Eye on the stash

Lately I’ve been enjoying pulling more yarn from the stash, especially as I work on this stockinette sweater project – it’s a cardigan and apullover…and oh heck, I might as well do a second pullover in a different yarn, just for fun. And while I’m at it probably a second cardigan, since the first cardigan might feel lonely.


Stockinette projects move so much faster (I do not know why I’ve neglected them, I need more of them in my life clearly) than my more typical cables-all-the-time approach to knitting life. I caught myself thinking the other day that I could just cast on that second cardigan this weekend, even though I’m only halfway through the current pullover, and then the immediate “oh Glenna don’t be ridiculous” reflex kicked in.

But then I realized that, wait, this is stockinette, and I have a holiday weekend coming up with lots of knitting time planned, and if I play my train commuter time right this week all that adds up to higher probability of actually getting a new cast on item.

Eye on the stash

So in that case, the dark blue Cascade 220 I pulled off the shelf last week may not have been so naievely selected after all. (And okay, some Koigu sock yarn in there too, because that’s only reasonable).

Already can’t wait for my weekend of knitting. Stash-busting ahoy!

Happy Wednesday, knitter friends!



Pattern: Personal cardigan pattern, completion/release TBD
Yarn: Cascade 220 heathers, ‘summer sky heather’ #9452



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  2. Linda W. · ·

    It’s funny, but I almost never work on more than one project at a time. If I do, it’s usually because I’ve had a fight with the first one and need some time alone to assess our relationship. 😉

    That said, I hope your timing is spot on and you get to enjoy maximum knitting this weekend! My LYS is throwing a “fire shower” Friday for an employee who lost her home in a wildfire this spring, so I am looking forward to great food, lively conversation, and beautiful yarn — a trifecta of knitterly joys.

  3. Deb Witte · ·

    Been getting yarn into my quilting and fabric into my knitting… PS; Holiday in August ? I’m in Tacoma, I guess we just don’t know about this one yet…

  4. Can’t wait to see these sweaters finished!

  5. Caitlyn M. · ·

    I’m staring down a deadline at work, but I know that in 9 days I’m going on vacation, which is going to involve 6 hours total on a plane (there and back) plus at least 5 hours of car travel time between various activities (spread over a week), so I’m definitely looking forward to loading up on yarn from stash and starting a project or two. Project monogamy be dashed, I only get this much time off once or twice a year and I’m going to make the most of it!

  6. Linda A · ·

    I love that dark blue! I think I’m ready for some stockinette – good right brain time. Cascade 220 knits up nicely, too, so you can ‘zone’ without much worry. Have fun!
    (I’ve got two projects on the needles, one sitting waiting to be seamed. Oh yes, and then there’s that UFO shawl I’ll get back to eventually. But there’s another one I’ll start first. “Project bounce” works for me!)

  7. I’m starting to think stockinette is the way to go at times. My cable projects take forever! 🙂

  8. you are reminding me that I have some nice dark blue waiting to be a cardigan… where is it, now?

  9. I’m almost convinced to start up a stockinette project, but I’m afraid if I lay my cabled projects aside, I’ll lose the plot.

  10. Love it that you have a stash of yarns too! My garage is full of it which I’m slowly working through. Just need more patterns now to suit! My husband won’t be impressed 😦

  11. Ahoy there, fellow stash-buster!

  12. CityofLeedsRose · ·

    Reblogged this on cityofleedsrose and commented:
    Always good to have a rummage through the stash 🙂

  13. I love largely-stockinette sweaters because you’re right, they *do* knit up much faster, but I also love them because they just seem to flatter me more. It’s no wonder I’ve made so many over the years…

  14. Love all those pretty colors! That’s one of my favorite shades of Cascade 200, btw.

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