Pi Shawls R Us

We have probably most likely been experiencing spring over the past few weeks. This should be both a) unremarkable and b) more certainly stated, but winter just kicked the snot out of us this year and I’m pretty sure most people in southern Ontario still have one eye on the winter coat, just in case. (Constant vigilance.) It’s that in-between time when daytime temps are well above freezing and the daylight hours are longer, and it’s not quite warm enough for tee shirts and sandals but it’s probably too warm to get away with a wool sweater, so…that’s spring, right?

My commuter schedule has me dashing out of the house just after dawn, and returning in the evenings a little after most normal people have probably already eaten dinner, and those are the chilliest times of the day. And lo, I discovered this is the true destiny of my Pi Shawl.

Pi Shawl in action

I’ve had my Malabrigo Pi Shawl with me most days for the past few weeks, and it’s great. If you need more coverage on a chilly train you can drape it more widely around your shoulders, and for bustling around town it bundles up great around your neck. Breeze be gone! (And if I may say, having taken a few terrible selfies lately, that a good selfie is a lot harder than it looks. Dangit if the internet isn’t probably flooded with way too many of them, but maybe it’s because it takes stupid amounts of practice.)

Pi Shawl

It was only a matter of time, then, before I remembered the Pi Shawl that’s still on my needles, and has been since last September. It’s been such good company for movie theatre knitting, but I think it’s time it saw some real action on the final third of the knitting. There’s something to be said for the round-and-around knitting action – repetitive though it may be, it’s also reassuring in its own way. I’m still deciding what projects to move forward with in the next couple of months, so I might as well get a few more rounds in on this while I decide. The Pi Shawl is just darned helpful that way.


Happy Wednesday!


Pattern: Pi Shawl (July shawl), directions in Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, in ‘ivy’ (completed) and ‘eggplant’ (in progress)




  1. Bonita Pate Davis · ·

    What a difference latitude makes.Down in Kentucky on the Ohio River and 83 degrees. I’m thinking tank tops and Tee’s

    Bonnie D

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess · ·

    I love the shawl. I found one flower trying to break through the found yesterday. That is a great sign that the ground is thawing.

  3. Lovely post today and even lovelier selfie! Awesome sauce!

  4. Claudia · ·

    So with you on the weather…here in North Iowa we’ve been waiting for the warmer temps to go without a jacket…today was the day! Lovely shawls. Can’t wait to see what you’ll next have on the needles.

  5. I’ve always sortof wondered about the purpose of a pi shawl. However, making a giant warm nest for your head seems like a pretty good use to me 😛

  6. Maybe I need to make one of those. Even easy repetitive knitting is tripping me up these days!

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  8. Michelle · ·

    You and your pi shawl look great! Think of me suffering in Texas when we experience our “winter” stuck inside when it’s 100 outside. I hate summer and I love sweaters, scarves, shawls…and the days I can wear them:)

  9. I’m amazed how something so huge looks so compact around your neck. I’ve never considered making a shawl, wondering how practical it would be to wear without looking like your granny but you have completely changed my mind. I’ve always loved the malabrigo yarns so I’m off to seek out the pattern.

  10. Looking good!

  11. Gayle · ·

    Here you are with your Pi Shawl again and I needed to be reminded how lovely it is and what an excellent project it is for the overstressed times when anything with the least bit of complication is just too much.
    Whatever happened to the leisure we were supposed to have in this century?

  12. Ooh, so pretty! Now I want to start one. : )

    Hooray for spring. It finally feels real — winter was LONG here in Chicago, too.

  13. Linda A. · ·

    A purple Pi – pretty cool. That’s your second one, right? It is rather amazing, considering its width, that it will scrunch up so nicely around your neck.
    Curious if all that movie knitting doesn’t result in a mistake occasionally. The thought of ripping back in a project that size seems daunting. But, I do understand how comforting it is to have something on the needles that’s easy to do while thinking of other things.
    I just might take the plunge into the land of Pi.
    Great post, Glenna.

  14. I’ve always wanted to knit one of these! Yours is beautiful, now off to the stash!

  15. Your shawl is beautiful! I have never knit a pi shawl but now I’m really inspired to knit one. Would be nice on a cold train.

  16. What a gorgeous shawl! It’s not the right weather for one here in Southern California, but I’m inspired to make one for the office (where I sit directly under the air conditioning vent).

  17. I’ve avoided the Pi Shawl up ’til now, because it’s always seemed so voluminous for a person of my small stature. Now you’re making me think how perfect one would be made from my own handspun.

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  19. I don’t even try to take knitting selfies anymore, unless they’re for Ravelry. I tell you, they just don’t turn out! How long did it take you to come up with the first shawl (minus the breaks to work on other things, of course)?

  20. Lovely post and a gorgeous shawl!

  21. I’ve always wanted to make a Pi shawl. Now, I REALLY want to do it! This is beautiful.

  22. Just a quick question. How many balls (or yards) of wool would I need to make this pattern? Thanks.

  23. quilltyknitwit · ·

    Lovely color with your purple jacket! I might have to make one now that I know they’re so versatile.

  24. I totally agree…Pi shawls are so relaxing to knit.

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