Sweater weather

I looked at the calendar the other day and realized February is next week, which seems strange, and yet the holidays feel very far away at the same time so I suppose those two things go hand in hand. It also turns out that if you do continuously knit away on a project, it will get knitted, which also requires passage of time, go figure?


I may yet knit myself out of Moss Stitch Island, which is a prospect that thrill me to no end. My Ossel dress now has more than half of its back done, and while it is entirely possible that I over-estimated how much length to add/modify before starting the waist shaping (this is worked bottom up, and I’m 5’9″), if I end up with a slightly higher waisted dress I am still good with that. I think once I get the front started I might find a new gear in the momentum. Maybe I’ll even get to wear this before spring? I’m dreaming big.


New Pullover Design is also moving along, and has both a back and most of a front which is extremely exciting. I’m especially looking forward to having this done because it is a wool/silk blend from Julie Asselin and the silk content is going to make it that extra little bit warmer in the cold months.

There’s a couple more months of sweater weather around here and I plan to take advantage of it! I hope you’re able to do the same, if you’ve got snow outside of your door.

Happy knitting this week!


Pattern: Ossel, by Allison Green for Twist Collective
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, #8401 Silver Grey

Pattern: In progress, by me
Yarn: Julie Asselin Leizu Worsted, in ‘moussaillon’ grey/purple





  1. that is a beautiful sweater you are working on!

  2. windmillfarm · ·

    Hello-love your blog and admire you beautiful knitting ability. I have a sweater, cowel and grandkids heart projects all going at same time. I hope I get my sweater done before it gets 100degrees!! I am curious, when you knit these cables and more complicated patterns, are you watching TV? I find I can’t work on real complicated patterns if the TV is onto something interesting to take my attention away. Dumb programs are OK.

  3. That Julie Asselin design is looking amazing! You’re such a master with cables. And I totally admire your gusto in knitting yourself a dress. I am a mere 5’2″ and can’t muter up the courage.

  4. New pullover design and yarn are both lovely! Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. The dress is lovely!

  6. The dress is looking lovely, and I bet it’s going to be wonderful to wear (once you can wear it!).

    I’m also looking forward to your sweater pattern, when I think of your sweater patterns I think of cable-y goodness. πŸ˜€

  7. knittedblissjc · ·

    oooh, I’m loving the texture of the new pullover design! And when that sweater dress is done, you will look amazing in it, no doubt in my mind.

  8. You do know your way around a cable πŸ˜› The new sweater looks scrumptious!

  9. Recognizing just how ambitious you are, Glenna, you’ll get his done in time to wear in appropriate weather. And, if you don’t, don’t sweat it (unless, of course, you’d really like to wear it in summer! ha!)
    From the looks of things, it’s going to be a beauty – whether you’ll be able to wear it this winter or next.

  10. Bekki Hill · ·

    These are gorgeous – I do love moss stitch and cables. I’m in the UK, so some years it’s sweater weather all year round.

  11. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow! I LOVE that ropey lattice cable effect on the sweater. It’s gorgeous!

  13. love the pattern

  14. Absolutely beautiful! I love your work! I need to figure out what I’m going to start on next. I’ve been working on dishcloths, but need a bigger project.

  15. Beautiful cabling! Looking forward to FOs!

  16. Yummmmmm. Love the purpley grey color and the pattern. You will publish the pattern right? On ravelry I hope.

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