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So, last winter I had a personal epiphany about fingerless mitts.


I’ve always liked them, and especially the relative quickness of them compared to full gloves – once you finish dividing for the thumb it’s an inch or two of straight knitting and then a few thumb rows to pick up, and boom you’re done. But I’d always had them in the transitional-season-only category of fall and spring, which limited the amount of attention I gave them. In southern Ontario those two seasons might only really last a couple of weeks, so I didn’t really figure on fingerless mitts that much.


Then, last year I joined the ranks of commuters and those with office jobs, and realized the joys of entering your office between November and March to discover on any given morning that the air temperature is not actually terribly different from the outside world (or so it feels some mornings), and I came to rely on having not just a shawl draped over my chair but a pair of fingerless mitts stashed in my desk. Probably just like, oh, most of the rest of the knitting world does already. (I’m slow to catch on some times).



Now that I’m in between jobs again and putting in some time at the computer working on knitting patterns and whatnot, I’ve been enjoying the mitts again, so this fall I decided to put on a push to add to the fingerless mitts collection before too much time passed. I finished a fresh pair of Queen St. mitts (above, top), and also pulled out a mitt design from a couple of years ago (above) that never saw the light of day. I’m making sure it sees the light of day now, though, and am working up a new sample in some of the Miss Babs sock yarn I purchased at Rhinebeck this past month. I am already wearing them, in my mind.



It’s also pretty great to be pulling sock yarn into service for non-sock projects. I forget sometimes, in my haste to keep knitting more pairs of plain ribbed socks or Jaywalkers, that that yarn can do other things, too – and it’s a good thing, because it’s so fine and dressy looking that it’s hard not to be pleased with the finished project, no matter what it is. Maybe I’ll get on a sock yarn hat jag next.

But I’m at least going to finish this next pair of fingerless mitts first. I might need a backup pair or three.

Happy knitting this Thursday!


Pattern: Queen St. mitts
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts blue label sock yarn, in ‘velvet’

Pattern: Strigidae Mitts (coming soon)
Yarn: Miss Babs cosmic hand painted sock yarn, in ‘russet’





  1. Lovely! I need to knit some up for myself, my office is always freezing!!

  2. They look lovely and warm

  3. Kate/Massachusetts · ·

    I really like the mitts that you designed. They are beautiful with all that lovely texture!

  4. That’s exactly why I knit fingerless gloves.

  5. Caitlyn M. · ·

    Instantly recognized the TFA Velvet used for the first pair of mitts–I’m knitting a pullover in the same yarn, acquired during a trip to The Purple Purl in August. I suspect I’m going to have leftover yarn when all is said and done, and am now thinking that a pair of fingerless mitts might be a good idea since my office also has an unpredictable climate. So thank you for the nudge, because I’m sure my hands will appreciate it when we get a freak snow in March and the office is freezing.

  6. Hey, I’m thinking that a flip end that can make them into mittens (I have seen a few but have never tried them) might make them more versatile?What are your thoughts on that?

  7. slippedstitches · ·

    Love the gloves. Just the project I was looking for.

  8. As an “administrative” worker, I consider fingerless mitts to be a wardrobe staple. When you spend much of your day typing, especially in reception by a front entrance, you really need them. I have many, many pairs.

  9. eatcoastal · ·

    When I was discussing these recently, a friend of mine said, “Oh, you mean ‘texting gloves’!”…What can I say?

  10. twistedsticks · ·

    Those are all beautiful. I love to wear them when I read at night. My hands tend to get cold when I hold a book or kindle. I think all the blood flows downhill! I have some great sock yarn and I think I may use it for gloves next time.

  11. I do love fingerless mitts, and I agree, it is great to use sock yarn for something different as well. I especially like to use it for mitts because I can admire it all day then when I’m sitting at work behind my pc, which unfortunately is not the case if I knit it into socks.

  12. I never liked fingerless mittens. I like my hands and feet unencumbered in the house (its a claustrophbic thing) and I live in Minnesota, so I need all my fingers tips warm (I know Toronto is cold, I’ve been there, in the winter, I used to live in Rochester NY…but this is MUCH colder). Then I realized that my hands could be layered, too. At H&M, one can buy decent enough little gloves for a dollar or so, and wear them under the fingerless gloves, and be happier. Not happy enough for negative zero F, but happy enough to run around in the car and in and out of the house. I still don’t love them ,but they make nice gifts!

  13. Absolutely smitten by that second purple pair. And I’m going to just keep pretending I can’t see those bobbles on them. What bobbles?

  14. I love the idea of fingerless mittens, but I haven’t ever gotten in the habit of wearing them… although I have a few pairs on my to-knit list, so who knows?

  15. I made a pair in July a few years ago when my desk at work had a metal keyboard tray and was positioned over a vent with the a/c blasting. It was painfully cold. Mitts saved the day with style!

  16. anastasia · ·

    I am inspired to finish my current pair of fingerless mitts so that I can cast on the new pattern as soon as you release it.

  17. The Strigidae pattern I just downloaded is going to be knit into a pair of fingerless mitts for my daughter – I’ve been looking and looking for the perfect pattern, and this is definitely IT!
    Glenna strikes gold once again.

  18. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a shawl thrown over the back of my chair. Today it’s over my shoulders and I’m very glad to have it! I have a pair of fingerless mitts but my hands get so cold that they’re pretty much useless outside. But I could definitly leave them by my desk for days like today.

  19. I live in Wilmington NC and fingerless gloves are an essential for watching my middle-schooler’s volleyball practices and games. Our gyms don’t run to heat (being in the South and all), and it gets cold when you are not the one playing! I call them “knitting gloves.”

  20. I love fingerless mitts! Sure, you could finish the top and make them mittens, but I like having my fingers free. Your new mitts are gorgeous!

  21. Laura Walters · ·

    Hooray for the light of day! Can’t wait to see this pattern (which, given how late I’m reading this post, may already be sunning itself).

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