On the Needles: The Pre-Winter Crazy Edition

As the temperatures decline, the knitting impulse ramps up, so it’s no surprise that I have mentally cast on about twelve new things this week. In physical reality, though, I’ve already got plenty of projects on the needles, so I’m trying to keep the cast-on impulse as the motivation to finish the things I’ve already got going. After all, knitting on active projects is still the most reasonable route towards acquiring a finished project. (Or so I’ve heard).


First up I’ve got the Portiere pullover that I started back over the Rhinebeck weekend in October. I got a pretty solid chunk of knitting done on this on my travels to the US and to the UK, between airport time and airplane time, but since then it’s been sitting idle while I’ve been turning my attention to some accessory knits. Self, you want to wear this pullover because it is currently cold outside. Get back to it.


And speaking of self-pep-talks, I’ve remembered about some unfinished knits from last season – in particular the super warm and cabley Joist pullover , which I got about 85% done by April and then put down since, well, I suppose because it was April and I was less interested in knitting an all-over cabled pullover at that point. But now all I can think about is being warm, so this would be pretty sweet to get back in the mix. I also remembered that I started this one on Christmas Day as my Christmas cast-on, and I would really like to have it finished before Christmas Day rolls around again. Goal: set.


Finally, a week ago I pulled a long-stashed skein of Dream in Color Starry from the sock yarn stash and started a new pair of Viper Pilots, partly as a new pattern sample (I’m refreshing the pattern since it’s been on the pattern shelf for a while), and also partly because I can sadly only find one of the original pair, and what if I need to wear my Viper Pilots socks at a moment’s notice and only have one? I mean, that simply wouldn’t do.

I’m also suddenly aware, now that I take all of these out to look at them at once, that everything I’ve got going at the moment falls into a similar grey-purple colour scheme, so perhaps something non-grey/non-purple will be a wise selection soon. A bit of a colour change can do wonders for the knitting excitement, am I right?

It’s hard to believe November is already more than half over. With any luck it will expand to encompass all of these projects being finished. I live in hope.

What’s on your needles this week, knitter friends? Have a great weekend!


Pattern: Portiere, by Fiona Ellis for Twist Collective
Yarn: Briggs & Little Regal, in ‘grape’

Pattern: Joist, by Andrea Rangel for Twist Collective
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in purple/grey #9560

Pattern: Viper Pilots socks (by me) – Ravelry link
Yarn: Dream in Color Starry, in ‘cocoa kiss’





  1. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for all the time you put into it.

  2. Wips look awesome. Love the colors.

  3. everything is on the needles. I seem to have had a long case of cast-on-itis since finishing a big blanket in mid October–I have five new projects in the past month. I’ve managed to finish two of them (a pair of slippers and a pair of ruffled wrist cuffs) and a third needs binding off, but I also ripped out an old unfinished object and reknit it in that time period. Even finishing one thing a week, that leaves me with plenty on the needles that isn’t making progress because I’m knitting something else. and the holidays are coming… oh my, oh my!

    still, all I really want to do is cast on a pair of those fingerless mitts you posted just a bit ago.

  4. I knit 2 long sleeved underlayers with old, old 3-ply Kroy in a surprisingly short time, on 3mm needles I think. Glad I did – I’ll need them soon! Give it a go; you’re a fast enough knitter ; all in one piece on circular, plain stocking stitch, raglan sleeves.

  5. They all look beautiful.( And I just had a look at all your patterns on ravely. Lovely.)
    I could however pass you some very colourful yarn as I have currently a little cotton jumper for a baby on the needles 🙂
    Can I just ask a totally different question? You mentioned knitting on your trips and I was always wondering if you can take knitting needles on a plane. Can you? I was always too afraid that they would take my knitting away if I tried to get something long and thin through security.

  6. lots of texture-y, cable-y goodness there!!!!! I have to mix up my cable/traveling stitches with colorwork or some plain boring knitting every once in a while…..sort of the reason that I end up with TOO MANY THINGS ON THE NEEDLES!!! (Do you have a support group forming, maybe, that I can join?)

  7. You do have quite a few projects going. As for me, I’ve got a doggy sweater in the works plus a pair of mittens and I plan on starting this weekend leg warmers. All of the above need to be done by Christmas!

  8. Mental cast-ons! That’s all I’ve done this week.

  9. Wow, that’s beautiful. So lovely.

  10. When I think of Glenna, I think of purple. And, cables. Even though there’s all those other things you knit. You just do the purple and the cable thing so well!
    WIP include a green lace shawl for a red-headed friend. Just need to block it now. Wound a skein for a skirt for myself yesterday in Cascade 220. And, at 3 a.m. (couldn’t sleep), I cast on a cowl for my daughter … knitting in the round in two colors in stockinette, fingering weight on a size 5 needle. Will this get done in time for Christmas or should I not stress and push it out to her February birthday? I’d really like to wear that skirt for the holidays! (I have an injured finger in a brace; this slows down the knitting speed but I won’t give it up. I’m crazed.)

  11. I have a Locke St. Cardigan on my needles just now. The yarn is Dream in Color Everlasting in Brilliant (a lovely gently variegated blue-green). This is my second sweater project of the month (it is National Knit a Sweater Month, after all), and I might actually finish it by the 30th if I ever get off the computer.

    I am really loving this pattern, by the way.

  12. I was just thinking of going though my long lost wips to see if I felt like finishing anything. Now I’m even more determined to finish something I started a while ago.

    By the way, it was great seeing you at Rhinebeck and I’m sure my twin boys enjoyed it even though they are too young to realize it. I may have to take a trip to a knitting event in Canada and see if we can still manage to bump into each other.

  13. I love that color, and apparently you do, too. Wasn’t your peacock shawl also purple? I met you at Sock Summit. Well, both times!

  14. Those are all so pretty!
    I’ve currently got a pair of socks for me, and a crochet dragon that is a Christmas present on the needles… although I am more inclined to work on the socks!

  15. You even manage to make the classic B&L “grape” look fresh. Amazing!

  16. anastasia · ·

    I cast on your new Strigidae pattern & am thinking of another pair of fingerless mitts, a half Pi shawl from Kate Atherly, and also two cowls from Kate (again) & the Purl, & then there are a few sleeping projects that could use some attention. I don’t currently have any socks on the needles & am thinking of trying out some Jaywalkers. Um, & another shawl because I don’t have enough apparently.

  17. Hee Hee. Beofre finishing reading the post, I had already said to myself – Wow, everything is grey purple. Although that B&L does have an interesting contrasting fleck.

  18. I’m curious if you ever have problems bringing your knitting with you when you fly – I’ve always wanted to bring my knitting but I get worried that it’ll get confiscated even though the TSA regs say it’s ok

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