Cables understand me

It’s been a busy month – well, busy couple of months, really. October passed in a flurry of holiday visits and Rhinebeck travels, and November has been a busy one for the ol’ day job, not to mention getting sidelined by viral plague for the last week, so knitting activity here at Knitting To Stay Sane has been continuous but varyingly so. I’ve had fits of productivity and then days of going back and forth between current projects and starts at new ones – design swatching and planning, or project dreaming.


One project I’ve had on the go since fall started is a new cabled sweater design. It’s been in my head for a year and I was desperate to start it. So as September was coming to an end I cast on for this pullover even though I knew I didn’t really have time for it. It’s been a nice comfort to have in the wings, and I am hoping it will be ready to share with all of you in the new year. (There’s going to be a men’s version as well. I’m nothing if not ambitious).


Some people turn to stockinette or garter stitch to sooth them in hectic times, but for me it’s gotta be cables. Sometimes the knitting brain just wants what it wants. [Edited to add – the yarn is Harrisville Designs ‘Highland’ – a worsted wool that’s a little bit sheepy but still a little bit soft ;)]

What projects are you dreaming about these days? There’s always so much to choose from!




  1. Those cables are absolutely beautiful. I look forward to seeing the finished sweater. One knitting goal that I have is to knit a cable sweater…..maybe in the coming new year.

  2. This is stunning!! I really love it! Wich yarn did you use? Your cables and stitch definition is great! I am dreaming to finish knitting my first sweater design soon, just started the sample, I really enjoyed all the patterning process.

  3. The cables are wonderful! Can’t wait to see the finished project. I have all the pieces of a cardigan finished. Now just to find time to block it–easier said than done.

  4. Stephanie · ·

    Wow! Cables are my favorite, too. I also like that color. For some reason fall colors speak to me more than others. Look forward to seeing your finished project!

  5. wow – beautiful! I love the cables.

  6. Elsa Louise · ·

    Awesome design & yarn, can’t wait for the pattern to be available.
    I love cables! Could you tell Santa how much yarn & what weight to get
    for a 38″ chest???

  7. I love cables! And those look like such pretty ones.

  8. I am so envious of your design capabilities!! To me it seems unreachable. I can design like crazy with my quilting, however, knitting does not come as easy. Beautiful work!!

  9. this is gorgeous!! The cables, the yarn, everything. REALLY nice!

  10. I am like you. There is something very soothing about staring down at interesting cables while knitting and being able to read the pattern right in the work. I seem to be able to do that better with texture work than lace or colorwork. It seems that different aspects of knitting speak to different people more clearly, and for me, cables do that. In fact, I just bought your Burrard pattern and will begin it soon. I think about it often during a hectic day and can’t wait to be able to have it sitting comfortably in my lap each evening. Once I finish a hat for my hubby and socks for my son to wear while sitting out in the cold at an upcoming football game, I will be casting on for Burrard! Keep up the excellent work! Your new design looks great.

  11. I took along a cabled sweater when Bob and I traveled to Ireland. You would have thought that the cabling, as a travel project, would have been too much for my brain to handle but it turned out to be exactly the right level of mindful engagement. My two favorite memories are knitting in the car rental place for two hours. And, knitting in a silent sitting room, curled up on a sofa, knitting and being toasty warm thanks to the peat fire.

  12. I admire anyone who has the patience for cables! They are lovely.

  13. Sooooo pretty! What yarn is this?

  14. Thanks for asking! 🙂

    The yarn is Harrisville Highland, which is a worsted weight wool and a little bit sheepy. For a 38″ pullover I would currently estimate about 1400 yards! 🙂


  15. Looks lovely! Can’t wait for a new cabled sweater pattern!

  16. Rachel Bowman · ·

    Beautiful! Ah, the comfort of knitting. I turned to knitting when I could do little else, and now that I’ve managed to become more mobile, I still knit for comfort–and sanity!

  17. THAT is a stunner! Can’t wait to see the whole thing. Perhaps 2014 will be the year I finally tackle cables. I’m not afraid of them — just know that they will be the kind of knitting that I’ll have to be able to pay attention to. And then I may have to knit one of almost every cabled sweater you have ever designed. 😉 Because I love almost every single one of them to distraction.

    I really hope you are feeling much better — I’ve been following the saga of the Virus in your Twitter feeds and wincing in sympathy.

  18. Helena Dias · ·

    Beautiful design. If only the cts would go away I could knit again.

  19. Gosh. That is so beautiful. I’ll be on the look out for this pattern when you’ve finished writing it. I am yet to make a cabled jumper but it is on my to do list and I am also nothing if not ambitious.

    Good luck and kudos on being such a brilliant knitter and designer.

  20. Yes! Cable knit! Gorgeous and fall-style, usable even for wintertime when you only have the moment to slip on something simple – yet so intricate! – and run.

  21. Your cable knit is completely amazing! I can’t wait to see the overall thing. My blog is pretty basic and boring- but if you have the time please check it out at !
    Thanks, Rachel

  22. Sometimes I find cables (especially lovely twisted-stitch cables) and some lace patterns even better for relaxing knitting than stockinette, I think partly because it’s something my brain can focus on but that isn’t so intricate that I have to pay a lot of attention to, after a repeat or two I can often knit from looking at the pattern (and so not break my concentration looking at a chart) and also because it’s easy to see progress. Stockinette or garter can feel like some kind of time and space void where you keep knitting and knitting and knitting and it never seems to get longer. With cables and lace, the motifs mark what you’ve accomplished. 😀

  23. Amazing work keep going!!!!

  24. I want to become serious in knitting. That’s my pending knitting ambition!
    Cables are beautiful. it’s always nice to know you have a pleasant, no-rush-needed project if you need to busy your hands.

  25. Megan-Anne · ·

    Cables are my zen place too! It was hard for me to reign it in when I designed my jacket for the Vogue Knitting design contest last year. I’m glad I’m not the only one who turns to cables instead of stockinette.

  26. While walking away long enough from my loom to catch up my blog reading, I realized that I had only 1 project that was knitting that was not finished. What am I to do? gotta start something now…but what?

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