan is lovely, and I hope you’re really proud of your achievement!!!! I am very envious!

  38. KimKnitsDaily · ·

    I’m hoping that when I cast this on in the future, I can figure out how to make it a bit longer. Does the pattern allow for additional length without too much putzing around? This may be my first cardigan/sweater. Gorgeous knit! Gorgeous color choice!

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