The three-week sweater and its buddy

Although socks are edging their way back onto the racetrack over here at Knitting to Stay Sane, sweater knitting has certainly not been abandoned, never fear. The ‘two-week sweater’ did indeed turn into a ‘three-week sweater’, which is super awesome in my world.


While it cuts a less imposing figure on the dress form (try as I might I just can’t make it pretend to have my shoulders), I think it’s going to be a nice light and casual spring/summer pullover, which is exactly what I was going for. I remembered last summer when I was working in an air-conditioned office how few fingering weight sweaters I had, and how nice they are for transitional seasons in any case.

So, I wasted no time in starting a cardigan buddy for this one, and I am prepared to love it even more. I am coveting the idea of having more light sweaters in my wardrobe, so that is fuelling my desire to finish it just as quickly and get it into wearable form before too long.


It’s been a busy week behind the scenes lately, with lots of to-and-fro-ing of various kinds, so one of those weeks where just keeping in a bit of knitting time is all good. The rows start to stack up gradually as long as you keep knitting them, thank goodness.

I hope you’re knitting something fun this week, blog friends! Until next time.


Pattern: Sweater design in progress (by me)
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere sock (‘truffle’ colourway for pullover, ‘lucky penny’ colourway for cardigan)





  1. Nancy · ·

    Glenna, it’s lovely. Can’t wait to see the pattern, not to mention the cardigan

  2. I am so impressed you could knit a sweater in two weeks…or three weeks. Takes me three months. Yikes. Both are lovely.

  3. prairiepoet · ·

    Pretty sweater. I am with Andrea I need months to knit a sweater. You have such a great eye for color. Can you post a little about how you decide and choose colors? I love that Lucky Penny color way.

  4. Roxie · ·

    how do you knit so fast? what method do you use?

  5. Three weeks for that sweater is AMAAAZING!!!! It’s gorgeous.

  6. Meredith MC · ·

    Count me as another anxiously waiting for the pattern. You’re going to write it up, right? It’s wonderful. Here in the Pacific Northwest, I wear fingering weight sweaters almost year round. And I need more.

  7. Maddie Campisi · ·

    Glenna, your yarns are so beautiful. I am in Australia but just curious about what it costs to knit a sweater or cardigan in the yarn that you use? Thanks

  8. You are a fast knitter! I love your yarn choices and the beautiful garments you make.

  9. Sue H · ·

    At this “stage of my life”, I find lightweight sweaters perfect! Currently I’m working on #2 sock. Maybe you’ll have your pattern ready by the time I finish?

  10. Susan · ·

    That sweater is lovely. I wish I was a fast knitter but, alas I am like a turtle…I will get there. Getting ready to start sock #2 also. Have many more to make..such lovely yarns.

  11. I can’t wait to see the pattern 🙂

  12. Shirla Ghadaki · ·

    Love these colors…of course, I would as they are two of my favorites! Can’t wait to see the cardigan. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I definitely need more fingering weight sweaters. In the depths of winter, they seem silly, but all spring/summer/fall I wish I had more. Maybe I’ll remember that this year and knit another one! I can’t wait to see how this looks as a cardigan.

  14. Good job, your sweater looks amazing! I really can’t wait for the pattern to be released 🙂

  15. What a lovely sweater! I am getting in line with the others eagerly awaiting the pattern 🙂

  16. It’s beautiful. I wear a cardigan every day (or at least every work day) and I’m going to keep my eye on that copper penny.

  17. Both sweaters are lovely. I’m almost finished with a fingering weight cardigan myself. I’m looking forward to getting to wear it.

  18. Congratulations on making a beautiful, adult-sized sweater in just 3 weeks. I’m impressed!

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