The advantage of having a lot of handknits

I realized this week when I was pawing through my sweaters shelf in my closet, that there are a few items that have been getting sadly pushed aside in favour of the same four or five sweaters that I’ve been wearing over and over again. It dawned on me then that this, my friends, this might help me get the last bit of gas in the tank to get through another month of winter. Having handknits I haven’t yet work this season (really, for no good reason other than favouritism for the newest things in the closet) is almost like getting a wardrobe refresher for free. It’s a dangerous time of year for the retail therapy impulse to kick in, too, so thank goodness for having an expansive handknit pile to choose from.


These are my Spruce Grove vest, (Ravelry link) and my Dusseldorf pullover (pattern by Fiona Ellis for Interweave Knits), and both are going to keep me cozy in the next week at least.

I’m also finally at the finish line to wrap up my Aran design I’ve had on the needles for months – so fingers crossed I’ll be sharing that with you soon! No one’s more impatient to get it out into the world than I am.

May you have a fine weekend filled with happy knitting and adult beverages of your choice.


  1. I love that vest!!!

  2. Both of these sweaters are great looking, so I am sure you will enjoy the change. I have never seen the Fair Isle vest pattern before even though I regularly stalk Ravelry looking at Fair Isle designs. Thanks for introducing it to me.

    As for Dusseldorf, how do you like the sleeves? I have always admired that design, but I am not sure if the ICord detail on the sleeves would bother me when I am wearing it.

  3. Connie G · ·

    I would love to see you in these sweaters!

  4. Missy's Crafty Mess · ·

    Coffee cheers. Beautiful handy work. Have a great weekend.

  5. I have so enjoyed wearing my pieces that I’ve made this winter that I’m a little sad that spring is coming. I’m going to miss them, but I know what joy I will feel next fall when I take them out.

  6. I’m also guilty of wearing only a few of the knits on my shelf (also the most recent). So, now you’ve inspired me to get out those oldies (like Brookline) and wear them before the snow disappears. Love the colours in your vest.

  7. During this very cold winter I felt all of the knitting community had a clothing advantage that I started feeling a little bizarrely smug about. I can be very silly when it comes to my knitting.

  8. The Spruce Grove Vest is just gorgeous! Hooray for handknits. I should rummage around in my scarf and hat bin for an outerwear refresher — god idea.

  9. I do this too. I will wear the same three sweaters all winter even though I have lots of others.

  10. This winter has definitely been incentive to finally finish the sportweight wrap sweater I’d been working on for a couple years, because I was wearing a sweater at least 2-3 times a week for the last couple months. If only I had more knitting time to crank out another sweater to wear this winter!

  11. oh, I’m excited to see the vest in action! i find that I’ve learned lessons a bout what I really wear, and am getting more discerning with my projects, for sure. For me, t can’t just be about the knitting fun- I want an FO that I actually use.

  12. That is one beautiful knitted vest!

  13. Barb R. · ·

    Knitting to stay warm. That is the winter of 2014 for me and all the knitters in the state of Connecticut, USA. We are all cold on the east coast of the USA and it is not ending any time soon it seems. April is slated to be cold also..not as cold, but not warm either. Next winter is slated to be cold yet again so I guess I had better get ready. I need MANY more hand knits and as I look at that vest, I am so glad that this year I finally learned how to knit with one color in each hand…the way that it is done by the folks at Philosopher’s Wool. I had tried for some years without success. I think the cold just kept me in the house long enough to just get it done and learn the techniques.

    There are some advantages to being holed up at home…snowbound and trapped. You just have to learn something!!


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