A three week sweater for sure, though

Well dear knitter friends, after two weeks of knitting I am pleased to report that I have…


…most of a sweater. The lion’s share of it is done – I have the body and two sleeves, and I’m now joined up and am working on the yoke. Once I split for the front neckline it’ll start to reel in pretty quickly, so maybe it’s still a two-and-a-half or a three-week-sweater, which I can also be pleased with. I am admittedly a bit bummed that I didn’t quite get it done in the imagined two week goal, but I’m also glad that I did things like eat and sleep and get physical exercise and take time out to, well, write down notes for said sweater (rookie mistake not writing it all down first, dangit Glenna do you think athletes go to the Olympic trials without practicing first? Tsk), so all in all I’ll take it.

Can’t slow down too much though, because once this one is done…


…it’s going to get a buddy in a different colour – because I’ve decided this definitely needs to be a cardigan as well.

No rest for the wicked! I hope you get lots of great knitting in this weekend too. Until next time!


Pattern: Sweater design in progress (by me)
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere sock (‘truffle’ colourway)





  1. I am in total awe… my first jumper took me 9 months and it was sleeveless, my second 3 months and it was in chunky yarn. Any wearable garment in under a month is impressive to me!

  2. Such a rich color! Did you have to alternate or was it ok as is? Can’t wait to see the finished sweater!

  3. I’m still working on a vest for my husband which I started on Feb. 26th! I work full time and taking three college classes. I knit whenever I get a chance between homework. I’d much rather be knitting though.

  4. Linda A · ·

    Looking forward to seeing it all blocked and beautiful!

  5. Stunning! Was it difficult?

  6. What a beautiful sweater – and in that short amount of time! I’m impressed! I don’t get as much time as I would like to knit, so projects take forever!

  7. Awesome. It is looking so beautiful. Great color. Happy knitting.

  8. J. Karas · ·

    Good Grief Woman!! 3 weeks to a finished sweater? I am so in awe and also so very jealous!!! Absolutely beautiful!

  9. twistedsticks · ·

    You must knit 24/7!

  10. Well that was enjoyable! Missed you at the Frolic…

  11. That’s still about “warp” speed!

  12. I’m loving the new yarn for the cardigan. What is it you have there?
    You are an awe inspiring woman!!

  13. I like how so many of your sweater designs have options to make a cardigan or pullover.

  14. incredible progress! So awesome.

  15. You are such a champ! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  16. Good luck! Can’t wait to see this in Lucky Penny – my favourite TFA colourway 🙂 Good choice!

  17. Sounds like your needles are flying

  18. That’s a beautiful sweater, and you’re so fast! 😮 great job. .

  19. pippa · ·

    Love the sweater. I just did one in three weeks, however I also have a fair isle vest for my husband that’s been on the needles for about 10 months. Just scared of steeks at this stage of the game, and keep putting off what I’m not sure how to do!

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