New Pattern: Catherine Pullover

Greetings, knitter friends! At long last I’m pleased to announce a new sweater pattern, the very same one I’ve been working on this cold cold winter. I was able to grab some photos earlier this week on a day trip up to Peterborough where Bridget was happy to oblige me with both modelling as well as a knit-friendly visit.

This is my Catherine pullover, and is available on Ravelry already and on Patternfish for any non-Ravelry knitters or anyone from EU countries.



Cabled sweaters are my favourite thing to knit as well as design – which should be a surprise to absolutely no one who’s been reading this blog! My goal with this pullover was to make something a little bit elegant and structured while still keeping it practical to wear, perhaps a wear-to-work or wear-wherever kind of sweater. If you’re going to put in all the trouble to knit a cabled thing, it’s nice when it makes a strong visual statement.

I used Julie Asselin Leizu Worsted in ‘moussaillon’, and if you visit Julie’s Etsy shop she has handily made up kit quantities of the yarn to go with the pattern – they’ll be there until the end of March. What I liked about this yarn is the little bit of silk quantity, it gives the superwash wool an extra boost in smooth feel and sheen, and silk content always boosts the warmth a little bit as well! I’m sure I’ll be knitting with this yarn again in the future.



Around the same time as I started this sweater I was also reading a biography of Catherine the Great, and the name stayed in my mind in association with the sweater, so ta-da! Catherine pullover. I think she would approve though, these cable panels have elegance covered. And as much as I love the swirly cables in the centre panel on this one, I think my favourite feature is actually the cuffs. I’ve been enjoying using longer cuffs in my sweaters lately, and the way the cables flow out of the cuffs makes me smile. I’m not going to lie when I say I would even consider knitting this a second time.

This is written in eight sizes measuring 33(35.75, 39, 42.5, 45, 47.75, 51, 54.5)ins around at the bust, and includes a schematic and fully charted cable patterns. It is worked from the bottom up in pieces and then seamed, and features set-in sleeves and waist shaping for modern fit.
The instructions have also been fully tech edited and I do my best to ensure clear formatting. Still, if you should encounter something that isn’t as clear or might be an error, do let me know and I’m happy to correct it.


Happy knitting, friends! And I hope you have a good project to keep you company this week.


Pattern: Catherine pullover, by me
Yarn: Julie Asselin Leizu Worsted, in ‘moussaillon’ grey/purple




  1. Beautiful…understatement

  2. dear god this is gorgeous!!

  3. Wow, simply fabulous!!!

  4. Kim Laird · ·

    Beautiful! I’m with you: the cuffs are wonderful.

  5. Lovely. The shift from the cabled cuffs and hip band to the body looks well executed !

  6. Yvonne deal Chandler · ·

    I love your sweater and I would love to make it. I am a person who cannot wear wool of any kind, do you have a suggestion for an alternative yarn?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! How long did it take you to knit?

  8. so pretty! i love the sleeves !!

  9. Bekki Hill · ·

    Gorgeous! Love cable.

  10. Beautiful design and I love the depth of colour in that yarn.

  11. So, so beautiful. I love the centre cable panels but you’re right, those sleeve cables flowing perfectly out of the cuff are swoon worthy!

  12. Lovely sweater, I too like the cuffs. I have a request, would you consider writing a post on how to convert a pattern for knitting a sweater in the round from the top down, to knitting in pieces bottom up? I could probably do this, but am lazy and you are a much more expert knitter than I am.
    I don’t mean can you re-write a pattern, but could you give general directions on how to convert a pattern done one way to knitting in another way if that is preferable? So many sweaters seem to have directions for top down construction, but I am like you and much prefer knitting in pieces and seaming afterwards. Thanks.

  13. Those cables are fantastic! Straight into the queue ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I love it!

  15. Oh, this is gorgeous!

  16. knitterbeader · ·

    This is so pretty – such stitch definition!!

  17. Because my “must knit” list isn’t long enough. Love it!

  18. Wow. This is a treat just to behold, Glenna! FABULOUS work! I can’t wait to knit it.

  19. This is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to get a chance to get one on the needles!!

  20. lyndanewfangledtangle · ·

    Absolutely stunning! Worth all the hard work you put in over the winter.

  21. So pretty! I have always been impressed (but daunted) by sweaters with allover cables. It’s been so cold in KS this week, though, I think I need to get up my courage and make one!

  22. LOVE this pattern! Is already in my Ravelry queue….. x

  23. Wow – that is beautiful!! I agree about when you knit cables – if you are going to put in all the effort, it should be on a project that is just a knock out of the park – and this is! I also love the look of the yarn – there’s almost a bit of glitter to it, at least in these photos, that make it both elegant and yet still a very practical looking sweater too. I see it with jeans, I see it with a flouncy tuille skirt for a dinner out… I would probably wear this every day!

  24. crochetminx · ·

    Just stunning. Yarn choice gave it that wow factor. I love it.

  25. slippedstitches · ·


  26. Do you think that this would work with a cotton or rayon blend? Would the cables hold up? I ask because, living in Florida, I don’t have much opportunity to wear wool… and if I’m going to knit something this beautiful, it isn’t going to be given away!

  27. Eugenia Potter · ·

    I absolutely love cuffs that flow into a sleeve pattern; would knit nothing else if I could. Beautiful, beautiful sweater. Brava, Catherine!

  28. knittedblissjc · ·

    Best. Sweater. Ever!!

  29. I love, no, LOVE everything about this sweater. Absolutely stunning!

  30. Gorgeous!!!

  31. Absolutely beautiful.

  32. I too love the way the cables flow out of the ribbing. Fabulous!

  33. That’s lovely! I love the look of cables – they look so warm and cozy ๐Ÿ™‚

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  35. I like it. what great detail but simple

  36. Gorgeous!

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