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Now that my summer knitting is done and dusted and I’ve finished just as many Cannon St. cardi samples for myself as I want, I’m moving on full speed ahead to new projects. Rhinebeck’s coming up in just a startling 4.5 weeks, and I need at least 1 finished sweater to wear while I’m there. I did get quite a bit of swatching in over the last month as I try out some new-to-me yarns.


This enormous grey swatch is some Imperial Columbia, which I bought as a birthday present to myself mid-summer from my local Hamilton shop. It’s a wooly 2-ply Aran weight, which means it knits up a little bit thicker than worsted weight, and is extremely delightful for cold weather knitting. I am, unsurprisingly, throwing some cables on there and working on a new design that I can wear around at Rhinebeck if not soon after.


While I don’t put down my knitting during the summer, it’s true that I often put away the heavy cabled things for a bit around that time of year. It’s nice to shine some attention to socks and lighter projects, and then I remember that cabled sweaters are still there, and my hands get all over-ambitious and before you know it I’m planning five more sweaters ahead.


The first one of the season is always exciting, though, can’t pretend otherwise. Looking forward to seeing this one take shape and have it ready for the cold months coming our way once again!

Happy knitting this week, knitter friends!




  1. You must have the most spectacular looking closet. Over the years I’ve seen some really great stuff on this blog and I just imagine how great it must all look next to each other (at the very least you have to have more than one sweater drawer!) I’m working on my own collection of sweaters…gettin up there myself. You can never have too many sweaters when it gets chilly. Especially with the price of heating the house these days! More power to ya sistah! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. The beginning peek there looks divine!

  2. Beautiful

  3. Which pattern is the cabled sweater at the end of this post!?!? It’s GORGEOUS!

  4. Thanks Lindsay! It’s one I’m working on right now – Can’t wait til it’s finished 😉

  5. I’m waffling on whether or not to do a Rhinebeck sweater.. Can’t decide, but after reading your post I want one!

  6. Yes, by the glimpse of this new cabled project, it looks like it will be beautiful, Glenna. Your enthusiasm for cold-weather knitting (which I get this time of year, as well) cracks me up though. Need I remind you of all the complaining you were doing about your last “never ending” winter?

    Guess early winter beckons us to knit something cozy but that doesn’t mean we have to like that time of year if it goes on forever. I mean, just how many wooly winter sweaters can one have? Maybe winter is really a way to keep the dormant days at bay while we keep busy building our knitting knowledge bank.
    Looking forward to seeing this completed pretty sweater!

  7. twistedsticks · ·

    Your work is so beautiful. I love the grey cables! I finally designed something for the first time. Just a headband but hey it is a start!

    A Question off topic. When I do Kitchener stitch on socks how do I get rid of that last loop that always seems to be hanging over? Is there a technique to get rid of this loop?

  8. See you at Rhinebeck!
    I’m attempting to get a “few” things done for the big event. 😉
    Your knitting, as always, is inspirational. Enjoy.

  9. I love your work! The yarns are beautiful!
    I love knitting and hope that I can always do it as it brings peace and serenity into my life. That’s why I knit daily as much as I can.

    Knitter hugs,
    Karen L.

  10. Classic grey cables.. how lovely

  11. I don’t know why my blog doesn’t show up in my comments. It is Welcome!!

  12. I love the cables. Your work is so inspirational.

  13. Your knitting is beautiful!!! I put all my projects in clear bags with the right sized needles and instruction all lined up next to my evening chair, ready to go. Love your blog and projects, agreed your work is inspirational. My “Knitting” pinterest file is so full of projects, there is always something wonderful only a ball of yarn away.

  14. Your knitting compulsions sound a lot like mine!

  15. Cables in grey yarn – love love love!

  16. Wow, that’s going to be a gorgeous sweater!

  17. Ooh I love the look of all those cables on the grey! Definitely looking forward to seeing the finished piece 😀

  18. Love that yarn! Nothing so interesting in my local shops, unfortunately. But as you point out, Rhinebeck is coming up, and I’m sure to find something wonderful there.

  19. I’m still yarn dieting, and don’t have enough for sweaters unless I get *really* creative. It’s cowls and legwarmers for me!

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