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I am That Knitter. The knitter who doesn’t go to the movies unless she has an appropriate movie-theatre-knitting project in her handbag. My family headed out on Friday afternoon for the third annual Hobbit film outing (I can’t wait for Peter Jackson’s 107-part adaptation of The Silmarillion, it’s going to be the greatest), and I had my current Pi Shawl project with me as the likely candidate. (I’ve also become That Knitter who considers Pi Shawls as a normal and simple recurring project like socks or hats. I mean, I eventually need one in every colour….right?)

This is a project which already has a lot of stockinette in the round built into it, so as long as you’re comfortable not looking at your stitches every time, you can sail away in the darkness. The sweet spot for Pi Shawls as movie theatre knitting, though, come when you’ve just started the final big increase round and are left with nearly 600 sts on the needle. When you’re at that point every round is going to take you a while to knit it anyway, so you might as well be sitting in a theatre watching a movie at the same time.


I hadn’t hit that point yet on the shawl pre-movie-theatre though, so I cast on a pair of ribbed socks too, just in case. I ended up sticking with the shawl anyway and getting through the k2tog/yo rounds all the same, but it’s nice to have some socks in the mix too. Now I’m That Knitter who has not one but two handbag projects to walk around town with.


I’m spending the last few days of 2014 pretty quietly while cat-sitting for a neighbour, and have a bunch of knitting, books, and Netflix to keep me company. I have some design ideas brewing for 2015 though, so after this rest it’ll be back to recharging the creative energies.

I hope your 2014 ends well and that you have good knitting ahead in 2015!


Pattern: Pi Shawl (“July shawl”, instructions with many variations in Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman)
Yarn: Miss Babs Kathadin, colourway ‘holy moly’
Needles: 4.5mm/US #7 circulars

Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock (by me)
Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight, colourway ‘grawk’



  1. Oh, both projects look lovely! And kudos to you for having a family lovely enough to be cool with movie theatre knitting 🙂 (I always end up doing a lot of movie theatre nacho eating… oops!)

  2. twistedsticks · ·

    I am always amazed that people can knit in the dark. I still have to look at my work too much. Love the color of the shawl. Happy New Year!!

  3. Love that purple yarn that you are using for the shawl! 600 st round in stockinette? Makes me feel faint.

  4. Always impressed that you can do that kind of knitting at a movie. Your photos are great, as always.

  5. I’m also “That Knitter” and *I* was the one dragging my boyfriend to the movies (for a midnight showing no less) of the new Hobbit and I had a sock on the needles that I was working on with me that I worked on for most of the movie.

  6. Happy New year Glenna! That Pi Shawl in the dark thing? Hmm…

  7. How awesome that you are THAT knitter, I’ve been know to take a few projects with me as well. On Christmas eve I sat merrily knitting for most of the time as the only one and I made a lot of progress. I wish though that more of us had been knitting since a couple of the ladies knew how to. Oh and I’ve kinda given up on Peter Jackson and Tolkein! I love the books, but honestly the Hobbit is TINY, so very short and he got 3 movies out of it??

  8. The blogger ROCK & ROLL HAUSFRAU started cinema-knitting (StrikkeBio) earlier this year in co-orporation with cinema chain, so once a month knitters around the country can watch a movie, where the lights is not dimmed as much as usual …. amazing to watch so many knitters gathered to watch a movie…. 🙂

  9. Ohhh and above is in Denmark

  10. I want to be that knitter too!!! Usually I am not prepared enough to have a proper purse project–whatever I’m working on just comes along.

  11. I’m right there with you. I always have at minimum one project, but usually two, and it’s not unheard of to have three. You never know what you’ll need!

  12. We went to see The Hobbit yesterday and I considered taking knitting but I just don’t think I can knit in the dark – I need to look. However, I have a long bus commute to and from work and I’m definitely That Knitter on the bus! Love your blog!

  13. Oh I wish I could knit while not looking. Certainly can’t do it in the dark! A bit envious. 🙂

  14. knittedblissjc · ·

    hooray for being that knitter! And you totally do need a Pi Shawl in every colour. Happy New Year, Glenna!

  15. So disappointed that the color you used “Holy Moley” was sold out! :0(

  16. Still loving the Purple?! They are very pretty and thanks for a lovely year of your blog, all the best in 2015.

  17. Love the yarn choice for the socks! I too am ‘that knitter.’ I get the strangest looks from people all time, but my boyfriend secretly loves that I knit and enjoys that I can knit anywhere.

  18. Maddie Campisi · ·

    I love people that are fanatical about their art. To me it’s normal. To the rest of the population we are weirdos. (Maybe public knitting isn’t as common in Australia). I am so impressed with all your beautiful yarns & patterns. I LOVED this blog post, I loved that you had a BACK UP knitting project so you could knit for the whole movie! Happy New Year!

  19. Happy New Year from Australia. I am that knitter also, I can knit with out looking and it just amazes people that I can do that.
    Is the Pi shawl is free pattern?

    I am looking always for new projects and learning.

  20. I try to always have a sock at the appropriate place for movie knitting – either the foot or the leg as I’m not fond of increases in the dark. I find it amusing to have people staring while I’m knitting in the theatre (or anywhere else) and get as much enjoyment out of watching them as they do watching me 😉

  21. Junebloom · ·

    I am a new intrepid knitter. The best advice I have received in my short knitting experience was your post last January “At the Top of the Year”. I have read it several times and to several people. Best. Knitting. Advice. Ever. Thank you. Happy New Year.

  22. I think we must be twins. I always take 1 or 2 projects to the cinema too, and to see friends, church, shopping etc. Love that purple!!

  23. That is so pretty and that color is my favorite shade. Happy New Year!

  24. I think knitting and Netflix is the perfect marriage!

  25. I brought a shawl with me to knit during The Hobbit as well! (The Tan House Brook for me, at the stockinette part at the beginning, before any textured stitches or eyelets) I was made fun of by the people I went to the movie with, but I think they were just jealous. 😉

  26. diana foltz · ·

    fantastic on these projects! thanks for sharing. i’m going to use your sock pattern on my and my husband’s next socks. happy 2015!

  27. Fantastic to be that knitter. That’s the knitter I’d like to be, one of my resolutions is to take more time to relax and take the time to do those types of things. I want to be a public knitter, but can never seem to sit still and relax long enough. Cheers!

  28. I do take my knitting with me in public sometimes, but I haven’t tried knitting a the movies yet. I have actually decided not to go see a movie a more than once, because I didn’t think that I’d be able to knit in the dark! My routine is usually to knit while watching TV, and feels unnatural to me to be watching something and not be knitting at the same time. I fear making mistakes, though. I absolutely loathe frogging!

    -Veronica –

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