New Pattern: Rustique Cardigan

This past October I knitted 2 sweaters for my Rhinebeck weekend, one for each day of the weekend. And for the first time in a few years, not only did I finish both sweaters in time to be able to wear them, but it was also cool enough at the fair to wear them un-ironically. My little group arrived at the fair on the Saturday, expecting by all accounts to need to de-layer by mid-morning, only to realize we actually needed to layer-up a bit more. The shawls and fingerless mitts also came out, so essentially we all lived our dreams of being as covered in knitwear as it is possible to be without needing real coats as well. A+ all things considered.


My Sunday cardigan (above) was super cozy, and I’m very glad to have it knitted up in perfect time for the November chill to arrive (and boy has it arrived in full force this week), and also to have it written up as a new pattern. I’m so pleased to offer the Rustique Cardigan – available as a Ravelry download for $7 CDN. Earlier this month when I was teaching some classes in Peterborough, Bridget of Needles in The Hay graciously obliged me with some superior sweater-modelling skills, thanks Bridget!



This is a raglan cardigan worked from the bottom up, in pieces, featuring modest waist shaping and vertical cable panels on all pieces. It’s a cushy, cozy knit as it is, but I’m very pleased with the shawl collar as well, to take away some of the chill at the back of the neck. At an Aran-weight gauge of 16 sts/4 ins (stockinette), it’s also pretty warm and quick compared to lighter gauges. As usual, all cabled patterns are fully charted in the pattern instructions, and I also include some basic tips on working the cables without a cable needle (it’s my go-to method for most cables). The pattern has been fully tech edited as well.

I worked this up in Imperial Yarns Columbia, a nice wooly wool that does quite nicely at 4 sts/inch. (though it is listed as a worsted weight, typical worsted weight gauge of 4.5-5 sts inch was far too stiff for my preference). Another nice choice would be Briggs & Little Heritage, for which I achieve the same gauge as Imperial Columbia pretty easily. Or, your preferred Aran-weight wooly option!



All in all I’m glad to share this with you – hopefully a perfect warm layer to take you well into winter. And if this winter is anything like last, I fully plan to go in with more new handknits than I know what to do with.

Rustique Cardigan – Ravelry page listing.

Happy knitting this Tuesday! I hope you’re warm and cozy where you are.




  1. eatcoastal · ·

    This one’s gorgeous, Glenna, and perfect for the drop in temperature!

  2. 379christy · ·

    Thanks, Glenna, for your enthusiasm and lovely sweater design. Your pictures are always inspiring. It’s still very warm here in S. Nevada, but we do have our cold spells at 2500 feet and I love having my knits ready for evenings at the theater.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I saw the first picture and thought ‘It’s pretty cold. I should be knitting a sweater like that.’

  4. Beautiful sweater

  5. very nice! soon as I finish october frost I’ll come looking for this cardigan. I have a feeling its going to be a long cold one this winter. it isn’t even winter for another month and its 20 degrees F out there tonite. the only good thing about cold weather is it gives you an excuse to wear all the delicious woolies you’ve been making all year!

  6. knittedblissjc · ·

    gorgeous!! I love all those rich cables, and the shawl collar. Way to go on a great new design!

  7. Beautiful. I love the un-color, perfect with anything. The shawl collar reminded me of an allover cabled cardigan sweater I knit about 40 or so years ago in off white acrylic worsted. That was the most uncomfortable thing to wear because the collar was faced which made it uber bulky and so ’70s. I finally put it in the donate bin and hoped someone would love to have it. Yours looks quite trim and comfy, classic. A winner.

  8. twistedsticks · ·

    It is so cold her already. That is a beautiful sweater!

  9. Beautiful! Cables, shawl color, wooly yarn….I love it all!

  10. I’m pretty excited to make this although it will have to wait until after I finish gifts for others. I already ordered the yarn for it West Yorkshire Spinners BFL in natural dark brown.

  11. I love this pattern so much!! I had the chance to visit Imperial Stock Ranch just last month – this is a special yarn with loads of character. 🙂

  12. slippedstitches · ·


  13. Beautiful cables, beautiful yarn, beautiful sweater!

  14. Your sweater is gorgeous! I love the cables and the classic style…one I would wear often!

  15. What a great sweater! I have been following your blog lately and am really enjoying reading about your knits, travels and daily going ons. Thanks.

  16. It’s just so beautiful. One of your best. Congratulations Glenna.

  17. Now THAT’s a sweater that will keep you warm. And they’re hard to buy, so I’m learning to knit. It might be a while…

  18. Oh, I just love “Needles in the Hay”–only wish it was closer to Kingston. The new cardigan is perfect (I’m a sucker for shawl collars!). I’m imagining it in B and G’s Heritage in “Seafoam”. I agree about the Rhinebeck weather. Unfortunately, I left mid-morning on Sunday, which was even cooler than Saturday, but even so, got lots of sweater-wearing accomplished.

  19. Wow that is really nice! I so want to get back to knitting me a warm cardi. I love the details.

  20. ginaquilts · ·

    Gorgeous! When I get back to knitting sweaters, this will be on the top of my list.

  21. INSTA-BOUGHT. This is exactly the kind of cardigan I’ve been looking for! Beautiful, cabled, thick, and warm – the kind of cardigan that goes well with t shirts and jeans but also blouses and skirts. Eee! I’m very excited to knit this!

  22. I love that shawl collars are so in right now! Great looking sweater.

  23. caityrosey · ·

    One of my favorite sweaters is knit from imperial yarns Columbia. It’s delightfully crunchy. That sweater is a Gansey but from the looks of things I’d love it for cables too.

  24. Wow! That is one beautiful sweater!!!

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