That Time of Year (and a book giveaway)

All signs are definitely pointing to fall around here – and not just signs of the pumpkin spiced consumer goods variety, or the sudden heaps of pumpkins and decorative gourds at the grocery store. Signs like, all of a sudden I can’t imagine not putting on socks, and I added another blanket layer to the bed. As I’m closing in on finishing my Rhinebeck sweater(s) to wear just 9 days from now, I’ve been a bit vague on what project(s) I’ll start next, but this morning I rifled through the knitted accessories basket, I realized that I am an idiot if I’m not putting more mitts and socks on the short list. It’s accessories time.

Diverting Socks 1

It’s almost a relief that handknitted things don’t last forever – one glove from a pair goes missing, socks develop holes after enough wear and tear, or something shrinkable goes into the washing machine by mistake and emerges in doll-size rather than adult-human-size. Because then, you get to knit more stuff. Man, I have a yarn stash and I’m not afraid to use it, and when I discovered some now-defective pairs of socks in the drawer this week, I shed no tears when I said goodbye to them. I will make more of these suckers and I will wear them into the ground and then I will make more again, because I can. (Insert mad-villain cackling here).

Diverting Socks 2

These socks pictured here are not new exactly, because I knitted them about a year ago. But they are new to my sock drawer because I knitted them for a design published in a book, and they were returned to me a couple of months ago. I have wasted no time putting them into service. These are my Diverting Socks (Ravelry link), knitted up in Dream in Color Everlasting Sock (which is delightful), published in the new book 3 Skeins or Less.

Cables are my absolute favourite thing to knit, and I find them extremely satisfying even on small stitches for socks. Sort of like saying to the world, “why yes, my feet are important enough for cabled socks not just plain ones, why would you ask?” Plus, they look neat. I’m really pleased with the cables and ribbing combo I used on these, and I won’t lie that I’ve considered doing another pair in another colour.

3 Skeins Or Less is Β an entire book of accessory patterns, from hats to mitts to socks, and the nice folks at Interweave have sent me an extra copy to give to one of you fine readers. (Fringe benefits of having a design in a book, passed on to you! Huzzah I say.) You can also browse the patterns available in the book by looking at the listings on Ravelry, or at the Interweave website.

3 Skeins or Less - jacket art

If you’d like to be entered into a draw to win a copy of this book, just leave a comment here telling me what kind of accessory you’re looking forward to making next! I’ll draw a winner some time after 12 noon (EST) on Monday.

Happy knitting this weekend dear blog friends – and Happy Thanksgiving to those of you sharing the holiday up here in Canada! I hope you have both knitting and pie to relax with. Catch you back here next week!


Pattern: Diverting Socks, from 3 Skeins or Less
Yarn: Dream in Color Everlasting Sock, in ‘chili’




  1. Sam Varty · ·

    Lots of hats!

  2. Definitely a hap out of a crisp lace-weight Shetland!

  3. I’m so glad that it is sock knitting season. They’re my favorite accessory to knit!

  4. I’m just finishing up a scarf. Next will either be socks or hats for the grandbabies for Christmas. Must check the stash.

  5. Gina Zahra · ·

    I am about to start a mkal that involves fingerless mitts and a cowl so I guess that’s what I am looking forward to.

    BTW – it was nice to chat with you at the Kitchener knit show recently πŸ™‚ I am the crazy lady that was talking with you instead of paying attention to my daughter on the Chiropractic table πŸ˜€ Priorities, man!!

  6. I am looking forward to making mittens and the ones of the cover of Three Skeins speak to me very loudly that they must be knit in time for cold weather in Ontario.

  7. nushie01079 · ·

    Definitely socks! Can’t have enough pairs, especially in New England during the winter months.

  8. Hats! Always hats.
    I’m loving those socks, though…

  9. Getting ready to work on a scarf!

  10. Kathleen · ·

    I’m knitting a cowl-mitts set and hat-mitts set for a Christmas gift. And of course, socks; always socks. I love that burnt orange cabled pair you show today. Beautiful!

  11. I always have a pair of socks on my needles (aren’t they just the most perfect portable knitting project?!), but as the temps around here have begun to drop, I’ve had such a craving to knit a cozy cowl to wrap around my neck. As long as my neck is warm, I can delay heavy outerwear for a wee bit longer!

  12. I love knitting scarves, shawls and cowls! Thanks for the chance to win…and Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Meredith · ·

    Well, since I have 2 grandsons under 5 and we live in Alaska…mittens, mittens, mittens and some hats.

  14. Hats, scarves and mitts for Christmas giving. Perfect book for my plan.

  15. knee socks…it’s definitely knee socks time!

  16. Vasiliki · ·

    I’m working on some mittens right now and then some more socks!

  17. I currently have a scarf and one of a pair of socks on needles. Hope to finish those up soon then start on more socks. Love these!

  18. A warm cushy cowl.

  19. Caitlyn M. · ·

    I’m always cold but dislike small-circumference knitting, so anything that goes ’round the neck is a winner in my book: scarves, shawls, cowls, and any mash-up thereof. I’ve got several full skeins waiting for me to finish my current cardigan project, plus many partial skeins begging to become a scrappy, stripey (or spotty), neck-warming something. Thanks for the chance to win this book, and congratulations on being an included designer!

  20. Catherine Hastings · ·

    If you want to get ahead wear a hat. So hat it will be. Catherine.h

  21. jspoxson · ·

    I’m working on filling up my sock drawer, so socks are always on the list. But I’m in Michigan, so a new hat and mittens will be on the top of my list soon.

  22. I really need to make a pair of mitts, but I’ll probably make a hat for a gift. i love to make hats. πŸ˜€

  23. Working on some baby hats!

  24. Carol Arsenault · ·

    I definitely need a hat for our cold Canadian winters. Since I walk to work it’s even more important for practical reasons. Can’t wait to have a closer look at this book – I’m thinking the Jujube hat or Little Vine beret would work perfectly.

  25. Socks – always socks this time of year.

  26. I will definitely be making more socks! I have some larger-than-normal holes in a few pairs because of a moth problem.

  27. Have 2 pair of socks on my needles now, hats are next on the list!

  28. Socks and more socks! My first sweater was a cable sweater, love those cables!

  29. I’ve never knit socks, other than teeny tiny baby socks – I think they tend to intimidate me. But as my feet are FREEZING at the moment, trying my hand at knitting socks sounds like an amazing idea.

  30. I’m looking for a good glove pattern but I might also try doing socks. I have never actually finished a pair of socks…

  31. Maggie B. · ·

    I’ve been working on a blanket, mostly just nights and weekends, for almost two months, and I am so ready for accessories! Definitely a hat in the works, for my mom, maybe my first pair of gloves, too.

  32. I’m currently knitting a large, chunky cowl that will be a Christmas gift. Next up is definitely some mittens – have to keep the fingers warm up here in Northern Ontario!
    Looking forward to browsing the patterns more πŸ™‚

  33. A new hat!

  34. leanne welch · ·

    I am going to have to say mittens. I am making a pair for a friends daughter and they are so fun..except for that thumb! I LOVE your socks. I have never tried cables on socks before ,they look awesome

  35. Cowl!!

  36. Mittens, I have a pattern in my head just waiting for some knitting time, plus I did plan to knit a pair of gloves this year.

  37. I’ve been knitting lots of socks this year, and plan to keep on doing that for a few more months, with some hats and shawls thrown in the mix. I like to wear lots of layers in the fall.. and winter… and spring. πŸ™‚

  38. Socks!

  39. I have three pairs of socks on the needles and all are almost finished – next up are more socks (I will also be knitting more socks!), and a pair of mittens.

  40. Dawn'l Burns · ·

    Wrapping up cowls for my sisters who have just discovered that they really do like my hand knitted items (after their first visit to a very well-stocked yarn store), then more socks for me.

  41. Sarah M. · ·

    Well, I just finished a hat and mittens, so I’m definitely ready for some more socks. Especially since today is the first day I wore socks to work – it’s definitely fall!

  42. Marcelle · ·

    doing chemo at the moment and one of the side effect is a big sensitivity to cold. I live in Quebec so there is no way out. Mitts, hats, socks & scarves are be on my list of projects

  43. I just cast on 3 pair of toe up socks on one 60 inch circular….saw it on Ravelry and just had to try it. I need 3 pairs to gift for Christmas and this way they will be done all at the same time. I’m looking forward to the challenge. Love, love, love to knit socks πŸ™‚

  44. Socks with matching headbands! Those two are the perfect gift combination for fall birthdays and Christmas presents!

  45. I’m working on a shawl now and I think it is going to require matching mittens.

  46. I’ve already got two pairs of socks on the needles, but it looks like I’ll be putting them both down in favor of these! Wow- they are gorgeous and the cables look amazing!

  47. emcknits · ·

    I need a new scarf or cowl this year so that will be next.

  48. A hat is next!

  49. Kristina · ·

    I’ve just tried mittens for the first time and love it! Next on my list is a pair of lined ones.

  50. I am anxious to start knitting my first pair of socks as soon as I finish my staircase scarf.

  51. I am planning to make a hat for a friend. Her birthday was in September and her gift is always a bit late (but made with LOVE).

  52. I’m working on an infinity scarf and would like to makes mittens next!

  53. knitiotsavant · ·

    I lost one of my fingerless gloves from last year and I’m really missing it today! Unfortunately, I have to finish a pair that is promised to a friend this weekend… so hopefully I’ll be able to get started on it this holiday Monday!

  54. As soon as I finish the sweater on the needles, I am looking forward to casting on some socks. The patterns I want to do are stacking up. Must knit faster!

  55. First off, those socks are beautiful!!!!! The colour, the cables! I cast off my second Colour Affection last night, and have to sew in my ends, but after that, I have 2 rows started on the cuff of a pair of socks that I can’t wait to get knitting… and seeing as they are only two rows in, that funky pink yarn could totally get turned into pretty cabled socks πŸ™‚
    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Glenna! And enjoy Rhinebeck! (someday I will make it down there)

  56. Julia Wilson · ·

    Socks! Here in Nebraska I live in my wool socks once it gets cold. Never enough to have and give away.

  57. Normally I am an avid sock knitter, but that Little Vine Hat is calling my name.

  58. I love cables too. I’ve really got to finish my 20+ years on the needles (life got in the way) aran cardigan and pray it still will fit.

  59. I love the pattern and color of those socks! I haven’t progressed to socks yet but I’ll get there eventually. They are beautiful!

    I am looking forward to doing a pair of flip top mitts for myself. I have wanted a pair forever!

  60. I need a new pair of mittens more than anything else. That’s not going to stop me from making more socks and hats, though… πŸ˜‰

  61. Debbie (in Winnipeg) · ·

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you from friendly Manitoba!
    I am getting ready to knit a shawl that I found a sample of at my LYS called “Divergence” (available on Ravelry) that (unlike my usual fingering weight shawls) is made with chunky wool and should be really warm.

  62. Jeanette · ·

    My next project is a pair of stranded mittens. I learned this new skill from you on Saturday. πŸ™‚ And after those mittens I want to try a stranded cowl for my daughter with little Westie dogs on it. Too ambitious? Hope not.. lol

  63. Slouch hats with my handspun. Can’t wait.

  64. I love making socks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Fingerless mitts & cowls! I might be a bit obsessed…..but really, that isn’t such a bad thing is it?! πŸ™‚

  66. Always socks πŸ™‚

  67. hawknitr13 · ·

    I haven’t made any socks for several years…need to add to my sock drawer!

  68. I need to make some more fingerless mitts and a pair of gloves for gifts.

  69. I’m all about the hats and cowls right now!

  70. I am always looking forward to making socks, socks, and more socks. And to wearing them at this time of year.

  71. kelliinkc · ·

    I am a cowl and mitten person so one of those will be next on the needles.

  72. I love making socks too and I have a cowl on my needles presently, but my NEXT project is a hat!

  73. I love making hats but I’ve really got to get to work on my lacy leafy scarf πŸ™‚

  74. I’m thinking I need to start a hat next. Have tons of socks in the needles already, but those don’t count, right?

  75. strickmaedchen · ·

    I will knit a cowl. I definitely need more cowls in my drawer!

  76. I am looking forward to making some delightful finger less gloves! I can’t wait till it is cool enough to wear them, too!

  77. Cowl or socks…cowl or socks…so hard to decide!

  78. Judith Whitelock · ·

    A cowl is next on my list after finishing the socks otn now.

  79. Jamie Wilcox · ·

    I am looking forward to knitting myself a shawl!

  80. Oooh those are amazing socks! I have been known to be a hand-knitted sock afficionado but haven’t made a pair in so long, so I plan to make a nice pair of socks next. After I finished two test knits and a long standing shawl in-progress.

  81. I’m excited to cast on a pair of beautiful leg warmers for a friend (Sweet Georgia worsted in Cherry, so great for this time of year). My first in-the-round project was a pair of purple leg warmers which I gifted to her several years ago. She loves them so much and has worn them out! It’s so wonderful when you knit something for someone and they love it and wear it πŸ™‚

  82. Marie β™₯ · ·

    Apparently by grandson needs hats so yarn was just acquired in colours to match his new coat. Now should he be a dinosaur or an owl or a hippo?

  83. Janefrogged · ·

    A friend’s husband gave me a hank of his handspun super chunky bfl, so I see a cowl in my future!

  84. Fingerless gloves are next on my wish list.

  85. jean trumpy · ·

    One can never have enough mittens!!

  86. Adriana van Breda · ·

    Socks, Socks Socks…by all means socks! Babies come into the world without them and those of us already here wear them out with regularity.

  87. Julia C K · ·

    I’m currently making hats, but looking forward to some mitts.

  88. I need to add a few more pairs to the sock drawer.

  89. Kelly Halley · ·

    I’ve really been looking for a classic, warm and chunky cowl.

  90. I will be making a hat next. Thanks

  91. I’m knitting cowls as Christmas gifts!

  92. Linda W. · ·

    I’m working on Christmas gifts. I just finished hats for one brother and two nephews, am working on a short scarf for my sister-in-law, and will be doing purses for my two nieces. In the home stretch!

    If I were to actually knit something for myself (smile), it would be a headband-style earwarmer. Or a shawlette. Or a cool tote bag. My stash is as big as my dreams.

  93. Stephanie · ·

    I would like to knit an infinity scarf this year as I have never made one. Socks are always on the needles, too!

  94. I love making cowls and that is going to be my next project to cast on. I’ll probably make the “A Nobel Cowl” next.

  95. Id like to try making a pair of fingerless mittens…someday.

  96. socks and mittens!!

  97. Crystal S. · ·

    I want to knit more socks!!!

  98. I like making cowls.

  99. Czajkameg · ·

    I like knitting socks. Just finished a pair and am starting another.

  100. I’m into knitting hats this fall. I’ve knit three and I’m on my fourth.

  101. I’m looking forward to making a new scarf for my dad. It’s his favorite knitted thing to wear so I want to make sure he has plenty!

  102. Rose Reichlin · ·

    I’ll be making my daughter a Honey Cowl….

  103. I tend to knit sweaters, hats and scarves….mainly because I cannot bear making things match!!! Even sleeves of my sweaters are often different! I have knit socks though and am trying to gear myself up to knit mitts…. the book would certainly provide inspiration!!! Thanks!!!

  104. I’m just finishing up my daughter’s winter set, in squishy seed stitch, yum! Next I’ll be working on my own hat and mittens. Gearing up for our first toronto winter, after 5 non-winters in the uk!

  105. I have mittens, socks and hats in the queue. Luckily almost all are in worsted weight so I have a little more than a snowball’s chance to have them ready before the real cold hits.

  106. Socks, socks, socks! And 1 baby hat for Madeline Rose.

  107. Fingerless Mitts are next on the list!

  108. Margaret M · ·

    Oh my, those socks! I’m making those socks next!

  109. I would like to knit my first pair of socks for myself……I love so many pattern/yarn combinations, but usually knit for others. These socks are GORGEOUS!!

  110. Shaunna Bryant · ·

    Mittens and cowls are the short list for gifts

  111. Pam Bill · ·

    I can’t believe it, but I actually bought (not made!) a cowl today! I definitely need more cowls!

  112. twistedsticks · ·

    I am really into those wide headbands this year. I also love fingerless gloves to knit as I don’t have to do the fingers. Cowls are fun also.

    Love the rusty orange socks!

  113. princesskawaii · ·

    So many socks. All the socks. Much socks.

  114. Judy Shuttleworth · ·

    Just finished socks and am ready to start another pair. Yours are gorgeous. I have never made a patterned pair so maybe I’ll try it this time. Would love to make some mitts too.

  115. Your diverting socks would be next for me for sure!

  116. Socks. I just had to toss a pair and now I have to decide the lucky skein that will soon be on my feet!

  117. I currently have 3 pairs of socks on the needles. Fingerless mitts are next – it’s just starting to get chilly here!

  118. eclecticitee · ·

    It’s definitely sock time!! (I just finished three cowls…)

  119. I just finished a big bulky cowl and I’m going to make “An Unoriginal Hat” (yarnharlot) with the same yarn. Great for yard duty!

  120. Jean Lofaso · ·

    Plan to knit socks . Hats, scarves and mittens are really not needed in here East Tennessee.

  121. I love your socks, and would love to knit those for myself, after I knit some socks and mitts for the grandchildren.

  122. ruthrawls · ·

    Hats! And cowls!

  123. I’m knitting hats for my granddaughters for Christmas.

  124. I need socks!

  125. I’m almost finished my second Hitchhiker and my next project will be a cabled hat.

  126. Rachel Norton · ·

    The socks in this post! The waving motion of the large cables just calls my name!

  127. Kathy Savage · ·

    I love knitting mittens. Fast, can be easy, and everyone here needs them!

  128. Socks, then a hat, then …!

  129. Rebecca B · ·

    My husband wants a hat, so that’s next on my list!

  130. Marie Claude · ·

    I am making socks and I plan to make mittens after that, I,m loking for some fun mittens pattern with fashion details but not too complicated to knit so I can relax while knitting. I look foward to take a look at the projects in this book!

  131. Jackie Korb · ·

    Oh, cowls and mitts!

  132. Just bought luscious yarn (with a bit of silk in it) to make a lacy scarf. For me, for a change.

  133. knitterbeader · ·

    I seem to be on a “small item” kick for quite a while now. That means, hats, fingerless mitts, scarves, boot tops, etc. I’m working on a pair of fingerless mitts as we speak. I would love to have this book and get some more of your luscious yarn to knit my next project.

  134. Jan Atkinson · ·

    Socks, definitely socks. And maybe mitts, a hat.

  135. I might Embark on my first socks soon! Love this design of yours btw. Cables and feet DO mix!

  136. I agree – this is the time of year for accessories! I’m focusing on socks and fingerless mitts right now. I like the idea of smaller projects that I can carry with me.

  137. Mittens for my little niece, and a hat for me, I think!

  138. Teen Knitter · ·

    A bright pink hat with a truly enormous pompom, for my baby cousin. I can see it now…

  139. Cowls. Texas is t your normal wi Ter capital of the world, but I love my cowls

  140. homesmiths · ·

    I haven’t made socks yet, so I’d absolutely love to try a (simple) pair!

  141. Always like hats but thinking of something more unusual like a balaclava.

  142. Marie Moore · ·

    I am working on a scarf for my son-in-law and then will be knitting some socks with some lovely yarn I bought this summer.

  143. Socks! Christmas gifts, if I can just keep knitting.

  144. Marilee Peterson · ·

    Fingerless mitts! Made some for my daughter for Christmas last year and had mitt envy but never got around to knitting my own.

  145. April Wilson · ·

    I’m going to start a hat in a few minutes!

  146. Socks and more socks!!!

  147. JessicaK · ·


  148. Prairiepoet · ·

    Wool socks and mittens! Winter won’t be far off here in Nebraska. Warm hands and warm feet are important.

  149. I’m super excited to make some new gloves for a family member whose just moved to Canada and has never experienced a real winter.

  150. Marianne Mahoney · ·

    Congrats on your pattern included in Tanis’ book! Looked over the patterns…fabulous !!h….2 of the cowls jumped out at me. : the Waves and Delancey

  151. I’ve been feeling shawls lately, but I think those socks are pretty fabulous!

  152. Isabel Enomura · ·

    I am dividing my knitting time between a sweater and a pair of ribbed socks.Autumn here in Portugal is not as harsh as in Canada, but it certainly feels good to wear something warm and woolen…

  153. Cowls and scarves are very satisfying, but I am tempted to start knitting socks this winter. Perhaps the book will give me the nudge i need…

  154. Tricia H · ·

    I have made it a goal for this year that I will knit Myself a pair of socks (and not let anyone appropriate them, as has happened with ALL previous socks!) I’m running out of time – but still hope to make that goal!!

  155. Kristin S · ·

    I’ve been steadily adding socks to the drawer all year – they’re my go-to travel project. But today, I cast on for my first ever thrummed mittens – polar vortex be d**ned!

  156. Melissa N. · ·


  157. Sian Sanford · ·

    I’m in the middle of my first ever sock and it’s your ‘A nice ribbed sock’, I’m also doing cable for the first time on a cardigan, the picture of your socks got me all excited but then again the saying “don’t run before you can walk” sprang to mind. Still, I can still want…and I do!

  158. Robin Franklin · ·

    Lots and lots of hats.

  159. I have 3 scarfs plannec for Christmas gifts. Just ordered some yummy yarn ready to grt my knit on.

  160. Shawls. Because I’ve never been a shawl kind of girl but am now weirdly craving designing, knitting, and wearing my own. I’ve even got the yarn and a drawing of it and the name. Shawl, here I come!

  161. A baby hat is up next for me–baby shower on the 19th!

  162. Right now I am looking forward to making the infinity scarves.

  163. Socks for sure! I’ve been making them for my mom for every gifting holiday for nearly ten years, but only last year made a pair for myself. Now I’m addicted – once I finish the ones for her birthday in a few weeks, I need to cast on my own pair.

  164. Jane Kettlewell · ·

    I’m interested in hat and mitten patterns to knit.

  165. Terri Barnes · ·

    It’s all about socks! Each year for Christmas I give my family something I have knitted. Last year was all about cowls and this year…”socks “. One extra pair for Santa waiting on the table with his cookies.

  166. Socks & hats here – lots of socks & hats

  167. Mittens galore! Regular and fingerless versions, plain and Colourwork.. There’s just something so nice about homemade mittens!

    Annette L

  168. I love making scarves and hats for holiday gifts working on scarves first.

  169. Some hats and mitts first and then, socks ,socks, socks, I love knitting socks. Thank-you for the giveaway.

  170. ooh, those socks are gorgeous! definitely going straight into my ravelry queue! I’m just about to finish the elm socks on my needles, and then I’m going to cast on a hat for my daughter to wear on school camp next week. I’m in the mood for some quick accessory projects as the two bigger projects I have on the needles at the moment are not behaving themselves! πŸ˜‰

  171. I started knitting about a year ago and am absolutely crazy about it! So far all I’ve done is scarves (i.e. “rectangles”) trying to do more advanced patterns each time. NOW, I’m just starting a nice warm hat (for the Seaman’s Institute – they need 2400 by Christmas) and will start my very first sweater the end of this month. Thrilled to finally be advancing to more challenging items

  172. Time to knit a cowl for me…and another Hitchhiker. And new hat!

  173. I always have at least one pair of socks on the needles, so likely socks. But a book with tempting accessories might inspire a hat or mitts or other type of project!

  174. Mittens, definitely mittens! Oh, but a hat too. Or maybe two.

  175. Socks, obviously!

    My favourite pair is totally shot – heels worn through, holes at the toes. Time for new ones – they yarn and needles are ready.

  176. Fran Hall Bullock · ·

    OOOOH! I think I’d knit the Diverting cables! Luuuurve those socks!


  177. Judy Cinerari · ·

    Socks, socks and more socks! You can never have enough pairs in chilly old Melbourne.

  178. Going to try socks on circs instead of dpns.

  179. Mitts for my husband because he ASKED for them. For knitwear. I can’t believe I don’t have them on the needles yet, before he changes his mind.

  180. Socks and armwarmers, primarily, but I have some hand spun that is is just begging me to be a shawl (it needs a commercial friend to go with it, even though there are two skeins and a sample), and some that wants to be some kind of scarf/shawl thing. It’s all very fuzzy there at the moment. I *may*, in fact, be spinning its companion currently. And more socks, because they are awesome to wear.

    But really, mitts. because we have reached the time of year when my hands are *always* cold, and a new job is going to expose them to frequent blasts of cold air when the door opens.

  181. Sock number to, to join it’s lonely mate from February.

  182. Pages & Cream · ·

    I need some mittens! Unfortunately, it may not happen until after my Christmas knitting is done.

  183. Some flip-top mittens to use up one ball of Rowan Kid Classic. Want to use up every last yard!

  184. I’m seeking the perfect non-hair flattening hat this year, we shall see how it goes.. Thanks!

  185. Mittens! So nice for gift giving.

  186. Definitely socks. I haven’t knitted a sock in ages. So socks, Interspresed with hats because three or four new ones just made it onto the must knit queue. or maybe a shawl? (I’ve discovered, I am old enought to legimatly wear a shawl and not look like I’m playing grandma dress ups).

  187. I want to get the courage up to try knitting a set of fingerless gloves to wear at the office while typing. And try my hand at a hat scarf combo. Beautiful sock pattern by the way. Love your blog.

  188. Fun! I have a pair of thigh-high socks that need reknitting…and a pair of regular socks that need a heel flap of the proper length…but I really, really want to knit a hat!

  189. I need to finish some gloves from last year. I am having second glove syndrome.

  190. I just made my first pair of socks ever and know I want to make mittens for my daughter!

  191. I need more socks! So I am trying to finish off my SSS issues!

  192. SuthernGirl · ·

    A hat for the hubby and then socks for me…

  193. I’ll be searching the stash for yarn to make my 9-month-old granddaughter a new winter hat to go with her purple snowsuit.

  194. I always have a pair of socks on my needles. Those cables look great and I am almost finished the pair I am working on…but I need to start knitting hats for gifts!

  195. I can’t wait to knit up a few new pairs of socks this fall. Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. Kookaburra Yarns · ·

    My next project is a Cowl:-)

  197. A cowl or a scarf will be next! πŸ™‚

  198. A hat and maybe some mitts.

  199. Hats! Mittens! More socks! Always more socks.

  200. Sarah English Perry · ·

    Dang, first you inspired me to make the Jaywalker socks and now I’m in love with your Diverting socks. Your designs are amazing and so is your blog. Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  201. Are socks an accessory? LOL But I do have a small scarf in mind tooβ€”lefty.

  202. Rachel K. · ·

    I’m looking forward to making myself a pair of midnight purple hand/wrist warmers to wear this fall and upcoming winter.

  203. Socks! Always socks!

  204. I always have socks on the needles so i dont count those. I want to make a nice comfy cowl. What an awesome book!

  205. meezermeowmy · ·

    I just purchased a new polar fleece jacket for winter (ours aren’t terribly cold in Louisiana), so a new hat and perhaps a scarf are called for.

  206. Maringouin · ·

    Next accessory is a five-way cabled shrug. I like things you can wear a lot of different ways.

  207. Socks, socks and more socks! They are just so nice and comfy in bad weather. πŸ™‚

  208. Oooh socks and pie πŸ˜ƒ. Gloves, then a scarf, then socks I think! Love your patterns.

  209. A new hat for me! It’s starting to get chilly. Brrrrrr….

  210. Hats, definitely!! πŸ™‚

  211. I think I need to make some socks to keep up with the craze of socks and heels this season.

  212. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, I’m thinking that small items are a good idea to get started with. Best not to be knitting worsted weight sweaters as we head into the summer months. I’ve got my eye on some gloves – haven’t attempted fingers in the past and I’m ready for a new challenge!

  213. More socks, always more socks!

  214. Mitts and hats….the weather has turned chilly here quite suddenly.

  215. I’m going to a knitting and stitching show in London tomorrow, and I’m hoping to find some yarn to make some socks – I’ve almost finished knitting my second pair and am keen to start on a third! Going to have my eye out for a lovely turquoise or maybe a wine colour.

  216. Definitely more socks! And a new hat for my son.

  217. Hazey reynolds · ·

    Socks! I love Diverting, cables are also my favorite thing to knit. I’m just finishing a stockingknit XL tall sweater for my husband — can’t wait to start small cabled socks!

  218. Once I’ve finished my most recent pair of socks for my dad, I’m definitely going to need to get started on some gloves before the weather takes a turn!

  219. Right now I am knitting tiny little hats for newborns at the hospital, but I’m really thinking about knitting myself a pair of fingerless mitts.

  220. Mitts – many pairs of mitts. With two labradors who love the snow, my husband and I each need multiple pairs to keep our hands warm in the winter!

  221. working on mittens and scarves

  222. Socks are what’s next on my list. I have perpetually cold feet and I found myself wearing some of my hand knit socks to bed this summer. I’m in need of some new pairs for the winter!

  223. Rachel (EmeraldR on Ravelry) · ·

    I really enjoyed recently knitting the Squall hat and mittens, so I would love to knit another pair of the mittens next, but those cabled socks are too tempting and I haven’t tried cabled socks before

  224. There’s definitely the makings of a toque with my name on it in the stash!

  225. April Jeffers · ·

    I’m tail end (pun intended) on the making of a pair of fingerless gloves with a mitten attachment to make them full. After that I have a matching scarf. Planning a northern trip over xmas and since I’m in the south gotta get some warm stuff together. πŸ™‚

  226. Harmony G. · ·

    Definitely some fingerless gloves or mittens- I’ve never done a pair before!

  227. Renee Wild · ·

    I like to knit hats, but socks are on my short list. Thanks for the giveaway
    Renee W.

  228. What a fun theme for a book!

  229. I am currently knitting hats for the family, but I am looking forward to knitting socks for me!

  230. Josiphine · ·

    Hats and gloves. I’m addicted to making hats.

  231. Mittens! Your socks are gorgeous!

  232. Mittens! I really want to make some new mittens!

  233. one of these shawls woulb be great but the next one be socks for a birthday
    I dyded some sock wool in the persons favourite colours πŸ˜‰

  234. A scarf for my dad ! I promessed him πŸ˜‰

  235. I’m making fingerless mitts and then it’s on to socks, socks, and more socks before Christmas reaches out and slams the deadline door in my face!

  236. A hat with some handspun of my own; then perhaps a cowl…and I started a pair of self striping socks using Magic Loop a while back…
    See you at Rhinebeck!

  237. I have lots of fingerless gloves to make. The book looks great!

  238. I took a fall while bike riding. I now have a fractured thumb. I am miserable because my thumb is swollen and i cannot bend it. I would just like to finish the pair of socks I have started a month ago

  239. I love making cute animal hats for my 5 grandkids. But talking myself into trying socks again. (tried once) I knit with a gal who whips them out in the most gorgeous colors.

  240. molly nichol · ·

    more socks, of course! after all, christmas is coming and EVERYONE on the list gets socks!

  241. mittens and socks are my joy to make

  242. I need a cute hat… my girls keep stealing every one I make for me!

  243. More socks….for me AND my family!

  244. I’m making my sons mittens. Last winter, after 2 weeks of below zero temperatures, they admitted the value of woolies! (They were borrowing mine!)

  245. Emily Ann · ·

    I am hoping to make a nice pair of fingerless gloves as a Christmas present for a coworker! I’ve already got the perfect yarn picked out (grey with a little bit of deep pink – very her), now I need the perfect pattern.

  246. Mary Lynn · ·

    Time to start knitting my husband’s winter hat. It has become a tradition.

  247. I have a scarf on my needles but am hoping to start a pair of socks soon.

  248. Still practising with dpns, so i’ve got a hat on the go!

  249. My next proget will be some mittens.
    The socks are beautiful. I look forward to getting the book from my local yarn store . Happy Thanksgiving .

  250. Winter is coming…. (whether I like it or not). I’ll be working on hats and mitts for the coming cold weather for my little budding family.

  251. Mittens, mittens and more mittens. My hands are always cold and I never seem to have enough. Thank you for the giveaway.

    deblyn153 on RAV

  252. Nancy Metzger · ·

    I’m new to sock knitting and am already obsessed. It’s now easy to stop in a lys while traveling and find one perfect skein.

  253. I have just mastered sock-knitting, thanks to your pattern and the lovely ladies at Needleworks in Hamilton. I am on my 2nd pair. I intend on making at least 5 pair, so I can wear my own socks nearly every day. Lois

  254. I am working a scarf, it is actually more a spring/summer scarf — oh well, I also have some socks on my do to list.

  255. my office in Chicago is freezing! need more fingerless mitts.

  256. I have yet to try socks but every time I see another beautiful pair on your website I know I need to try. So that will be my next goal/project.

  257. I’m looking forward to knitting both socks and fingerless mitts for Christmas gifts.

  258. Laura Sahlberg · ·

    Fall is for knitting socks, mittens. In Minnesota you can never have enough wram socks and mittens

  259. quilltyknitwit · ·

    A hat & cowl for me! Also thinking a scarf for daughter’s Christmas present would be great.

  260. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m in the midst of churning out mittens and scarves for a holiday pop-up shop. Chunky yarn, I loves ya! And knitting to sell/give away means I never have to stop! Yay!

  261. I can’t get enough of the mobius cowl! Is a drawer full too many?!? Nope! Cast on another!

  262. Lorraine haemel · ·

    I would love to knit one of the cowls or scarves. I’ve been enjoying a week in the Canadian Rockies and see the value in a scarf to put on when stopping to view snowy mountains, glacial waterfalls or a train spiralling through a mountain.

  263. Amazing socks! I just wish it would cool off in sunny CA!

  264. I’d knit socks like yours! I also love cabled socks, and DiC everlast is one of my favorite bases.

  265. I’m getting ready to make my first ever socks. Well, okay, not my first ever socks, obviously, but the first ever I knitted πŸ˜‰

  266. A scarf definitely, I am a new knitter…have finished a hat (not wearable), felted mittens (adorable, but maybe a tad tight)…so now, a scarf it must be!

  267. I love cowls, but this fall I think I want to tackle my first pair of socks!

  268. I’ve never made socks or mittens so I think it’s safe to safe that if I won I would make ALL THE THINGS!!!!

  269. lyndanewfangledtangle · ·

    I shall be casting on the herbivore shawl by Stephen West next. I’m allowed because I’ve finished the Curious Collective knit along shawl. I must say Huzzah is a much underrated wonderful word. Kudos for using.
    P.s. I’m in UK, happy to pay the postage if I’m lucky enough to win.

  270. caityrosey · ·

    I’m totally in the sweater zone. I’m getting ready to block my latest cabled Jared Flood sweater. Can’t wait to wear it.

  271. I love to knit socks for gifts and a few pairs for myself! hats are a close second~

  272. Lori Boland · ·

    a hat and matching cowl.

  273. I’m looking forward to making my first pair of gloves. I’ve done fingerless mitts and full mittens, so it’s time to try what I see as the next step. πŸ™‚

  274. I recently realized that my hair is at the perfect length for accessorizing with hats. I can’t wait to whip up a couple of caps and cloches!

  275. Socks socks and more socks!!

  276. Anna Flowers · ·

    Hats. My son plays soccer and has already put in his order!
    Good thing I ordered more dpns over the summer πŸ™‚

  277. Well, Socks are always on the needles for me, but real treat knitting is a fancy pair of mittens for myself. Helps beat the winter blahs!

  278. Cowls, hats and maybe my 1st pair of gloves!

  279. I have some new sock yarn I can’t wait to get started on!

  280. Louise L.S. · ·

    I am looking forward to knitting more socks.

  281. Dari Trout · ·

    I am in desperate need of replenishing my own sock drawer, so definitely a new pair of socks. But, there are always reasons for other accessories.

  282. Elise Mercier · ·

    I am looking forward to attempting my first pair of socks!

  283. Socks, socks and more socks!

  284. Lisbeth Avakian · ·

    I plan to make a shawl for cold winter nights.

  285. Lee Wells · ·

    As of today I’m planning to knit some more hats. (plans subject to change without warning, as time and yarn dictate) (grin)

  286. Hats, hats, hats! Although I do want to master socks this winter! Happy Thanksgiving!

  287. Mary Alyce · ·

    Socks and lace scarves. Also, mittens!

  288. Happy Thanksgiving from Oslo, Norway. It’s cold here as well so mittens and socks are next on my needles.

  289. Cowls! I’ve got three cowls on the horizon right now–two of which I’m kind of designing myself and one of which will be my perennial favorite, the Honey Cowl, which is flawless. I find I wear them a lot more than scarves or hats, and after fingerless mitts they’re the second most important part of my knitting wardrobe.

  290. Ummm… something from this book. Last year, I was on a mitts jag. I think this year might be the hat jag, if I can get past some UFOs.

  291. I did several pairs of socks during the summer so I’m excited to get at some hats and mitts again.

  292. I’m a mitten-aholic so…..mitts! It’s Canada and I think you can’t have too much knitted stuff.

  293. Next up on my list is socks, mittens, and more socks and mittens. The Christmas knitting projects need to get started πŸ™‚

  294. Fingerless mitts, mittens and hats are on my list to make! πŸ™‚

  295. I need to make myself a hat. I’m still on the lookout for one I will actually not hate wearing.

  296. I’m just finishing a scarf for myself then I’m going to make my son and husband hats for their Christmas stockings. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  297. I always have at least two pairs of socks on needles in various stages of completion (good “waiting room” projects!). However, lately I’ve had a craving to knit more mittens. They’re predicting a cold winter in my little corner of the world, so you can never have too many hats and mittens!

  298. Linda Bruce · ·

    296 Already? I’d like to make your “Diverting Socks”!

  299. Mittens are next on the list, followed closely by hats and a blanket.

  300. Lacy shawls, hats and socks seem to be the sum of my knitting. πŸ™‚ Working on a shawl for a friend now, planning a shawl for myself, a hat for DD#1 and socks, also for DD#1 (DD#2 just got a new pair of socks). Probably dear daughter’s shawl will have to be done first – it’s getting colder here!

  301. Sandy Henbest · ·

    I have knitted many projects over the years, but never a pair of socks. Your cabled socks are scrumptious looking, and my feet definitely deserve a blue pair.

  302. I need a cowl/infinity scarf, and some fingerless mitts!

  303. I’m on a huge cowl kick right now, but I’m also in dire need of some new socks!

  304. Deena Crossett · ·

    This year, I am addicted to knitting socks and I’m looking forward to making a lot more.

  305. A lovely cabled hat out of soft lofty merino silk blend!

  306. I’m working on 3 sets of cowls and fingerless gloves for my daughter and her 2 best friends, loving that they are pretty and quick! Thanks for the generous opportunity to win that lovely book.

  307. Really I’m a sock knitter, but just at the moment I’m knitting gloves/fingerless mittens!

  308. Those socks are so pretty and look so cozy!!
    I am in serious need of a hat – I keep knitting hats for everyone else, but not for myself!!

  309. Oh my! I knit almost only accessories…not very many sweaters. I always always have a pair of socks on the needles, and right now I have a scarf going and a complicated fair isle hat. I have a plan in place to knit a gift for everyone in my department at work this year – that will be 6 hats for men and 3 fingerless mitts for the women. So I am looking up patterns and matching up with colors to suit the personalities…nothing is finalized yet, so maybe…this book is needed! Thanks

  310. Socks have been on my list recently, but just the other day I realized that some fingerless mitts need to pop to the top of the list so my hand stay warm while knitting this fall πŸ™‚

  311. I’m looking forward to making a shawl!

  312. Now that you mention it, I want pie! But I’m looking forward to knitting some fantastic scarves.

  313. I LOVE knitting hats and mittens and scarfs. So many patterns to chiose from. I think next is mittens though. πŸ™‚

  314. Jessica G · ·

    I am looking forward to some mittens as I always seem to be caught short!

  315. Socks -enough for an entire weeks worth of hand knit socks!

  316. I have a never ending scarf n the sticks right now and some delicious sock yarn calling my name.

  317. I really would like some fingerless mitts to wear while knitting more woolens for the winter.

  318. Lovely socks! Lovely book!
    rav: princesswarrior

  319. Michelle C · ·

    I’m trying to finish some socks for my husband so I can knit some more socks for me!

  320. suzanne schulte · ·

    Socks, and more socks! I am just getting into the sock scene and wondering why it took so long….

  321. Socks for myself! I’ve knit socks before but they never end up on my feet, and goshdarnit it’s time they did!

  322. As soon as I finish the shawl I’m working on (Ashby) I’m going to crank out a couple more pairs of socks and a new cowl. A girl can’t have too many wool socks or cowls when winter hits!

  323. A new hat. It’s coming in to summer here in New Zealand so no need for a warm hat here but I’m off on an adventure to Europe in January so think I’ll definitely need a hat there!

  324. Finishing up a shawl. Next will be another pair of socks.

  325. Socks! I’ve had a few wear out past the point of repair.

  326. Socks. I definitely need more hand knitted socks.

  327. fingerless mitts are my choice for my next accessory.

  328. I’m about to cast on for a pleated hat.

  329. Amanda O'Connor · ·

    I will be making fingerless mitts and a hat. Thank you for doing giveaway:-)

  330. Mittens, mittens, mittens. It isn’t even November and my hands are cold. I would LOVE to win that book.

  331. Definitely hats! I finally got the hang of decreasing the crown correctly, and now i’m happily addicted.

  332. Sox. Definitely sox.

  333. Sue Mazzone · ·

    Knitting socks now, then on to fingerless mitts. Love your cabled socks!

  334. Im really looking forward to making myself a nice pair of mitts!

  335. Hats and fingerless mitts are on my list.

  336. janet wilhoit · ·

    Knitting beaded necklace.

  337. I really need to knit more socks. Or gloves. Or hats. I can’t make up my mind. Must. Knit. Them. All.

  338. Debra Getz · ·

    Socks always, I am obsessed with them!

  339. Socks are my favourite small project at this time of year.

  340. Startrach · ·

    Definitely socks πŸ™‚

  341. lostinkansas · ·

    just finished a beanie and have a mitten and a scarf in progress, its accessory season!

  342. I just finished a delicious pair of chunky wool socks for my husband to wear while hiking. I’m now madly knitting up hats in bulk for our local homeless shelter. The book looks wonderful!

  343. The sock in my purse is nearly done, so I’ll be starting another pair soon. Plus two wee hats for the friend who is expecting twins any day now and then a shawlette for me.

  344. Mary Beth · ·

    I’m up to my neck in Christmas knitting, but when I’m done, my sock drawer could use replenishing!

  345. I will be finishing a pair of fingerless mitts for my son, as soon as I find the second ball of wool. I will also begin a lacy scarf for my mother-in-law for Christmas.

  346. Winnie Sipprell · ·

    Working on fingerless mitts for a couple of people in my family and a lovely hat for a friend who a cancer patient. She doesn’t want to wear a wig and would like a warm hat for winter.

  347. I need fingerless mitts for my freezing cold office!

  348. I’ve got gloves on the needles right now. Once they’re finished I need a pair of mittens to layer over top. I have a feeling winter in the Yukon will be long and cold.

  349. I love shawls and cowls.

  350. A hat – maybe Brimming…

  351. I’ve been wanting to make some fingerless mitts for a while now, but been a good girl and finished some WIPs first – which I’ve finally done tonight so casting on mitts tomorrow. :0)

  352. nancy from mass · ·

    Socks, socks and more socks! and maybe the laure mittens…

  353. I’ve just moved to England, and I think some fingerless mitts are in order for the fall!

  354. After I finish the silk gift scarf and the shrug I’m making for my daughter, the accessory I’m going to work on is an orange cowl for my sister. She LOVES orange, and Cascade Yarns just came out with this beautiful silk/cotton blend called Souk. The orange is to die for – even for a non-orange lover. My hands are itching to get started!

  355. Socks! Always socks, really, though I could probably use a new pair of mittens too. I love your Diverting socks. The way those cables split for the heel and the foot is just perfect.

  356. Mitts is what I want to knit

  357. Love these socks. Inspiring!

  358. Socks. Oh and mitts desperate need for both.

  359. Fingerless mitts! I’ve been wearing the same dead-plain gray ones in my workplace for three solid weeks, and I’m sick of looking at them, lol. Something more colorful, or at least fancier, would be nice! And those socks are just gorgeous.

  360. stillstumbling · ·

    I am all about the Rikke hat pattern on Ravelr for the next project

  361. A Doctor Who fourth Doctor scarf!

  362. I will be making hats and fingerless gloves for myself and my family.

  363. Meredith MC · ·

    I’m currently knitting a cowl and mitts, then it’s more of those plus hats for holiday gifts. I love your blog!

  364. I’m mad for alpaca at the moment & am currently working on a coral coloured, lacework scarf.. I love all accessories in general but am especially loving – that I recently learned to knit & how all the possibilities of building ones wardrobe are endless.

  365. hats and socks! and mittens! can’t decide…

  366. Right now I’m knitting a pair of gloves, it’s the first time I knit something with this many fingers! So right now I’m just so excited about the project I have going on, that I actuallydon’t think much about anything else.

  367. I would love to have a new hat pattern or try socks for the first time! I’d love a few one or two skein patterns to decimate my stash for Christmas!

  368. 2 pair of socks just came up with holes, so I need new sock patterns. Also, my mitts are looking sad, and I could use a new scarf…and there was that random thought about knitting socks for my Bruce Trail Hiking friends…

  369. Melissa Wilson · ·

    I’m feeling the cold already…..I need a hat!

  370. I am absolutely itching to cast on some fingerless mitts. I’ve had the pattern and yarn picked out for ages, but I want to try to knit them 2-at-a-time! (We’ll see how that goes!)

  371. Definitely some socks!

  372. Deb Larkin · ·

    Sock season is here and I have stash to dive into!

  373. dawn klein-evans · ·

    I’m knitting hats and mittens for my daughter in Evanston. After that, I hope to get to a pair of (purely decorative) socks.

  374. Carol Cross · ·

    I never have enough socks.

  375. ginaquilts · ·

    I’m in the middle of a Brickless scarf right now and will probably knit socks next. Although, my daughters want headbands! Who knows what will come up next on the list I guess!

  376. Getting my sock knitting mojo back so definitely socks with a shawl or two as well.

  377. I’m just starting to work on some fingerless mitts and then I’m going to hopefully make a matching cowl

  378. Just started mittens this weekend, but I also have socks on needles. I am hoping to start a cowl when my (many – yikes) wip are finished. So many projects, so little time!

  379. i need to make mittens. I hate gloves, but work outside, so covering my hands is important (I usually just tuck my hands into my many layers of sleeves, but this isn’t terribly effective.)

  380. Socks always socks (it’s an addiction!!) I need to finish a cowl before winter moves in and I am looking forward to a stranded colorwork mitten KAL that is starting next week at a LYS.

  381. Toe up socks, hopefully a pair, using some sock wool stash, I have cuff down ones but can’t find pattern I like to complete a pair oops lots of WIP πŸ˜‰

  382. I”m going to be knitting some socks as soon as I finish my Christmas knitting (and sewing and embroidery…).

  383. I just cast on for a new cowl!

  384. I am in the mood to do fingerless mittens.

  385. Amanda W. · ·

    I’m a sucker for a triangular shawl, so that’s probably what’s going on the needles next. That is, if I can finish the two sweaters that have been hanging around for far too long.

  386. It’s probably not in the book but I want to make some leg warmers for Jaxon. Sometimes he’ll be in a onesie rather than a sleep suit and a pair of leg warmers would be easier than trousers for example. I guess a pair of wrist warmers would work on his little baby legs.

  387. I love the socks and colorway! Knitting a hat next.

  388. The socks or the fingerless mitts. Your socks are lovely btw!!

  389. Dominique · ·

    Mittens are on my bucket list! It’s getting chilly.

  390. Christine · ·

    I need a new pair of (fingerless?) mittens, so those would definitely be the first patterns I looked at. πŸ™‚

  391. Elizabeth-Anne · ·

    By request from my daughter..some fingerless gloves

  392. Some nice warm mittens are on the agenda. It’s definitely fall here. Cold weather is coming.

  393. Nice warm mitts and mittens are needed around here! My hands are always cold!!

  394. Socks socks and more socks and then maybe some fingerless gloves and then……

  395. A scarf for the coming winter. Thank you for the giveaway.

  396. I need a scarf pattern to go with a hat I made. And maybe socks

  397. I have been working on my first pair of socks for almost six months now, but there will be many, many more in my future!

  398. Heather Zentner · ·

    More hats for the family, and some fingerless gloves for me.

  399. I need new socks!

  400. I pretty well always have one pair of socks on needles, but I’d like to make some fingerless mitts and gloves this winter. Thanks for offering this!

  401. Beth Targ · ·

    I’m currently working on 2 pairs of fingerless mitts, so I’m plotting a pair of socks next – something novel and interesting…

  402. I always have some socks on my needles, but I’d like some new hats and maybe fingerless gloves too! Greedy?

  403. I have been on a major hat kick, I can never have too many!

  404. I have always loved socks! These days, I almost always have a shawl on my needles also, though! πŸ™‚

  405. I’ve been on a cowl kick lately, but I think it might be sock time soon.

  406. I’m looking forward to making some fingerless mitts!

  407. Oh definitely hats, scarfs, mittens and socks! Winter is coming!

  408. I’ve got two lacy scarves in progress and an eye on some mitts.

  409. I just started a part-time job and I need fingerless mitts! Thanks for the chance.

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