Knitting as usual

The first week of January is coming to an end and it’s odd how quickly the holidays have faded – it feels like it should be much farther along than January 9th! But I’m quite all right with having more knitting time ahead in the month, because I’d like to finish something new at the beginning of 2015, and there are no shortage of things to work on. In addition to considering some Unfinished Projects cast aside in 2014 and (gulp) earlier, I’ve got other design ideas kicking around in my head that have been there for a few months.

At least one of them is moving forward though, as the swatches from last week are starting to take shape in actual knitted form. I’m enjoying how this is coming together so far, and am planning some time with it this weekend for sure.


My Pi Shawl is also still hovering patiently in the background. I took it out for a spin to a viewing of The Imitation Game last weekend (and later managed to recover some dropped stitches done in the last few minutes of dark theatre knitting, phew), so if I can make it out to some more flicks pre-Oscars then I think this might have a shot at being done by the spring. Pi Shawls, you can’t knit just one, am I right?


I hope you’re getting some nice knitting time in for you as well this coming weekend – especially if you have a lot of holiday knitting to recover from. Happy Friday!


Pattern: In progress, by me
Yarn: Julie Asselin Leizu Worsted, in ‘moussaillon’ grey/purple

Pattern: Pi Shawl (“July shawl”, instructions with many variations in Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman)
Yarn: Miss Babs Kathadin, colourway ‘holy moly’
Needles: 4.5mm/US #7 circulars




  1. Lynda Thompson · ·

    I might have to jump into the PI shawl pool…you and your pesky inspiring knitting! Have a lovely knitty weekend.

  2. Your holy moly looks so much more purple than mine! Is it the light? (we will have to put name tags on them if they ever hang out together.)

  3. So you got me to commit to a Pi shawl with your beautiful examples. I’m on the loooog 500+ stitches rows which I can, for the most part, knit without much eye contact. Now, how do you manage the (yo, k2tog) rows in a dark movie theater? Any pointers? Your purple is gorgeous, BTW.

  4. I have some undyed yarn that I think I am going to use for a Pi shawl. (not that I need to start any new projects, but still . . .) Pi has been crossing my mind more often lately and today – your post! So I’ll take that as a sign. Something to begin in February, yay! Have a wonderful New Year and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work. ~ Linne

  5. Kathy Pearl · ·

    I started a Pi shawl late last year, but it hasn’t been out to the movies yet!!

  6. Pi shawl has got my interest

  7. i have done an elizabeth zimmermann anything for awhile!!! need to drag out a couple of her books!!!! 🙂

  8. Maddie Campisi · ·

    The colour of the Pi shawl is so gorgeous! I have yarn envy😳

  9. I love the colour of your first knit pictured – so lovely!

  10. Just the 3 of Us · ·

    That is so pretty!

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