Changing it up

Greetings knitter friends, on this second day of spring that may or may not be colder than the first day of winter we had back in December. And if I still have sweater knitting weather in my future you can be darned sure it’s going to be colourful! I’ve been making good progress on a new design that I’ve actually had swatched up and in the brain for almost a year already. It feels good to be knitting up some bright red sweater action when it’s still pretty grey outside.


I’ve been spending some time this week hanging out with some kitty pals while their regular humans are on vacation, so the couch knitting time has been plentiful. I’ve actually gotten to the point where I need put down the body in order to start the sleeves before joining them, and so that means I need to decide what I’m doing with the sleeves before casting them on (simple? I’m thinking simple sleeves to go with the lace panel on the body…yep I think that’ll work), so while I put that aside for a moment I’m picking up the Duke St. Shawl I started spontaneously the other week.


So basically I am all red yarn all the time right now. The greys and browns and dull purples can wait a bit longer.

Hope you’re having some good knitting time this weekend! And a refreshing beverage or two.

Pattern: pullover design in progress
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label, ‘poppy’ colourway

Pattern: Duke Street Shawl
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label, ‘garnet’ colourway






  1. RatiganKnits · ·

    Couldn’t get myself to go to yoga this morning—the snow was disheartening I just stayed on the sofa and finished my socks. Can’t wait to see your red sweater. Funny, I’m wearing bright red today.

  2. I love that red yarn! I have a nice pile of pale grey for a sweater for my mum, but I can’t bring myself to start it yet-I’m all about yellow and green and blue and pink right now 🙂

  3. Lynn Welborn · ·

    Since your blog is called: Knitting to keep sane, don’t forget to read the studies that are coming out how knitting DOES in face keep you sane and is very good for the mental health area of our lives. :))))

    I love both patterns and have “faved” the Duke Street. I’m really like DK weight and so it looks like this pattern will go well with DK. Now on to the red Poppy. Finish your pattern and share it with the world. I’ll be using it either for a blanket or a scarf since I don’t knit sweater-wear and hopefully, this will be ok with you. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. My best,

  4. LOVE the red yarn!!! Can’t wait to see what it becomes….. xxx

  5. Beautiful, although purple is by far my favourite colour I love knitting with red! I’ve been working on some socks this weekend although I ended up having to frog most of my progress – however the sun is shining at the moment, so that raised my spirits! I can’t wait to see the progress on this 🙂

  6. such happy colors for this time of year….anxious to see the finished sweater

  7. You do beautiful work! Love the red and the gorgeous cables!

  8. Loving the colors. The red especially.

  9. Nicole Rae · ·

    I’m craving red yarn too! After I finish the green socks I’m working on, everything on my needles is going to be red. Must be a sign of the times. 😉

  10. Love the bright red

  11. Linda A · ·

    I like the color switch-o-roo. Will look forward to the end result!
    Hate to tell you … but Northern California had sunny days and temps in the 70s this weekend … looking towards maybe a sprinkle of rain and then temps in the 80s towards the end of the week. Of course, we’ll have no water to flush toilets by the end of summer so enjoy all that white stuff you have outside for awhile AND good knitting time. And. purring kitty-cats.

  12. · ·

    Love the colors, and look forward to seeing the FO’s.

    The greys and such can wait until the dog days…when you want to think about ways to cool off.

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