Whirlwind weekend

I spent last weekend in the company of many other knitters at the Vogue Knit Live workshops in New York City, and it was an enjoyable whirlwind. I was at one of the very first of these weekends four years ago in New York, and my fellow knitter friend Lisa suggested we go again. Knitting tourism weekends definitely break up the winter monotony pretty well. The part where I endeavoured to share New York tourist sites with what felt like every single other human being on the planet (Saturday of a long weekend, heh) was perhaps less adviseable, but on the other hand I did get to see the Met and do some pretty significant city walking. Also, I must express my admiration for the New York institution of weekend brunch, and would like to adopt this practice into my life more frequently. (Fried things and boozy drinks before noon? Or all day? Why am I not doing this every weekend.)

IPad for Knitting Design


I was lucky enough to have 2 classes on Friday with Norah Gaughan, who I have never met but whose designs I have admired for a long time. I took her iPad for Knitting Design class in the morning (there we are all blurrily learning from her which apps to download while using the free hotel lobby WiFi – protip, Sketchbook Express is delightful), and Modern Sweater Styles in the afternoon. The timing could not have been better, as I have more time on my hands to spend on design work (unemployment will do that for you) at the moment, so I now have a few new ideas to work on. Norah is a great teacher.

I also took a class in top-down sweater knitting with Kristina McGowan, who is also delightful, and I may in fact be inspired to knit more than one top-down sweater as a result. Bottom-up is still my comfort zone, but I would like to stretch my skills a bit and am hoping to put to use what we learned in these classes in the coming year.




Death Becomes Her

Chelsea Market


I imagine living in a Vogue Knit Live city (LA and Chicago have also been frequent hosts) must be a pretty lucky situation for knitters. But of course learning can happen any time any where, so I am also going to make sure I don’t ignore the technique books I have on my shelf. Keeping your skills fresh is so important.

I hope your Thursday has some knitting in it! Until next time, friends.






  1. Looks like a great trip. I don’t love all of Norah’s designs, but I love the unique things she does with shapes.

  2. Pam Hinckley · ·

    Keeping skills fresh and learning something new every day is a wonderful thing!

  3. You are definately so talented and hope to hear that you are happily employed soon and maybe you will teach at a future Vogue New York!

  4. So jealous-it looks like you had a fantastic time and learned a ton!

  5. I find I’m increasingly choosing my knitting projects because they contain a knitting challenge for me, a new technique or way of construction for example.
    Makes me a much happier knitting to push my boundaries a little bit each time.
    The geometry of Norah’s work is fascinating (and I love your little paper sweater).
    Vogue knitting Live is on my bucket list…

  6. what a great post! an exciting post. It makes me want to knit and go to New York again. Sydney (Aus) is a balmy and humid 38C at the moment

  7. knittedblissjc · ·

    that looks so amazing! glad you got in a bit of the MET viewing, as well. And boozy brunches for the win!

  8. Thanks for sharing Glenna, looks like you had a fabulous time. I only wish that there were such events here in Australia. Best wishes!

  9. I liked reading about your experience at a knitting show – I have not done this yet – and would love to someday!

  10. After your post about which books should be in your knitting library, I may have added a couple more books to my shelf. Now I’m on a weekend of trying to spend nothing, it makes a brilliant time to actually read them and refresh those skills I’m trying to acquire!

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