Arbitrary goals are still goals

My “two week sweater” efforts are continuing, dear knitter friends, as I continue knitting away, and trying to make up for a bit more non-knitting weekend time than I might have liked. Although non-knitting time does assist in, you know, helping one’s arms and wrists not to fall off, so there is that.


So far I’ve gotten a large portion of the body done – though I will need another couple of inches on that before I join it up to make the final yoke – and have started the second sleeve. All in all this is pretty good progress, I must admit.

Will I make it to a finished sweater by Friday? Well, I’d be lying if I said I was completely confident about that, but having the arbitrary goal is getting me knitting on it pretty briskly, so I am pleased with that.


I’ve had personal sweater goals like this before, but they were usually attached to things like Rhinebeck or travelling deadlines when I wanted to be able to wear the finished thing. This one is a bit more arbitrary, but still good – I think sometimes it’s easy to get mired in all the things that need to get done that we slow down, and a deadline helps pick up the pace.

Maybe I’ll have a finished sweater by the end of the week – or darned close to one? Fingers crossed either way.

Do you have knitting goals for the current season? I hope that you’ve got something fun to get absorbed in.

Happy Tuesday, knitter friernds!


Pattern: Sweater design in progress (by me)
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere sock (‘truffle’ colourway)





  1. How did you ever learn to knit so fast? I’ve been working on the same top for 3 years 🙂

  2. Deb Witte · ·

    love the colour

  3. Drats. Non-knitting time is the worst. Unless it is eating chocolate time. Then it is kind of kokay.

  4. That is so pretty. And I love the yarn colors.

  5. Lindsey · ·

    The color is lovely, and you’re knitting with fingering yarn? Wow! Great job!

  6. I agree arbitrary goals are goals and if they help you out then thats pretty ace 🙂 I can’t quite fathom your speed! But love it and the quality of all your knits 😀 jenny xxx

  7. Looking good! I just finished my shawl-in-a-week in 9 days so I’m going to try to cut back on speed knitting…as soon as I finish a gift hat.

  8. Linda A · ·

    OK, Glenna, it’s time for a quick run or at least a walk around the block.
    Shake those hands out while you’re at it. :> (Said by someone who’s been sitting glued to her computer all morning with nary a knitted stitch in 5 days. At least you’ll have something to show for your time!)

  9. Wow, you go! You are a knitting fiend. It is looking great, though. Beautiful yarn.

  10. jennifer b · ·

    Pretty colored yarn. Good luck in finishing soon. I’ve got a lineup of birthday gifts to do, all with due dates but I’m not working on them much. So I’ve been making soap! Lol

  11. knittedblissjc · ·

    Your sweater is looking awesome so far, I love the colour- I had no idea truffle was so purple-y! I have a skein, but mine is more brown. Oh, and my wrists have been bugging me too, I’ve been interspersing my normal knitting with trying the lever knitting technique, and it helps me a lot. Have you tried it?

  12. Love that yarn!!

  13. Holy Cow! A complete sweater in 2 weeks? You are a rock star! How many hours a day do you knit?
    I don’t mind not being a fast knitter until I realize that I accumulate “next projects” and the yarn to go with, faster than I can complete them. Oh well, knitting makes me happy and gives me peace- I can call that a WIN!!!

  14. I love the colour! So pretty!

  15. My goal is not quite so ambitious as yours, but it’s keeping me going. I’m knitting your Rustique sweater in a gorgeous dark green Cascade 220 heather. So, I shall be wearing it next St. Patrick’s Day. Love the pattern BTW. It’s knitting up beautifully!

  16. I am jealous.

    I cannot seem to knit nearly as much, lately. I keep doing stretches and take tons of breaks, sometimes I have to stop knitting even days at a time, to let my hands rest. I keep getting cramps in my fingers and forearm. I work out, I drink lots of water, I try to get enough rest, stretch, stretch, stretch, but my hands/forearms keep cramping. I have a lovely sweater I want to finish, and I am dying to try my first cardigan.

    Your work is always SO beautiful! ❤

  17. I want you to make the crazy deadline so I can see the finished sweater 😜

  18. Try using a sports ointment rub on your arms. I use tiger balm, (can be found at any pharmacy), and it helps tremendously! Doesn’t take much at all. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and keep it away from your eyes. It’s potent.

  19. I love that yarn! So pretty! Can’t wait to see the finished product! How do you get so much knitting done!?! I’d love to be able to get some of my projects knocked out like that!

  20. Good luck! It sounds intensive but you seem to be enjoying it which is good. It takes me about a month to knit a worsted weight long sleeve sweater, knitting mostly on mornings, weekends, and evenings after work. So your deadline sounds challenging!

    My plans are to finish the “jessie’s girl” tee that I’m working on, and to re-spin some fiber I have, and knit a swatch out of the two ply handspun. I try to be mindful of my crafty endeavors and not work on to many things in parallel, so I’ll finish these before starting anything new, which would probably be either a long sleeved cardigan or a summer linen tee.

  21. dragmorg · ·

    im with you there I started a sweater figuring it would take me a month to finish a year and a half later i finally finished.

  22. Love the sweater – and speed knitting is fine, my problem is I get side tracked!

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