Right on schedule

Spring is upon us around these parts, so much so that we might be firmly into patio-sitting weather this coming weekend. In fact, I’ve considered that I could probably take the pair of emergency fingerless mitts out of my handbag for good, it’s looking so much like spring. Amazing, the outdoors is warm and the sunshine is taking up the whole sky not just occasional bursts of it.


Appropriately enough, I’ve remembered about sock knitting, which is a thing I tend to do in the spring and summer. I keep them around for “purse knitting” at other times of the year as well, but somehow once the weather ticks over to the time when I don’t need to wear socks anymore, knitting them seems to make a lot more sense. (In general I think this is not a bad way to go, because knitting things out of season means you have new things to wear ready to go when they are in season. If I can just convince myself about knitting bulky mittens and cowls in July being totally normal I will basically be ready to take over the world.)

The pair above is one I’ve had going since Christmas, actually, I started it for movie theatre knitting and then I didn’t end up seeing many other movies for a couple months. But that’s been rectified lately and these have seen more action (inside the movie theatre and out), and actually in the few days that passed since I took that photo, I’ve finished that pair and am ready to start a new one. Which is a good thing, too, because I’ve got Avengers to see and more sock knitting to do. Ribbed socks are great for all occasions, including dark movie theatres in my book. (Later, I’ll make a date to cast on a new pair of Jaywalkers, because I always need more of those).


The only problem is choosing a colour. Oh wait, did I say problem? I meant “opportunity.” Stash diving is awesome.

Happy Thursday, knitter friends!


Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock (by me)
Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight, colourway ‘grawk’



  1. Love it! I just finished a pair of ribbed socks. I love it when the colors of the yarn do all the work for me and I can zone out and k3, p1. Happy spring!

  2. Linda A · ·

    So glad you’re finally seeing some sun! I’ve got pots full of Gerbera Daisies and more in full bloom, a sun flower growing at amazing speed, spring flowering bulbs that were planted late now popping their heads through the soil and my fingers itching to still plant more.
    Evenings are being spent madly knitting a linen scarf so I can wear it this season — you’re right about doing seasonal knitting for next season instead of this one but I’ve never managed to get into the spirit of it, practical as it may be!

  3. 379christy · ·

    All my sock knitting happens on the magic loop because I’m so paranoid I will drop one of those dp needles and not be able to find it — either at the movies or in the recliner I use so often. You are brave, in my book, to knit in the dark on dp needles. Beautiful socks!

  4. I am currently in Sock Madness, a Ravelry group that has made it to the 9th year of competitive sock knitting. I have made it to round 5 getting ready to start. Would you like to have me as a guest blogger when I get eliminated? I have lots to say about socks!

  5. Adriana · ·

    I love all the sock talk. I am always knitting socks, in between and during other projects. Usually on double points and from the top down. They never lack a home to go to. So yes,blog away on socks!

  6. I love knitting socks in the summer! Fingerless gloves too. They are so light and quick and best knit on the porch with a glass of wine while watching the world go by.

  7. I’m with Yvette…I LURV knitting socks in the summer! They don’t sit in your lap while you’re working on them 😉

  8. anastasia · ·

    I finally dove in & cast on for Jaywalkers a while back. I totally love them & they fir perfectly. Can’t wait to cast on another pair but I will soon be out of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn. I also have a plain sock on the needles. And I agree with Yvette, fingerless mitts are another great summer project. I have another couple patterns of yours for fingerless mitts queued up. Now just to decide which one to start next.

  9. I completely agree with you on knitting things out of season, so at the start of the next season you have a stack of new knitwear! I’m aiming to knit several new sweaters this summer… I hope you’re enjoying being put on the patio this weekend!

  10. Hurray for spring! I am having fun with my first pair of Jaywalker socks, but the yarn I’m making them with is a bit splitty, so they had to stay in my purse during the Avengers 😦

  11. I always knit my summer cardigans in the winter and my winter jumpers, socks, hats and mittens in the summer, for the same reasons. However, I did make an exception this year and started an aran cardigan in October thinking that it would be ready by Christmas. I actually finished it a few weeks ago just as a heat wave arrived in Cornwall. So I can’t wear my new cardigan just yet, but as a bonus I already have a suntan!

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