Pretty nice weekend

Last weekend was a long weekend, with a holiday Monday both here and in the United States, so I took the opportunity to flee slightly south to D.C., to spend the weekend hanging out with a bunch of knitter friends in the area. I did the same thing last year over the same weekend, when there was much nicer weather, and it was great. This time I arrived just in time for the city to get hit with a huge snow storm, so there was a lot less touristy perusal of museums and monuments, but thankfully there was plenty of time to sit around with friendly people, knit, drink wine, and generally have a relaxing time. In case you are wondering, a weekend filled with those activities is lacking in…nothing. Nothing at all. (Well, maybe shopping. We did a smidge of that too.)

All weekends should look like this! Hope you’ve got a good one coming up. And that the winter hibernation ends soon, if you’re in the same hemisphere as me. (I’ve forgotten what green grass looks like. I hear it’s the stuff buried under the snowbanks. Stories have been reported that it might still be there.)

Happy knitting!

















  1. Gorgeous photos! Here in the Heartland, we’ve got 3-5″ today, but 50 degrees tomorrow!

  2. Looks and sounds like a lovely weekend! It’s a very hot summer in Australia so I am envious!

  3. Yup, that sounds pretty perfect on the weekend front.

  4. Looks like you had some fun!

  5. In the living room with good friends and some knitting sounds about perfect to me. They don’t call it a “living” room for nothing! Thanks for inviting us in!

    (Here in No California, the forecast is in the 70s all weekend.The clock is ticking on our water supply. Pack up some of that Canadian and DC snow and send it our way! Maybe clicking knitting needles could serve as some sort of a rain dance?)

  6. What fun! Central Arizona is in the middle of a freak heat wave, so we will have grass until summer temperatures kill it.
    I should try that relaxing thing sometime…

  7. Sounds wonderful. Here in Minnesota we are headed for the same kind of weekend–10″ of snow by tomorrow morning. I’ll be knitting for sure.

  8. Looks like my version of heaven … yarn, needles, wine, and friends!

  9. Loving all those and made socks!

  10. Simone Kay · ·

    Would you believe anyone would be jealous of
    your winter….well a little bit anyway. Here in Southern
    California it is 84 degrees today and NO RAIN. It
    isn’t even fun to knit with wool so I’m still making
    summer sweaters.

  11. We’re currently having thunder and ice pellets. Ick! And back to subzero temps by the end of next week.
    Beats a foot of snow, though.
    A weekend of knitting and wine sounds just lovely!

  12. Diane ble · ·

    I just am green with envy,as in grass that nobody can see. Now to add to the misery we have temps that rise and fall so ice, snow and rain make it pretty treacherous. I love the photo’s, love the camenbert cheese, maybe it is Brie but simply delightful with good friends and great wine. I ask you; What could be better?

  13. Here in Texas it’s blah with no rain. Summer is the time I hibernate because of the beastly hot temps. We are following California into drought and it is no fun (trying to make you snowy northerners feel better). It has been a cold winter so I did get to knit and wear sweaters!:)

  14. Here I am, sitting down to read your blog with knitting in hand (a sweater that is 3/4 finished) and a glass of wine at my side; only lacking friends to share the knitting and wine drinking. I hope to see some friends and do a bit of shopping over the next few days at Stitches West.

    Snow is such a rarity where I live that I look forward to the opportunity to experience it. I understand the wish to see the end of snow, though, having grown up in Fresno where the fog obscures sunlight for 3 to 4 months straight every winter (we would only have a brief clearing after each rain) and I could hardly wait for sunshine, even if it meant heat waves.

    Only the northwest corner of California (Eureka, if you’d like to see on a map) has plenty of rain, but they have no capacity to store it for the rest of us. The rain that has been dumping on the British Isles for weeks reminds me of the end of the drought in the 70’s, when we had a winter with terrible flooding (but not nearly as much danger as near London).

  15. sounds like a fun weekend! lots of socks – yummy. :-)And all the posts above make me wonder about the weather this year – it sounds extreme everywhere. If only we COULD pack up all this snow and ice and ship it to California, I know i would be glad to share.

  16. gogearhart1 · ·

    Great socks!

  17. After this extra cold winter here in east Texas I now get why anyone would want a cowl. Oh, that’s why you would want that much yarn around your neck.LOL

  18. So interesting to see all the different knitting styles!

  19. Tori Aker · ·

    I’m in DC for the semester on an internship! Do you know of any knitting groups or hangouts that I could drop by to meet some people?

  20. Oh, MY!!!! Perfection! Heaven on Earth! I want to go there….! Invite me next time…?

  21. Diane Bleicher · ·

    Hi Glenda, I just wanted to say thanx for your suggestion to try the cables on the sleeve first and that has worked wonders on my fears, and I seem to be doing nicely, although I slowly have gotten the hang of it . I wish you were closer so I could come and take a few private lessons from you. Someday I will finish this sweater and them I will send you a photo, if we both live long enough. Best. Diane Bleicher, a follower and fan.

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  22. Like the way you have ‘shared’ your weekend. I can imagine how lovely it was to spend time with knitty friends. We should all do it more often!

  23. Having lived for 16 years in DC, I’m envious. Haven’t been back since, but I know there’s a lot more knitting stuff going on than when I was there (although we did have the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival).

  24. Getting snowed in with friends is always a good time! For all the snow we got last weekend, this weekend it’s been in the 60s. All the snow has melted and there are suddenly buds on the trees. They’re saying it might snow again later this week. The weather is so schizo this time of year it’s absolutely dizzying!

  25. I love these pictures!! I would LOVE to know what yarn the girl is using in the 4th picture. It is beautiful!! Shades of gray with flecks of rainbow colors.. delicious!!

  26. As I looked at the pictures I thought…maybe one day, that will be me. You lucky girls. What is it like to get away for a weekend knitting trip? Maybe one day I can do that too.

    Barb R.

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