There’s always something new in knitting world

It’s April, the layers of snow and ice are finally starting to melt, and lo, the good people of southern Ontario are starting to remember what the world was like before winter came. Birds are chirping! Sunshine hours are longer! A person can un-ironically leave the house without a hat! (Okay, maybe still with a hat, but definitely the scarf is worth re-thinking). Knitting-wise, it’s an interesting spot to be in because I’m still knitting the same things I was knitting on in March, albeit a little closer to the finish line than I was a month ago. Right now I feel like these couple of sweaters are my de-hibernation projects. My knitting brain wants to think about sweet spring DK cardis, and socks, and a nice lacy little cowl – and all of those are probably going to get on the needles some time before the end of April, let’s face it – but before I can do those things I need to finish a thing from the winter to fully put that season away.

A little while ago I cast on for Lempicka, in a fit of “I need something new on the needles” start-itis. It was a highly covetous project for me, one that I wanted to make purely because I liked the way it looked and I wanted to wear it. (Sometimes I start projects because I know the making of it will be fun no matter what. This one, this one I wanted to wear. Shut up and get in my wardrobe, sweater.) Naturally, because the universe works that way, it has turned out to be a project that has Interesting Construction and might be Teaching Me Things or even gasp Making Me Learn Something New.


I saw this cardigan at the Twist Collective fashion show in September and it rung a lot of my bells. It’s a cardigan with a hoodie (so practical and cozy), fun looking cables (I do love me some cables), has art deco inspiration (who doesn’t love art deco) and done in worsted weight (so versatile and so well represented in my stash), and I wanted it and bought a copy of the pattern to happily wait to cast on for it when I had the time.

I also have to give the tip of my hat to Christa Giles for designing it, because I appreciate a pattern like this that could so easily have been discarded in the conception phase purely for being to difficult to write down for other people. It’s a top-down seamless sweater that creates pictorial converging cables for a chevron, art deco kind of look, and there are a lot of instructions, many of the “at the same time” variety. I think at one point there are three or four different at the same time instructions going on, because the top-down construction means that for a while, you’re all at once establishing cable patterns, increasing for the v-neck, increasing for raglan sleeves, and then maybe doing some other tricky cabley thing to create the visual pattern. Most of the brain effort (read: the most numerous and frequent opportunities for something to go wrong) occur within the first 15% of the project.


I am 100% sure that at some point, probably a couple of places, I have outright been doing something wrong. I definitely had at least one moment of ripping-back and re-knitting and probably more than one drop-down-to-re-do-a-bunch-of-stitches (while on a commuter train! Bonus points) Do I care? I DO NOT. I like the way this is coming out, I think it’s looking like it’s supposed to so far (thank you, pattern photographer), and I’ve gotten my measuring tape out a few times to check for length just to put my mind at ease. By the time I finish the body I’ll have only the smaller bits to deal with (hood and sleeves), which will require a bit less brain effort as compared to the body. I’m looking forward to gaining a bit of project momentum as a result, and then I’ll have a finished hoodie!

Er, just in time for warm weather to arrive. As is traditional? Let’s go with yes.

Happy knitting this spring Monday!


Pattern: Lempicka , from Twist Collective by Christa Giles
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, pea soup mix





  1. I so enjoy your posts!

  2. And I’ve just added another pattern to my list. Thanks a lot. It’s not as if I’ve not got enough to do already 🙂

  3. Missy's Crafty Mess · ·

    You can always wear it next season… and the next… Beautiful knitting by the way.

  4. Those cables look like part of some sort of super hero costume! 😀

  5. Sarah Perry-Correia · ·

    Has a William Morris look. Fabulous!

  6. Did you check out who Lempicka was?
    Art deco!

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  8. Amazing sweater!

  9. Am very keen to make this sweater so I’m loving your comments about your experience with it! Can’t wait to see it finished! x

  10. I knit sweaters all year round – nothing wrong with having it for next season!

  11. Diane ble · ·

    What a good looking sweater, however I do believe that if there are so many difficult instructions going on, I think i will have to abandon the thought of trying this one at this time. I love the shape, I love the color and the style. Enjoy wearing it!

  12. Wow, this is going to be a stunner. Wishing you a summer that’s just cool enough for you to be able to wear it!

  13. I like to knit things that teach me something about design. This one looks like a Masters-level course!

  14. Jennifer · ·

    This is some kind of awesome …… I’m NO WHERE near that good. I hope to be some day – it’s already gorgeous.

  15. Wow that is impressive looking! I love the cabling!

  16. it’s a beautiful sweater and will look great on you, Glenna. It’s so hard to knit for the coming season – who wants to knit heavy stuff in summer and then cotton in winter. I want to knit a big warm blanket, sweater, socks in winter (this year March/April seem like winter). The problem for me is that I measure the kids and knit for their current size plus a little growth, then of course forgetting that I am actually not knitting for this April but possibly fall or next spring, so instead of being a 2 year sweater, it is a 1 year sweater. Somehow, it is still a surprise when they keep getting bigger – I can’t quite imagine that they are going to 2 clothing sizes bigger in 2 years!

  17. Wow. and Wow, this is an amazing sweater and far beyond my abilities!! One day… maybe. Beautiful!!

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