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Knitted-on edgings

My Pi Shawl is turning a corner into the “almost done” territory – the really for real almost done kind of almost done. I’m on the knitted-on garter stitch border, which is one of the border options that Elizabeth Zimmerman suggests in the pattern instructions. There are a couple of other more lacy options, and […]

Sometimes it really does happen

In one of her books on knitting, the Yarn Harlot writes about the various knitting afflictions that can happen from time to time – Second Sock Syndrome, for one. Start-itis is probably the most common, and I know I certainly suffer from that a couple of times a year pretty reliably. (Notably: as soon as […]

Can’t stop won’t stop

I have reached some unexpected plane of knitterly existence where the idea of simply knitting up sock yarn from my stash has become eminently pleasing to me. I don’t expect it to last forever, and I must admit this isn’t a frequent sort of experience for me (I do so often lust after new projects […]

This time last week

This time last week I was in the middle of the longest day ever stuck at Dulles airport with a flight that was cancelled, rescheduled, delayed and then more delated. Which (surprise!) is pretty much the worst way ever to start out your week. But, the weekend trip that preceded the airport crud-fest was the […]

The system works

I’ve been merrily knitting along on my portable sock projects lately (so merrily that I took my ‘handbag’ sock project out of the handbag yesterday to knit on them at home, and then forgot about them and had no commuter knitting this morning, whoops), not entirely to the exclusion of other projects but pretty significantly. […]