New Pattern: Shire Aran

Knitting friends, I’m so pleased to have a new pattern release this week. For the last several months I’ve had this pattern in the works behind the scenes, and it was in my brain for at least a year before that, so needless to say I’ve been a bit impatient to get it finished and out into the world. I also wanted to make sure I finished it right and was happy with it, and kept running into the challenges of working within the confines of space-time continuum reality. (I’ve been a busy commuter with less knitting time than I’d some days prefer).

But you know, that’s okay, because I really like this sweater, and having it released is making me feel just a smidge better about the fact that winter still isn’t over around these parts. Presenting the Shire Aran pullover, available in my Ravelry store. It’s a saddle-shoulder cabled pullover written for both men’s and women’s versions. Worked in Harrisville Designs Highland (a worsted-weight wool a bit on the rustic side)



The original idea came from thinking about The Hobbit and Tolkein and how a nice cozy cabled sweater would be just the ticket for Hobbiton – and The Shire. I chose a combination of organic, ring-shaped cables, and vertical panels for visual structure. Aside from that inspiration, though, I also just really liked the idea of a saddle-shoulder cabled pullover, old school and classic and fully engaging to knit. It had to be for both men and women, of course – the men’s version gets the easy drop-shoulder sleeve styling, but set-in-sleeve action for the women’s version – because that just made logical sense. I liked this as a warm wooly layer, to throw on as an outer layer on slightly milder fall or winter days, or for any time when the deep winter chill gets too much.



This pullover is worked in pieces from the bottom up, and then seamed before working the collar. Pattern instructions include some of my basic tips on working cables without a cable needle, in case you want to dive into that – it’s the way I do most cables and I find it speeds up the process immensely for me. All cable patterns are fully charted.

I need to give some major props here to my fellow knitter friend Lisa and her husband Kyle – they modelled the finished sweaters for me and did a fabulous job, so fabulous that you’d never know they were standing in -5C weather outside and had to dash inside halfway through to warm up again. But they were perfect and managed the challenge with a smile!



So there we have it, knitter friends – I hope you enjoy the pattern if it strikes your fancy, this season or down the road!

I’ll be back next week with more knitting adventures. New projects might be on tap soon, and I’m having some nice longing glances at my yarn stash to try to decide which ones they’ll be!

Have a fabulous knitterly weekend!




  1. This is BEYOND lovely, Glenna. I already faved it when I saw it on Ravelry, and will be queuing it too, though that pesky time-space continuum keeps getting in my way, too. As my whole family finished reading The Hobbit together earlier this year, I enjoy the hobbit connection for sure. I am imagining knitting on this and later wearing it as we read the LOTR trilogy together sometime down the road.

    Beautiful, beautiful.

  2. Beautiful

  3. Beautiful. That’s going in my ravelry queue!

  4. i am definitely going to make this. I’ve already placed it in my Favorites on Ravelry.

  5. I love these sweaters. The Hobbit inspiration is great since for many of us knitting an involved cable design such as yours is about the most comforting thing imaginable. This one will definitely be added to my to-knit list.

  6. Very nice sweaters. Just the way I like them!

  7. It’s really perfect!!

  8. This is beautiful!! I love the intricate cables, and it looks so warm!

  9. Beautiful sweaters

  10. That sweater looks very cozy! I love that you used set-in sleeves for the women’s version–I can’t see myself knitting a drop-shoulder pullover, even on laid-back days!

  11. Gorgeous new pattern Glenna! Definitely worth taking the little extra time to get it perfect. I love the shoulders!

  12. twistedsticks · ·

    So beautiful and just amazed that you can create something like this. I wish I could do that!! I love cables.

  13. Wow! These are beautiful and you are so talented!

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  15. Gorgeous! I love the cabling.

  16. Beautiful pattern!! Those sweater look so comfortable and warm and I love the uni look. I am glad to know there are well known designer that works for long on a pattern realise like I am doing πŸ™‚

  17. That’s so lovely – looks so cozy πŸ™‚

  18. Angelbis · ·

    This is EXACTLY the kind of pattern I’ve been looking for! I might have to make one for myself AND my husband πŸ™‚ I love this sweater and I’m such a cable addict, that I might have to start it soon…

  19. I saw this on Rav and added it to my queue immediately. When I’ll get to it I have no idea, but I adore it and do intend to make it. It’s gorgeous!

  20. Beautiful design and gorgeous colours

  21. This sweater is beautiful and I love that it is for both men and women sizes!

  22. adrienne · ·

    So lovely, and so cozy!

  23. What beautiful models you have.

  24. Lovelovelove this sweater! I have the perfect yarn waiting for this and have been checking every day for it! Thanks! I love your patterns. They are so well-written and easy to follow.

  25. I want to knit almost every sweater you have designed/released, and this one is no exception. *Lovely* work! (Currently working on your ribbed sock pattern, which is VERY nice to follow. I will definitely be collecting some sweater patterns from you.)

  26. Pat(ricia) · ·

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous – I have yet to attempt cables on any serious level – much less on a sweater – but these are gorgeous – and admittedly, I would consider this pattern on my “attempt to do it list” – because they are so elegant, and knowing your works through what I’ve seen here on your blog – the instructions and pattern will be wonderful to follow. Great job Glenna πŸ™‚

  27. Such beautiful sweaters! I have always loved cables (only on baby sweaters, never attempted for grown-ups) :).

  28. Oh dear I feel another wip coming on.

  29. Lovely sweater πŸ™‚ Really pretty cables. Doesn’t look like a fast project but it is so pretty in the colours you chose! I should knit an Aran sweater sometime.

  30. knittingnerdlawyer · ·

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    looks good.

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