Can’t stop won’t stop

I have reached some unexpected plane of knitterly existence where the idea of simply knitting up sock yarn from my stash has become eminently pleasing to me. I don’t expect it to last forever, and I must admit this isn’t a frequent sort of experience for me (I do so often lust after new projects that I haven’t purchased yarn for yet), but while I’m here I’m going to embrace it.

Ms Larock Ribbed Sock

These ribbed socks, picked up from a partially-complete (meaning: barely started and then forgotten) project from a while ago, came off the needles a week ago and are now happily resting in the sock drawer waiting for fall. They lasted long enough as a handbag project to come along with me to at least a couple of flicks – I think that little ‘oopsie’ row there happened during X-Men. (I like it when my mistakes provide a historical record of my movie-going habits. I can tell you exactly which socks I was knitting during ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Hobbit, Part 1 of 10 Zillion’, good times.)

Ribbed Sock Ms LaRock

I let no dust gather on my 2.5mm needles and reached for the last set of Lorna’s Laces sock that I’ve had stashed since the 2009 Sock Summit. I bought a lot of yarn at that marketplace, but have always had a soft spot for the special release of Lorna’s Laces colours that I purchased there. The vampire tea party socks met their completion earlier this spring so it was time to complete the set and reach for the lovely ‘ghoul’s gala’ green colourway I bought alongside it. It has not disappointed.


It’s so green and lovely and spring-like, and actually quite a subtle vareigated colourway for all the different shades of green it gets in there. Apparently this one was brought back from limited release land and is now a regular colourway in their line, called ‘ascot’. Green jaywalkers for all, I say!


Of course, because I am me, I am also taking the opportunity of knitting on the 4th pair of from-stash socks in a row to think “hey, maybe I need to replenish some of that. I should buy more sock yarn to make up for the deficit, right?” (spoiler alert, if anyone were to accuse me of not having enough sock yarn left in the stash, um, I might also have a bridge to sell you.) So that’s probably a sign that my from-stash sock knitting jag is probably coming to a swift end. Better knit quickly.

Logic, what logic? I’m going to go browse sock yarn colours online.

Have an awesome weekend knitter friends!


Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock (by me)
Yarn: Socks That Rock lightweight from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, ‘Ms Larock’ colourway
Needles: 2.5mm double-pointed needles (plastic-coated metal, probably Unique brand from several years ago!).

Pattern: Jaywalkers (Ravelry link), pattern by Grumperina originally featured on Magknits, now free on Ravelry
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in ‘ghoul’s gala’ colourway, now re-released as ‘ascot




  1. According to the Knitmore girls, sock yarn does not count towards the yarn stash. Thus – Happy Sock Yarn Shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very nice socks. I just love the way socks that rock looks knitted up; I haven’t tried it before but might just have to get myself a skein. I’ve been feeling this way about knitting socks lately too. I’m knitting on a deadline right now on a decidedly non-sock project and it’s killing me. I see many pairs in my near future after this!

  3. I can knit backwards and forwards in various different patterns but I still can’t do socks, I can’t figure out how to split them over multiple needles or how to get them into a circle on circular needles. Any tips?

  4. Barb R. · ·

    I am on a sock tear also! I think it is because I just KNOW it is going to be very cold and snowy again this winter and I just can’t stand the thought of being unprepared. I have a sweater (my first one) finished…and to me that is a real miracle and I have a wool hat finished. It just needs seaming and I am already looking at mitts! I feel that cold in my bones from this last winter and when I feel that way…HERE COMES THE SNOW!
    Barb From NE USA

  5. Jennifer · ·

    Buying sock yarn is only outdone by knitting sock yarn. I will not run out of yarn – ever.

  6. […] at: I have reached some unexpected plane of knitterly existence where the idea of simply knitting up […]

  7. I think the only yarn that counts as yarn stash is the yarn that’s been knitted up (and stashed for winter or gifting) 🙂 ~ Linne

  8. Ive only ever knitted 2 pairs of socks. One pair was in an 8ply (DK) and the other was in a 4 ply, which I think is what is considered a sock weight yarn. It took so loooong, I havent been excited enough to go back and do another pair. But wow, your socks and some others Ive seen around.. I think Im starting to be convinced! That blue and green, gorgeous!

  9. That’s so funny about which socks were made at which movie! All are lovely! Thanks for a fun post!


  10. I always have socks for a take along project as well, and always make sure that I have something at the “movie ready” stage so I can just grab it and not have to worry if I’m close to the heel. I still can’t do increases in the dark reliably 🙂

  11. ginaquilts · ·

    I’ve been on a sock knitting binge too and was thinking I needed to replenish too! 🙂 your socks look great!

  12. Is it the weather? Add me to the list of people in a crazy sock knitting mood. I don’t even have another project going at the moment – just socks.

  13. Those socks are awesome! 🙂
    I am a usually hardcore sock knitter, but alas, I only have 1 pair on the go right now!

  14. Linda A. · ·

    So what’s the deal about socks? I’ve knitted one pair (and took a class to learn) but still haven’t worn them because I need to go back and make the cuff bind-off bigger/looser. I started another pair (hmmm… 4 years ago?) but there they sit. Maybe I’m less motivated because I don’t live in a cold climate but I do enjoy walking around the house in socks.

    I can see the value of having an easy-to-transport project. Is that the real draw to the sock popularity?

    Please enlighten me. I imagine there’s lessons to be learned in socks (all the talk I hear about turning heels and such).

    One of these days, I may jump on board . . . In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy your posts, Glenna! They’re always interesting.

  15. That STR colourway is so great.

    I’ve also been on a knitting-socks-from-stash kick and I’m going to see if I can make it through the summer before I buy any more sock yarn. That strikes me has highly improbably, but so far I’ve been able to tamp down the urge to replace what I’ve knit up, so who knows!

  16. Socks Rule!

  17. I am currently lusting after the Regia Fluormania sock yarn colors. All of them. I’m trying to convince myself that it would be MUCH better to knit some space into my stash bin before buying..

  18. Given the size of the blanket I’m working on I always look at socks and think why not knit that because it would fit in your handbag – I love the top pair of socks the yarn,, the pattern, everything, they look great!

  19. Loving your socks!!! Working on a pair of socks myself, just hit the foot stage of rounds and rounds of knitting which is perfect for craft day on Friday. I can still knit and not have to worry abt a pattern.

  20. Beautiful pattern…

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