Island time

My lace cardigan, the partner to the pullover I finished a few weeks ago, is taking shape and I’m pleased to report that I’ve reached the sleeves portion of it. As much as I am enjoying the colour and the yarn and really look forward to having the finished thing, both to wear and publish (never fear, the notes are being written up and prepped for the tech editor literally this very second), I always forget how knitting the same pattern twice in a row slows me down a little.

I could or should be better and faster at it by the second time, having long memorized the stitch pattern and knowing exactly what size I’m making and so on and so forth, but some portion of brain checks in after a few inches to say “BORED NOW,” and then promptly checks out again until I do something different.


This always happens more easily anyway on seamless sweaters (or at least it does to me – perhaps you are a champion at speed knitting while bored), because regardless of whether you are knitting them top-down or bottom-up, you are going to hit the large section of the body that keeps going for many many inches. Knitting island sets in, and you’re never getting off.

But! It turns out eventually you do get off of the island and stop for a jaunt to the sleeves, and then eventually the yoke and the finishing up. It’s going to get done, really for reals. Looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll cast on a new something or other just to celebrate the almost-done-ness of it, I’ve only got 2 projects on the go right now and it occurs to me maybe that is just not enough projects.

Onwards with the knitting! May your project time be speedy and fascinating, or at least one of the above. Happy Wednesday!


Pattern: Sweater design in progress (by me)
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere sock ‘lucky penny’ colourway





  1. eatcoastal · ·

    LOVE the colour!

  2. Linda A. · ·

    “Knitting island sets in” – too funny!

  3. I loved the pullover, but do not wear pullovers. I am so looking forward to seeing the cardigan finished. I expect I will be buying the pattern ( and have already started scoping out yarn colors…)

  4. Gorgeous yarn!
    I am really enjoying that simple and repetitive type of knitting at the moment – it’s relaxing 🙂

  5. It’s looking beautiful. I especially love the gorgeous Tanis Fiber Arts colorway you chose. I always seem to get slowed down on the sleeves during sweater projects. They seem like they are neverending to me.

  6. Beautiful! Knitting island has set in here with the shawl I’m working on. I soo want to be done with it!

  7. I don’t mind knitting island so much. Nice to be mindless for a bit. That must be the part of knitting that most closely resembles meditation.

  8. I don’t like the flipping of the sweater over and over while doing the sleeves on dp needles. By the way, do you have a tip for overcoming the difference in tension between stitches when you move from one needle to another? a friend told me to move one or two stitches to the next needle in order to eliminate that spacey line that seems to occur, but I still have stitches that look different from the others. Perhaps blocking will solve it?

  9. “Bored Now” is something I relate to. I’ve knit a few patterns multiple times and I go on autopilot, where I can knit the thing as long as my brain is “distracted” with something more interesting – a tv show or conversation, for example. I think it’s very healthy to have something else on the needles to knit for a while to break up the boredom.

  10. I’m still knitting a Vista shawl… Just miles and miles and miles of the same pattern stitch. That’s the appealing/appalling thing about it. But it will be so pretty when it gets finished!

  11. I’m on Knitting Island, too, knitting the second version of a soon to be published design. It would be meditative, except it feels like a slog getting there. (Not because of the pattern, just because of a deadline.) Hey, maybe we should all make mai tais and really enjoy the island life! It might not help our knitting, though…

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