A shawl, no reason

I don’t know about you, knitter friends, but I seem to have arrived at pre-spring state of mind where it has finally sunk in that the big projects I was working on for a few months over the winter are finally done. My knitting brain knows that there are other projects it wants to work on but can’t quite seem to remember which one I was going to work on next.

So, while I was figuring that out, I busted out a quick shawl.


This is my Duke St. Shawl pattern, that I only ever knitted once for the original sample but always meant to go back and make another one, even bigger. Since I’ve also been taking long and longing glances at my yarn stash, I also felt pretty good grabbing a few skeins of worsted weight yarn that were not getting used any time soon and pressing them into immediate service.


I used 4 skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label, in the garnet colourway which has always been one of my favourites of Tanis’ colours. (For those with the pattern, this involved adding an extra repeat of the ‘plain’ body section as well as the edge chart). The only hitch is that I didn’t acquire all of these skeins at the same time – at least two of them are old enough that they were made with the original garnet dye composition that has since changed, which means this shawl takes a time jump from about 3 years ago to…6 or 7? Yarn world, it’ll keep you guessing.

My only real attempt to manage this was to try to work the skeins in as similar an order as possible, so that the “most like” skein appeared next. It should stand to note that I could have alternated skeins every 2-4 rows throughout, which would have produced a more consistent appearance overall…but I did not, I simply went forth and knitted. The advantage of a triangular shawl worked this way is that any difference in yarn colour will appear more like stripes than pooled sections of colour variation, so it’s an easier risk to take on.


The result almost turned out to have an almost ombre effect, grading from light to dark towards the outside edge. I like it. I even took the time to pin out the edges into lace points during blocking to give it a good finishing touch. I’ll be honest, I don’t actually know if I’ll wear this shawl or simply save it to give away as a gift some time in the future, but knocking 4 skeins out of the stash and into a finished object is darned satisfying.

I’m working away on finishing a new spring pullover design, but I think I’ll be looking around for another stash project as well, before too long!

Happy knitting this Tuesday!


Pattern: Duke Street Shawl
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label, ‘garnet’ colourway






  1. Love the shawl – I’m a shawl addict myself, a process knitter rather than a project knitter. I have made shawls that I have given to fund-raising events, and I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made. I did one with multiple different dye-lots – it was one that each row ended independently, so I simply changed dye lot each row, and then beaded the fringe – very effective.

  2. Nothing better than stash busting! And I agree, I think the ombre effect from the different dye lots is really pretty.

  3. I love this shawl!! I also made one in garnet 🙂 and one in the sand colourway ❤️

  4. Beautiful. Nice work. I lve knitting shawls…have recently switched to cowls.

  5. Kim (ideasdept) · ·

    Love it. You are justifying others buying four skeins for stash.

  6. Linda A · ·

    Glenna, Don’t your hands ever hurt? ha! I can’t believe how
    productive you are!! Pretty shawl … and good to read your thinking
    on how the shawl shape affects the color change.

  7. Maureen · ·

    Lately that is what I have been knitting is shawls. I knit them and then bring the m to the church as prayer shawls mainly. I love the flow of them as they knit up so beautiful as this one you are making.

  8. This is a very good shawl but anything with 4 skeins is not quick!

  9. Love the shawl! And the colour is beautiful.

  10. Lauraline · ·

    I love it! This shawl has been in my queue for a while, now it reminds me I have to bring it up the list! Or if you are really looking for someone to give it to, I’d be happy to accept it… 😉

  11. another shawl to add to my list

  12. Beautiful shawl.

  13. Lovely! I have a bunch of stash yarns that would work for this one.

  14. nothing quite feels as good as finishing up a fast, good quality knit and using up some stash in the process- I can’t get over how gorgeous this shawl is, I have many years of practice ahead of me i think before i reach this standard as a quick project, as ever your knits are awesome, and well done making that ombre effect work! jenny xx

  15. This shawl is soo pretty! I hope I can make such an intricate piece some day!

  16. Such a pretty shawl in a wonderful colour too. It’s great to just sit, think and knit for a while, lovely and peaceful!

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