Monthly Archives: November 2014

9 Ways Stitch Markers Will Make Your Life Easier

It’s coming up on gift-giving season (lalala let’s pretend there’s more time, lalala), and little gifts for knitters are always a good thing to mention out loud to your gift-giving inclined friends, or to know about to give to other knitters in your circle. Even if it weren’t that time of year, though, there are […]

On the Needles: The Pre-Winter Crazy Edition

As the temperatures decline, the knitting impulse ramps up, so it’s no surprise that I have mentally cast on about twelve new things this week. In physical reality, though, I’ve already got plenty of projects on the needles, so I’m trying to keep the cast-on impulse as the motivation to finish the things I’ve already […]

New Pattern: Rustique Cardigan

This past October I knitted 2 sweaters for my Rhinebeck weekend, one for each day of the weekend. And for the first time in a few years, not only did I finish both sweaters in time to be able to wear them, but it was also cool enough at the fair to wear them un-ironically. […]

Just getting started

So, last winter I had a personal epiphany about fingerless mitts. I’ve always liked them, and especially the relative quickness of them compared to full gloves – once you finish dividing for the thumb it’s an inch or two of straight knitting and then a few thumb rows to pick up, and boom you’re done. […]

There and back again

Dear knitting blog, I am back from England, and I don’t think I saw the whole country but my feet are slightly convinced otherwise. I will have to go back again some time once they recover. Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, the Tate Britain, Roman baths, Jane Austen centre, Victoria & Albert museum, the […]