Rounding up

1. This weekend I finished a pair of socks. They were a pair of Jaywalkers I started last summer and put aside for months, and were knitted from stashed sock yarn purchased almost 5 years ago at the first Sock Summit. It was a limited edition Lorna’s Laces sock colourway called ‘vampire tea party.’ I like them a lot.


2. I started another pair of Lorna’s Laces Jaywalkers right away.

3. My sweater momentum from the last gasps of winter (now mercifully ending) has slowed down considerably, and I am torn between wanting to just move on with new projects and the guilt that would accompany the abandonment of almost-done winter sweaters. My Lempicka cardigan is now just 3/4 of one sleeve and a hood away from being finished, and I’m going to keep going until it’s done. I’ll be glad to have a new sweater waiting for me for next fall.


4. The new spring/summer issue of Twist Collective went live last week, and it is just delightful, and I even have a sweater pattern in the issue – Brightwood is a comfy spring cardigan (OR pullover!) for your classic knitted wardrobe additions.


5. Now that it’s spring I’m finally allowing myself to think thoughts about lacy things, which is such a refreshing change of pace from winter I can’t even fully describe.

Happy Spring! Hope it’s nice weather in your neck of the woods.



  1. Brightwood is beautiful!

  2. Caitlyn M. · ·

    Given that you have such a large and varied stash, how do you choose a yarn for a new design? Do you tend to pick a yarn from stash and design a pattern to showcase it, or imagine the finished sweater and choose a yarn with the right properties? And how do you choose a color for a sample? Do things like season and photograph-ability come into play, or do you simply pick something that feels good to look at while you’re knitting it?

  3. twistedsticks · ·

    I love the green cardigan. How beautifiul! May have to give that one a go!!

  4. Ooh, Brightwood is gorgeous!!

  5. Brightwood is beautiful.

  6. I just want you to know that someday almost my entire sweater wardrobe is going to consist of your designs. 😉 Beautiful sweater — I’m going to need to go check out the latest Twist Collective now!

  7. […] at: 1. This weekend I finished a pair of socks. They were a pair of Jaywalkers I started last summer […]

  8. Pretty socks! I think I met you at that first Sock Summit…

  9. Brightwood is just beautiful. Perfect for spring.

  10. Oh those socks are lovely! Jaywalker is such a great pattern – simple but still effective 🙂

  11. nusseym · ·

    Looooooooooove the green sweater! The time of lacey and light things is coming up!

  12. As always, your socks turned out lovely!

    Can’t wait to see your finished Lempicka, that pattern is incredible and you always do such a lovely job with sweaters.

    And your Brightwood, wow, it looks gorgeous!

  13. Spring finally arriving is making me think of lace too. 🙂

  14. Brightwood is a beauty! Not surprised, though, since I love everything you design.

  15. I started a pair of jaywalkers a few years ago, and have about 1.25 socks finished so far. I really need to concentrate on this project so I can actually wear them!

  16. Brightwood is lovely. Onto my favourites listing.

    I hiked the Bruce in the Hamilton area this weekend, and when I saw a zigzag waterfall, I thought of you – this is a motif that looks like a it could be on a Glenna sweater. Then I spotted some Dutchman’s breeches flowers, and thought, Glenna could turn that shape into a lovely cable!
    Go for it! Bruce, the Iroquoia Cardigan, or Bruce, the Cardigan, Iroquoia edition – see already named.

  17. […] still waiting. (So that’s where all my sets of 2.5mm double-pointed needles went.) I finished one of them, then cast on a new pair of Jaywalkers […]

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