Two awesome purple sweaters that have no idea they are about to get finished

There must be a name for that experience, when you are about 75% finished a large project, are convinced it’s going to go on forever no matter how much you knit on it…but then when you finally do pick it up again and start working on it dedicatedly, it actually gets closer to being done much faster than you think. Like when you pony up and face your black hole knitting and it actually turns a corner and you can suddenly visualize a future in which you are wearing it instead of knitting it? There’s gotta be a name for that.



I have managed to get to that point on not one but two sweater projects this week, through virtually no other effort than simply plunking myself on the couch with a lot of Netflix (imagine, when you actually knit on something, it gets knitted). Now I’m pleased to find myself with one sweater that is completed and blocked and just needs seaming and a collar (Portiere pullover, started about 8 weeks ago in October), and one that just needs shoulders and a collar and it will be into my winter closet (my Joist pullover, cast on last Christmas day). This is pretty great.



The only downside of this great triumph is having to stuff my winter start-itis in a bag until these two projects are actually fully done, because I would seriously love to start some new gloves and a hat right now. However, I will focus on the finish line and there will be two new awesome purple sweaters in my closet as my prize. I do think, though, that my next sweater will be a different colour. I’ve got the grey-purple section all taken care of.

Happy weekend knitting! Hope you finish something too.


Pattern: Portiere, by Fiona Ellis for Twist Collective
Yarn: Briggs & Little Regal, in ‘grape’

Pattern: Joist, by Andrea Rangel for Twist Collective
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in purple/grey #9560






  1. Well done, Glenna. I am sitting here working on a sweater from stash yarn that came home from France three years ago and moved with me from Nova Scotia to Ontario. But now I am inspired to keep going.

  2. You know, Glenna, like you, knitting helps to keep me sane. But reading your blog also does the same. It’s delightful to read your posts. This one’s pretty funny – and, true about finally seeing the end! Maybe it’s called looking up while “heading into the end zone.” Last night I realized I’m almost there on a ss fingering weight cowl! I started thinking about how I’ll block it – imagine that! – while nervously looking over at the other yarn on the sofa. I’m in mindless-knitting mode right now and have to keep that fix going to get me through December while contemplating some more complicated lace projects for the new year. This game never ends!

  3. katlriddell · ·

    Finally being able to see te end of a project is such a good feeling-I can imagine the thrill of reaching that point in two projects at once! Can’t wait to see the finished sweaters!

  4. knitterbeader · ·

    Congrats on finishing up two projects, no less. I always enjoy “starting” something, and not finishing. I agree though, when you finally go through the WIP’s and pick up an old project, that it does seem to go much faster than when you put it in time out.. Then I wonder why I ever put it aside, because it’s going along so well and I’m enjoying it again. Strange creatures we knitters are – but it is a calming obsession. Look forward to the pictures of your two purple sweaters!!

  5. I’m at exactly that stage with Locke St cardigan, I’m on the final piece and had left it for several weeks (why?), now back at it, enjoying it. Was going to say how well it was going but just after I read this I realised I’d been doing my cabled diamonds wrong for a couple of rows, now all sorted mercifully. Good luck with the purple cardigans

  6. I know what you mean. I have a wrap I need to pick back up and then finish a scarf that a gift. I will get it done. I am getting better at finishing items it just my sewing machine is very jealous of my knitting needles so I try to spend time with both, lol!

  7. Go you! I’m sending you lots of finishing mojo. Can’t wait to see your finished sweaters because they already look so lovely on the needles!

  8. It is so satisfying when one finally hits that corner of being nearly nearly done. I am super excited to see those sweaters on – especially your Joist, oh man. That is such a lot of cables.

  9. caityrosey · ·

    You’re right. If there isn’t a name for that phenomenon , there should be. It sounds asymptotic, like 1/x, except that in knitting there is a point where it suddenly stops reaching to infinity and actually finds a finite end point.

  10. Oooh they look great! Can’t wait to see what they look like finished!

  11. All sorts of sporting metaphors come to mind. The final stretch, the last hurdle, the final innings, the last lap… After all knitting is (an occasional combat) sport isn’t it?

  12. The knitting event horizon!

  13. I don’t know about a name, but my word for it is Eureka! Both sweaters are beautiful, eagerly awaiting photos of them finished.

  14. Oh how I can relate! Have you made any more progress?

  15. I love that feeling when you realize that you’re actually going to finish a project. It is the best knitting feeling for me. To be on the verge of finishing two must be amazing!

  16. Do you have a knitting kit you could reccomend putting together-buying and how to keep it organised for a begginer knitter

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